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New rules in App Store Search

  1. App Store SEO what did the 2012 “Chomp” update change by AppCodes October 10th 2016 still valid for iOS10
  2. A brief history of App Store Search 2008 - original search 2009 - 100-character space for keywords 2012 - “Chomp update” 2013 - occasional small algorithm changes, and Apple seems to shuffle apps around in the store from time to time - but the basic rules introduced by the Chomp update remain the same 2016 - conversion matters? in 2016 the app positions seem to change more often than before. Our bet is that conversion matters - if your app is irrelevant to the search results, it will drop in position
  3. App description still doesn’t matter
  4. Apple handles plural forms much better now. If you want to position for “Donuts”, and you’re missing just one letter - use just “donut”. The result will be very close
  5. App keywords now matter almost as much as the app name. The bonus for the exact name match is much lower now than before the update (in the past, if user searched for “Zombo Game”, the app titled “Zombo Game” would always show up on top.This no longer holds)
  6. In-app purchase names don’t help much with positioning now. This wiped out a plenty of spam apps. Yay! But also wiped out some legitimate apps :(
  7. The search on the device no longer accounts for category name e.g. search for “motivapps productivity” shows our apps in iTunes, but not on the device. in we show device results so either check your position on device, or using us :) “motivapps productivity” iTunes iPhone
  8. If your app is free, the word “free” is added implicitly to your keyword list that means - no need to add those words to your keyword list
  9. You get no bonus from using whole phrases in your keyword list. instead of “love letter,letter writer” use “love,letter,writer” in the keyword list
  10. in other words...
  11. The search is still quite dumb No “smart description understanding” good description with keywords inside empty description + 2 days of waiting
  12. The search is still quite dumb Only a very basic spelling correction
  13. Although... Plural forms are handled far better now than before “love letters” “loves letters” almost the same results
  14. Although... Sales are not the only factor Top 1000 apps (marked red) appear all over the chart in the results
  15. although… Sales are not the only factor Flashlight.* 246k total dls in U.S. Top 461 overall in U.S. Updated Mar 22, 2012 Flashlight * 1,6M total dls in U.S. Top 248 overall in U.S. Updated Jun 12, 2012 Why the hell is Flashlight.* higher than Flashlight *?
  16. oh, and by the way
  17. Oh, and by the way We *love* that Apple has gotten rid of in-app purchase spammers. before after
  18. Oh, and by the way And the new search results seem much more relevant. Good job, Apple! before after
  19. All in all make sure that your title & keywords are fine and see which ones work best. iterate, iterate, iterate the research prepared by The Swiss Army Knife for App Store Optimization click to visit

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