Healthy living


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Healthy living

  1. 1. Age Group How Much Physical Activity an age group needs.Young Children (2-5 years) No set amount : But should be active everydayChildren And ADOLESCENTS Be active for 1 HOUR a day (6-17 years)Adults (18-64 years) 2 hours and 30 minutes a weekOlder Adults (65+ years) 2 hours and 30 minutes a week
  2. 2. Golf Soccer Football Hockey Baseball Ping Pong
  3. 3. Sit-ups Push-ups Treadmill
  4. 4. • Controls Our Weight• Reduces Risk Of Getting Diseases• Reduces Risk Of Diabetes• Reduces Risk Of CANCER• Makes Your Bones And Muscles Stronger• It Can Help You Be Smarter• Can Help You Live Longer
  5. 5. If You Stay Active YouWon’t Turn Out Like Him
  6. 6. This Guy Is Very Physically This Guy Is Also These Guys Like ToActive Very Physically Be Active Active
  7. 7. Foods Like Vegetables OrMeat.
  8. 8. Lemons Potatoes Red And Green PeppersLemons Are A Great Source One Sweet Potato Red And GreenOf Vitamin C. Just One Has Eight Times The Peppers Are A GreatLemon Has Over 100% Of Vitamin A You Need Source Of Vitamin CYour Daily Vitamin C. Daily!!
  9. 9. Cheese Beans Lean Meats
  10. 10. Daily Amount Of Sleep Recommended For A Healthy LifeBabies Teenagers Adults16 Hours 9 Hours 7-8 Hours
  11. 11. Some People Are Lazy And AlwaysWatch T.V.