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Department of social service


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Department of social service

  1. 1. By: Kao Lee
  2. 2. Vision Mission Vision- is to integrate a  Mission-The mission of network with services, this agency is to promote best practice with other and to protect children services committed to and strengthen families prevention, intervention that ensure child safety, stability and family well being. 
  3. 3.  The agency is split into 4 unit ER, FR, FM, and Permanent Placement Residence ER- Emergency Response FR- Family Reunification FM-Family Maintenance Permanent Placement Residence or long term foster care
  4. 4.  Referral is called into the care line. Care line determines the risk of the child Secretary/Screener assess the case and is given to the supervisor Supervisor overlooks the case and assigns it to the SW SW gets the case intervention/action
  5. 5.  Child becomes dependent of the court SW gets the referral SW works with the family to make sure they are going to counseling/parenting/treat ment Family goes to hearing to determine the progress
  6. 6.  At the school I am under the FM unit Our task is intervention and prevention We get referrals through psychologist, counselor, teachers, and through the staff When we get the referral we investigate and interview the kids After meeting all of the family remember we usually close the referral or open a case for services
  7. 7.  1. term foster case  focus on permanent family structure for with relative or children due to neglect, non relative abuse, exploitation  The child can no longer return home 2.Guardianship 3. Adoption
  8. 8.  The population that I  Drug Use mainly work with are  Domestic Violence About 90% of the school  Single Parent Home is Mexican  Low income Family About 5% is Asian  Alcoholic The other 5% is other
  9. 9.  After interning at the school for a while I have seen its role and the reason why a Social Worker is needed at the school there is a lot of at risk populations; mainly drug use and single parent house hold. There is a lot that is going on at home which can implicate a child’s welfare. Our main focus is intervention and prevention. We make sure that the kids have minimum sufficient lv. of care and are safe.
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