1-27 IN Wolfhound April Newsletter


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1-27 IN Wolfhound April Newsletter

  1. 1. U. S . A R M Y Volume 4, Issue 1 April 2011 1-27th Infantry “The Bark” Warrior 6 and Warrior 7 Congratulate the WolfhoundsOn March 25, 2011, Soldiers from squad’s capacity to work and thinkthe Wolfhound Battalion gathered in quickly and react to changing situa-front of LSA 14 to congratulate a tions at a moment’s notice. Squadsselect few individuals on their ac- from all over the 2nd Advise andcomplishments. Soldiers from SSG Assist Brigade attended the competi-Shackleford’s squad, Borzio Com- tion, only to fall short of victorypany, stood on stage to receive behind the Soldiers from Borzoiawards from the Brigade Com- Company, 1-27th Infantry Battalion.mander, COL Malcolm Frost. These The competition included physicalSoldiers were the winners of the tests (running, pushups and sit-ups),Warrior Brigade Squad Competition reacting to contact, battle-drills, andthat was held earlier in the month, foot-marching. It was a rigorous, all–and were presented with several day series of events that many Sol-different awards. The Army Com- diers were not able to complete. Themendation Medal was awarded to Soldiers from SSG Shackleford’sthe NCO’s, the Army Achievement Squad, Borzoi Company, proved thatMedal was awarded to the Soldiers, the Wolfhounds are the most highlyand Brigade coins were given to the trained, skilled, and prepared Sol-whole squad. The Squad Competi- diers within the Brigade. SSG Shack-tion was a series of events that tested leford’s squad has shown that withan infantry squad’s abilities to work hard work and dedication, you cantogether, as well as their physical achieve greatness.and mental endurance. There were Also attending both the Battalionmultiple events that challenged each and Brigade Squad Competition, was a squad from Recon Platoon, Head- quarters Company. Recon placed 2nd Wolfhound News in the Battalion competition, and and Events! gave Borzoi a run for their money. It was a close race but in the end, TOP: The winners of the Warrior Brigade Squad Competition stand on stage as COL Frost Due to redeploy- Continued on Pg. 2 speaks of their accomplishments. ment in the com- ABOVE: The squad from Recon that placed 2nd in the Battalion competition and 5th in the Brigade competition. ing months, we LEFT: COL Frost presents Soldiers from Borzoi Company with the Army Commendation request that no Medal and the Army Achievement Medal. more packages be Congratulations to the Following Borzoi Soldiers for sent beginning in Winning the 2011 Warrior Brigade Squad Competition!! April SSG Alex Shackleford SPC Sergio Sandoval Congrats to SGT SGT Yeli Buonya SPC Jeremiah Wells Olsen on his re- turn to Iraq after CPL Joshua Tester SPC Gerald Wickens his recovery SPC Dane Gordon PFC Jacob Walker SPC Luis Hernandez
  2. 2. Page 2 Volume 4, Issue 1 Warrior 6 and Warrior 7 April 2011Continued from Pg. 1 Congratulate the WolfhoundsRecon placed 5th overall in the Brigade Competition. They were pre-sented with Certificates of Achievement for their accomplishments dur-ing both of the competitions, and for remaining steadfast, even in theface of defeat. Shortly after the award ceremony, 7 Staff Sergeants from the Wolf-hound Battalion were recognized for their selection on the SergeantFirst Class List. The Sergeant First Class List is a once-a-year list that ispublished and gives the names of all those who are in line to receivepromotion to the rank of Sergeant First Class. Those on the list mustwait until their sequence number is selected, but will be promoted in thenear future. Sergeant First Class is a significant step forward in one’s career in theArmy. It is a rank that is sought after by all NCO’s and junior Soldiers,and takes years of dedication and commitment to the Army. It is the firstrank in which one is considered a “senior Non-Commissioned Officer”,and comes with greater responsibility and respect from Soldiers, NCO’s TOP: (left to right) SSG Daley, SSG Lamborn, SSG Isbell, SSG Cheever, SSG Beier, SSG Collins, & SSGand Officers alike. The selection process for Sergeant First Class is a Jackson on stagelong and tedious process that includes having one’s military records andDepartment of the Army photo reviewed by a selection board, whilebeing compared to other qualified NCO’s. The Wolfhounds are ex-tremely proud of having these fine NCO’s within our ranks and servingby our side.SSG Jerome BeierSSG Jacob CheeverSSG Lucas CollinsSSG Paul DaleySSG Manuel IsbellSSG John Jackson LEFT: SGT Olsen (RECON/HHC) receiving hisSSG Dusty Lamborn promotion from Specialist to Sergeant. SGT Olsen wasSSG Jorge Flores wounded in combat earlier in the deployment, andSSG Marco Vasquez recently returned to Iraq following his recovery.Words from the Wolfhound ChaplainThe Blessing of Perseverance As I came back from leave last month, I gave my wife a call in the like a diamond - that when all is left is a seeming pile of useless junk,evening as normal. We had the normal chit-chat about the kiddos and carbon left from a fire - that God is doing his most precious work. Thateverything going on at home. But then, she made an interesting obser- heat, pressure, and time forges something that is precious. The most pre-vation. She said that it felt like she was just holding on. She didnt cious gems actually have more imperfections - minerals and impuritieswant to do anything special, she just wanted wait for life to resume that produce brilliant colors. But the danger is, if we remove ourselveswhen I got back home. I think a lot of us find ourselves thinking that as from the struggle, all were going to be left with is a heap of coal.well. Perseverance isnt just gutting it out - just passively standing by while In preparing to preach from the Book of James this last weekend, I the storm blows over - but rather, constantly entrusting ourselves to theread, "Consider it all Joy, my brethren, when you encounter various one who is at work amongst us, and allowing Him to change our charactertrials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance." and attitude for the better. I was reminded that our trials and struggles are meant for a purpose - So, as we look forward to that day when we are all home together, dontto produce endurance, steadfastness, and patience in our character. The just gut it out, but rather, commit your cares and concerns to God, and askword endurance comes from the Greek "upomenow" meaning to "stand him to give you the wisdom to make these last few months meaningfulfirm" or "remain under". and productive. As we stand firm under the pressures that the trials of life piles ontous, God has a plan, a purpose for those trials. It is like a precious gem - - Wolfhound Cross
  3. 3. Page 3Company News Commander’s Corner Aloha! As April brings warmer weather it also brings us to the realization that were almost home. In less than two short months Ables Soldiers will be stepping off the plane and begin our transition back to "normal" life. Until then Able Company will continue to succeed and accomplish every mission given to us. CPT GARDNER COMPANY COMMANDER 2nd PLT taking a break from Since the last newsletter, First training the Iraqi Army and Third Platoons stayed busy with securing the Police Transition and Provincial Re- construction Teams. Their efforts directly resulted in bet- ter training for Iraqi security forces and improved the local infrastructure. Second Platoon is gradually closing out their Iraqi Army Training mission Able opens an electrical substation for at KMTB and we’re anxiously the people of Tikrit awaiting their return to unite 1SG MALCOLM the Able Team. They con- COMPANY FIRST SERGEANT tinue to build a strong and proud reputation across the Brigade. Lastly Fourth Platoon is still primarily focused on executing the key leader engagements with our Iraqi security partners. It’s becoming more apparent every month that our Iraqi partners are completely capable of handling all the secu- rity concerns that they are faced with. 3rd PLT always ready for a photo op. As always we thank those Fami- lies and friends back home that continue to support us while we’re deployed. We also wish everyone back home the very best. Check out Able’s Face- book Page for weekly photo updates. - CPT Gardner Red 6 and Red 7 Save the Day Long Lost Brothers?
  4. 4. Page 4Company News Commander’s Corner Aloha! The end of March brings closure to another month here inIraq...only three more to go!!! Change of command inventories anddaily operations kept us busy for the most part. CPT Defiori officiallyhanded control of the company over to CPT Gillick on the 21st. Wewould like to thank CPT Defiori for his hard work and leadership. Weare also in the final stages of closing down FOB Dagger and re-uniting4th Platoon with the rest of the company on April 1st. This is a muchanticipated day and we cannot thank 4th Platoon enough for their sacri-fice and hard work at FOB Dagger. However, Borzoi Company’s most significant achievement thismonth was taking first place in the Brigade Squad Competition. SSGShackleford, SGT Buonya, SGT O’Dell, SPC Gordon, SPC Hernandez,SPC Sandoval, SPC Wells, SPC Wickens and PFC Walker flew downto FOB Warhorse and competed in a day-long competition designed totest their physical fitness, teamwork and ability to perform commoncombat related tasks. SSG Shackleford’s squad outperformed the toptwo squads from each Battalion across the Brigade, and their overallscore left no doubt of which squad was the best in the Brigade. Wewould like to congratulate and thank them for the credit they havebrought to Borzoi Company. We wish all the friends and families of Borzoi Company ourvery best and we thank you for your continued support. We will con-tinue to post our accomplishments on the Borzoi Company FacebookPage to keep everyone back home abreast of the great things your Sol-diers are doing here in Iraq. Check out our Company & Platoon Facebook Pages!!! Borzoi Company, 1-27 IN, 2 SBCT 1st Platoon, Borzoi Company, 1-27 IN 2nd Platoon, Borzoi Company, 1-27 IN 3rd Platoon, Borzoi Company, 1-27 IN MGS & HQ still have not joined the Facebook revolution... We will never forget. . .
  5. 5. Page 5Aloha to all Coldsteel Family members from the Bayji Oil Refinery! Commander’s Corner This month has presented Coldsteel with its own set of unique challenges aswe near the end of our mission here at the Bayji Oil Refinery (BOR). There wassome unrest at the end of February as an attack at the Refinery brought it into thelimelight. The men of Coldsteel worked hand-in-hand with their Iraqi Security Force counterparts to quickly bring the situation under control. Coldsteel gained a newfound respect and a high level of confidence in the Iraqi Security Forces’ (ISF) ability to react quickly under pressure and utilize their resources. Working together as a team, Coldsteel and the ISF put a swift end to any threat posed to the security of the Bayji Oil Refinery and set condi- tions to allow refinery activities to GROUP PHOTO AFTER ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL MISSION return to almost full productivity.Amidst the excitement, the men of Coldsteel still managed to find the energy to cele-brate several promotions and additions to the Coldsteel Family. Additions to theColdsteel ranks include the new births to the Family of SGT Toribio Gurrola. Con-gratulations to the proud new father andhis Family! Special congratulations go outto SSG Vasquez for being selected forpromotion to Sergeant First Class. As wewelcome new members of Coldsteel to theFamily, we also say a fond farewell to ourXO, 1LT John Bockstanz, as he leaves forHawaii. 1LT Bockstanz will be travelingback to Hawaii in order to set our battalionup for success when we return. 1LT Bock-stanz served a critical role as the ExecutiveOfficer with honor and also as the Com- JOINT SECURITY WITH THE IRAQI ARMYmander when the time came. 1LT Bock-stanz leaves behind a large role to fill as he was involved in virtually every aspect ofdaily activities here at the BOR. With that in mind, Coldsteel welcomes his replace-ment, 1LT Allen Rooney, as a new member of the esteemed Coldsteel Family. He ishighly motivated and ready to start work up here at the BOR to give our loved onesthe best support possible. As activity starts to pick up here in anticipation of our incoming part- ners, we’ll keep all of you back home updated with our plans. For now, our concentration remains on setting up our replacements for suc- cess so that they can close out Iraq with honor and dignity. We miss you all and will be home soon. It has been and will continue to be my greatest honor to serve with your loved ones. I look forward to meet- 2ND PLATOON PREBRIEFS BEFORE A PATROL THE OIL PROTECTION FORCE BRIEFS ARMY ing you in a few months. LEADERS ON PLANS TO INCREASE SECURITY AT THE BAYJI OIL REFINERYCPT MorinagaColdsteel 6
  6. 6. Page 6 Life in the Medical Platoon Commander’s CornerAn integral part of the Wolfhounds, theBattalion Medical Platoon has done agreat job supporting the Soldiers of 1-27 Above: The 1-27 IN Battalion Aid Station onIN during combat and other day-to-day COB Speicher.operations. The hard-working medicsand officers run the Battalion Aid Station,diagnose and treat Soldiers during sickcall, and have provided care to the casual-ties the Battalion has sustained in combatduring Operation Iraqi Freedom and Op-eration New Dawn. In addition, the Bat-talion Medical Platoon has taught a num-ber of Combat Lifesaver Courses to theSoldiers of 1-27 IN, spreading theirwealth of knowledge to the Battalion atlarge to ensure combat casualties receiveprompt and proper care. The hard-working medics of 1-27 IN have made Above: PFC Joshua Souders examines a pa-sure the members of the battalion remain tient during routine sick call.medically fit for duty and their hard workis appreciated by all as the Battalionlooks forward to the end of its deploy-ment.COL Gunther Hsue— Battalion Medical ProviderMAJ Timothy Hoover— Battalion Physician’s AssistantSFC George Koranyi— Medical Platoon SergeantSGT Luis Barrionuevo— Health Care Sergeant Watch for Upcoming Issues:SGT Steven Pham— Health Care SergeantSGT Benjamin Dang— TAC MedicSGT Yasir Ortiz— Line Company Medic May 2011– S4SGT Adam Costello— Line Company MedicSPC Joseph Shcumacher— Health Care Specialist June 2011– S6PFC Stephen Harrell— Mortar Platoon MedicPFC Alan Newcomer— Scout Platoon MedicPFC Joshua Souders— Health Care SpecialistPFC Lucas Gabriel— Line Company Medic Above: SGT Luis Barrionuevo with a simulated casualtySPC Robert Kinne— Line Company Medic during medical training outside the Battalion Aid Station.PFC Michael Devries— Line Company Medic Left: SGT KeithSPC Matthew Stanley— Line Company Medic Severin prior to goingSPC Christopher Horton— Line Company Medic on a mission with CSPC Christopher Page— Line Company Medic Company, 1-27 IN.PV2 Shawn McCarthy— Line Company MedicSPC Jordan Vigus— Line Company MedicPFC Brian Guzman— Line Company MedicSGT Keith Severin— Line Company MedicSPC Michael Skirikanich— Line Company MedicSPC Joe Lorenz— Line Company Medic