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1-27 IN Wolfhound March Newsletter


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    My Dad Sgt. Jacob Cherlin served in the 27th Infantry, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii from 1934-1936. During that time he was a musician in the infantry band and cared for mascot 'Russian Wolfhounds'. He only have a few photos of him from this period, but none of him with his unit or the band. Would you know of any sources of company photos? Thanks
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1-27 IN Wolfhound March Newsletter

  1. 1. U. S . A R M Y Volume 3, Issue 2 March 2011 1-27th Infantry “The Bark” CSM Coleman visits the WolfhoundsOn February 2nd, 2011 the Deputy man talked on issues concerning theCommanding General for Operations status of US troops in Iraq, the newSenior Enlisted Advisor of Iraq, physical training programs the ArmyCommand Sergeant Major Arthur is reviewing, and many other impor-Coleman, flew in for a brief visit tant issues that Soldiers will be intro-with the Wolfhound Battalion. CSM duced to. After the lunch, CSMColeman has been proudly serving Coleman visited Borzoi Companythe United States Army for more and talked to the Soldiers about theirthan 30 years, and was previously mission and his time previouslyassigned to Company B, 1-27 IN as a served in their company many yearsPlatoon Sergeant. During his visit to ago. The Wolfhounds were proudCOB Speicher, CSM Coleman talked and honored to have such a distinctwith Soldiers working in the Battal- and devoted leader take time out ofion and enjoyed a lunch with CSM his schedule to visit and talk. Once aHiggs, the company First Sergeants Wolfhound, always a Wolfhound!and Platoon Sergeants. CSM Cole- TOP: CSM Coleman congratulates a select few Borzoi Soldiers on their per- formance during the deployment ABOVE: CSM Coleman talks to Bravo Company Soldiers about his time in Co. B, 1-27 INCSM Higgs and CSM Coleman shake hands shortly before CSM Coleman’s departure back to hisHeadquarters Wolfhound News and Events! Have a Happy Easter! Start preparing for the upcoming 1-27 Infantry Ball, shortly after the Wolfhounds return to Hawaii!
  2. 2. Volume 3, Issue 2 March 2011Page 2Speicher Super Bowl Weekend The Super Bowl is a time known to Soldiers ready to sit down, watch many as an opportunity to enjoy the game, and drink beer. Once the the company of friends, and em- game aired on AFN (Armed Forces brace your favorite (or sometimes Network) television, the festivities second favorite) team either defeat began, and Soldiers from all over or be defeated by the opposing Speicher embraced the company of team. Many deployed Soldiers each other to watch the Green Bay greatly look forward to the day Packers play against the Pittsburgh when the Super Bowl is played, because it means that they can en- joy 2 beers of their choice at the Steelers. Lasting into the early hours of the morning, Soldiers from each of the four 1-27 IN com- VS dining facility. This year, that day panies made there way into the was on February 7, 2011. The eve- dining facility to enjoy two se- ning of the 7th the Wolfhounds lected beers. The Speicher Super SUPER BOWL selected a few NCO’s to work at bowl was a time of great camarade- 6 FEBRUARY, 2011 the serving table, and set up for the rie and enjoyment, and will be re- upcoming event. Opening at membered by all those who at- 11:30pm, the dining facility pre- tended. pared for the late night influx of ABOVE: THE GREEN BAY PACKERS SHORTLY BEFORE THEIR VICTORY IN THE 2011 SUPERBOWL
  3. 3. Volume 3, Issue 2 March 2011 Page 3Fight Night!February 25, 2011 brought 2 na- locks, take-downs, arm bars,tionally recognized Ultimate Fight- and submission moves. Theing Championship fighters to the 1- Wolfhounds were honored to27 IN Battalion. Mike Swick and have these 4 individuals comeKyle Kingsbury, along with two and share their experiences andring girls, Amber Nichol and Nata- knowledge with us, and wesha Wicks, flew in from the states look forward to watching themto visit Soldiers on COB Speicher in upcoming fights on the Ulti-for a couple of days. The two fight- mate Fighter!ers traveled to different battalions,talking about their past fights, shar-ing their knowledge and skills, anddemonstrating some UFC fightingtechniques to eager, young Soldiers.During their visit with the Wolf-hounds the Swick, Kingsbury andthe 2 ring girls ventured out withthe Soldier’s from the TAC to firesome rounds down-range with avariety of weapons at the Wolf-hound’s desposal. After a longmorning with the TAC, all fourguests returned to the 1-27 Battal-ion and were welcomed into theWolfhound’s ―Combatives Room‖.Both fighters demonstrated a vari- TOP RIGHT: SSG CHEEVER, AND SOLDIERS FROM THE 1-27 TAC DETONATE EXPLOSIVESety of fighting styles, techniques SET ON A DOOR, TO DEMONSTRATE THEIRand moves, on each other and a CAPABILITY TO THE UFC FIGHTERScouple of lucky volunteers. Some ABOVE (LEFT TO RIGHT): KYLE KINGSBURY, AMBER NICHOL, NATASHA WICKS, & MIKESoldiers volunteered to fight these SWICKtwo well-trained fighters, as well as RIGHT: ONE OF THE UFC RING GIRLSbe demonstrators for the different PREPARES TO FIRE A .50 CALIBER SNIPER RIFLE AT THE RANGE TOP LEFT: SOLDIERS FROM 1-27 LINE UP TO HAVE PICTURES AUTOGRAPHED AND MEET THE UFC FIGHTERS AND RING GIRLS LEFT: SWICK, KINGSBURY, NICHOL, WICKS, SOL- DIERS FROM THE 1-27 TAC, AND HEADQUARTERS COMPANY ALL POSE IN FRONT OF A CONTROLLED DETONATION ON SPEICHER
  4. 4. Page 4Company News Commander’s Corner Aloha from Iraq! It is with great honor that I introduce myself as the incoming commander of Able Company as CPT Matthew Hills assumes the duties as MG Ber- nard Champoux’s Aide-de-Camp. I’m CPT Andrew Gardner from Charlestown, RI. I graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2005 and in May 2010 I was assigned as the 1-27 IN Battal- ion Assistant Operations Offi- cer. CPT GARDNER CPT Hills wanted me to express INCOMMING COMPANY COMMANDER his sincere gratitude and appre- ciation for serving with such a fine group of Soldiers. He stated that it was the most re- warding experience and that he wished everyone the best as we continue our mission. His pres- ence will be missed and I will 1st PLT visits the Bayji Oil Refinery work hard to maintain the high during one of their missions. Able standards and its proud tradition. 4th Platoon’s SPC Leonard M. Heiniger competed against his peers across the Battalion and was selected as the Wolfhound Soldier of the Quarter. As always, 2nd Platoon receives accolades from other battalions on their stellar performance as they train Iraqi Army Soldiers. 3rd PLT executes marksmanship training. 1st, 3rd, and 4th Platoons continue their hard work with escorting the Provincial Reconstruction Teams and supporting our local Iraqi Security Forces. I am proud to be a part of this Able Team and I look forward to meeting and getting to know the rest of the Able Family upon our return in June. - CPT Gardner Able Company with CPT Hills
  5. 5. Page 5Company News Commander’s Corner Aloha! We hope everyone en- joyed their Valentine’s Day this past month and a short month brings closure to another month here in Iraq...only four more to go!!! Although it was a short month, there was still plenty to keep us busy here in beautiful Iraq. Operations continued from day-to-day and kept us Teaching Iraqi kids how to ―hang loose‖ busy for the most part. We are also inthe final stages of closing down FOB Dagger and re-uniting 4th Pla-toon with the rest of the company. This is a much anticipated day andwe cannot thank 4th Platoon enough for their sacrifice and hard work atFOB Dagger. However, Borzoi Company’s most significant achievement this month was taking first place in the 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment Squad Competition. SSG Shackleford and the mem- bers of his squad competed in a day long competition designed to test each squad’s physical fitness, teamwork and ability to perform common combat related tasks. SSG Shackleford’s squad smoked SSG Shackleford on the 225-lbs Bench Press most of the competition, but was tied with a squad from the Recon-naissance Platoon going into the final event. The final event and tie-breaker was the squad that could complete the most repetitions of the225-lbs Bench Press. The event started off in a close race, but SSGShakleford’s squad dug deep and motivated themselves to perform twice as many repetitions as the other squad and take home the victory. We would like to congratulate and thank SSG Shackleford, SGT Buonya, SGT O’Dell, SPC Gordon, SPC Hernandez, SPC Sandoval, SPC Wells, SPC Wickens and PFC Walker and wish them the best of luck as they compete in the Brigade Squad Competition later in March. We wish all the friends and families of Borzoi Company our very best and we thank you for your continued support. We will continue to post our accomplishments on the Borzoi Company Facebook Page to keep everyone back home abreast of the great things your soldiers are doing here in SSG Shackleford’s squad being recognized for winning the battalion squadcompetition by the Battalion Commander and Battalion Command Sergeant Major Iraq.
  6. 6. Page 6Aloha from the Bayji Oil Refinery: Commander’s Corner This has been an exciting month for the men of Coldsteel. Several of the Com-pany’s key leaders have taken mid-tour leave, and mid-level leaders have stepped upto take charge of the Company. Not surprisingly the Soldiers, NCOs, and Officers ofColdsteel Company have weathered this challengewith ease as several NCOs and Junior Officers haveperformed exceedingly well in roles of increasedresponsibility. Most notably, SFC Holi and SFCInabinet performed very well while filling in for 1stSergeant Tui. CPT Morinaga is currently on hisown well deserved leave, and 1LT Bockstanz, theExecutive Officer, has assumed command until hereturns. Each Platoon continues to work hard to enable our Iraqi counterparts to improvesecurity in the Bayji and Sharqat Qadas. 2nd Platoon has led small units tactics train-ing with our Iraqi partners to build on the success of the Brigade Mobile Training Team that lived at the BOR while training a local Iraqi Army unit last month. These combined training events have not only increased the ability of the Iraqi Army Soldiers to provide security, but have also built rapport with our Iraqi Security Force counter- parts. 1st and 3rd Platoons have continued to work diligently with the Iraqi Police to improve security in the urban areas of Northern Salah ad Din, while also pulling many late nights to protect other American units as they move through our operational environ-ment. Our MGS Platoon has continued to represent our Battalion and Company withdistinction while detached to the 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment in DiyalaProvince. In addition to their busy patrol schedule, several Coldsteel Soldiers took part in theBattalion Squad Competition at COB Speicher. TheCompany selected two Squads, led by SSG Foxand SSG Rayala, to represent the Company. Thecompetition consisted of various physically andmentally challenging events, including an ArmyPhysical Fitness Test, foot march, weapons assem-bly, and medical tasks. Both Squads represented theCompany well, demonstrating the competitive spiritwe have all come to expect of a Coldsteel Soldier. This month Coldsteel promoted three Soldiers to the rank of Sergeant. Our threenew NCOs are SGT Bourgeois, SGT Lopez, and SGT Ramirez. These three Soldiershave made outstanding contributions to the unit, and we look forward to seeing themsucceed as leaders in our organization. Also this month, SGT Hassler re-enlisted and1LT Walters traveled back to visit the BOR to give him the oath. SGT Hassler hasbeen an important part of Coldsteel since 2008, and we are fortunate that he is goingto continue to serve in our ranks. A special congratulations goes out to SFC Inabinet,and his wife Judy as well as SFC Hansen and his wife Meghan as both couples gavebirth to children this month. The Company bid farewell to 1LT Gonzalez before hemoved to 2-11 FA, and we welcomed 1LT Justin Figueredo this month. Winning hearts and minds Lastly, I know many of you are aware of the attack on the Bayji Oil Refinery that took place on 26 February. While many of the details are still pending investigation, I can tell you that the attack took place more than a mile away from our living quarters, and no American forces were involved in the attack. The men of Coldsteel reacted bravely to protect the Company as events transpired, and the Company continues to conduct patrols out of the Bayji Oil Refinery. 1LT Bockstanz SGT Hassler’s re-enlistment. Coldsteel 5
  7. 7. Page 7 Life in the S3 Commander’s Corner The 1-27 IN Battalion S3 Section is responsible for planning and running the Wolfhounds’ current and future operations. The new OIC, MAJ Choi, and the Operations Sergeant Major, SGM Grant work hard to coordinate the Battalion’s actions and disseminate orders and information to the entire Battalion. The hard- working Soldiers in the in the Tactical Opera- tions Center (TOC), conduct business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, tracking patrols and ensuring that the Battalion’s efforts are synchronized between its companies and platoons. The members of the Fusion, or Future Operations, Cell plan upcoming missions and publish and disseminate written orders for the rest of the Battalion. The Battalion S3 Sec- tion has done a great job making order out of chaos and the whole Battalion looks forward to the orders they will publish for our redeployment to Hawaii.Above: The new 1-27 IN Battalion S3, MAJChris Choi, and SGM Christopher Grant, Battal- S3 SOLDIERS, NCO’S & OFFICERSMAJ Chris Choi— Battalion S3 (Operations Officer)SGM Christopher Grant— Battalion OperationsSergeant MajorCPT John Foster — Battalion Assistant S3/ FireSupport Officer1LT Matthew Concepcion — S3 (Air)1LT Lowell Garthwaite —- Battalion PublicAffairs Officer (S7) Left: Tactical Operations Center1LT Matthew Wolfe — Battalion Civil Affairs (TOC) Day Shift. From left, SSGOfficer (S9)1LT Brandon Shelstad — Brigade Liaison Officer Beer, SGT Patronick, PFC Clark, SPCSFC Patrick Branagan — Brigade Liaison Weber, PFC Tomlinson, SGTSFC Les Miller —Battalion Fire Support NCOSFC Kenneth Love— Night Battle Captain/ S3 Jimenez.NCOICSSG Eric Vancour — S9 NCOICSSG Jeremy Beer— Day Battle Captain Right: CPT Foster, Battalion FireSSG George Barbary— Linguist Cell ManagerSSG Manuel Isbell— Electronic Warfare Officer Support Officer, outside of the FusionSSG Zechariah Smith — Joint Base Balad Liaison Cell.SSG Dusty Lamborn — Battalion Ammo/Contracting NCOSGT Jamie Jimenez— Day TOC Shift NCOICSGT William Berendt— LSA MayorSGT Dustin Lapolla — Night TOC Shift Watch for Upcoming Issues:NCOIC/ Fires NCOSPC Brad Patronick—- Battalion Chemical NCOSPC Jesse Weber— BFT OperatorSPC Brice Wood — Forward Observer April 2011– MedicsPFC James Clark—- CPOF OperatorPFC Seth Elsayed—- Forward ObserverPFC Jason Tomlinson — Radio Operator May 2011– S4 June 2011– S6 Above: TOC Night Shift. From left, SFC Love, SPC Wood, PFC Elsayed, SGT Lapolla.