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  1. 1. River- and streamparks creating new urban life in Malmö
  2. 2. DNA walk of Malmö- a dynamic penetration opf the landscape Rivers and streams penetrating the landscape Ris eb erg Se ge ab å äck n e d en ns w To the definite border of Malmö
  3. 3. Fosie/Fredriksberg industriområde this industrial/business sone represents an inbetween land surrounded by heavy infrastructure. The urban Malmö facing it from north- west and rural Skåne in the east/southeast. The stream Risebergabäcken cuts through regardless of new regulations and human activity Fosie Fredriksberg Risebergabäcken
  4. 4. Infrastructure The main roads encircling Husie and Fredriksberg industrial area clearly defines its borders. Yst adv With the introduction of the In- 4) äg 97 en (1 ner ringroad Husie was opened ad ngro up for industrial purposes. e r ri Inn The Outer ringroad defined a demarktionline for suburban development. ) 00 d (20 roa ri ng ter Ou
  5. 5. Industry/business The industrial plots occupies large amounts of land, however the build- ings themselves take up relatively little space. This could open for more diverse use of available soil.
  6. 6. Undefined green area/ nature Green areas and the stream Risebergabäcken presents potetial for establishing areas of food production - food forrests/ permaculture. Such a landscape can help fight erosion and flooding. Further they can assist in harvesting rainwater as a resource.
  7. 7. Farmed land Although some plots with farmed land still remain within the industrial area there is a clear frontier of Skåne`s rural farmland on the “out- side” of The outer Ringroad. View from rural Skåne across the Outer Ringroad towards “the edge of town”
  8. 8. Identity some of the characteristics of the area Newly developed office/cardealerships Dwellings Fredriksbergs gård Big scale businesses/ industry Small scale businesses/ industry Allotments Prison Örestads ryttarforening Schools
  9. 9. Schools as knowledge base for the population Making use of schools located in the area one can create an arene for educating the population on new ways of thinking urban life; e.g. food production and wildlife
  10. 10. Nature at risk Risebergabäcken is an intact natural element cut- ting through the industrial area of Fosie/Fredriksberg. Hard surfaces and monotonous agricultural land- scape causes exess water to flood the stream in heavy rain.
  11. 11. Water source this map shows the watercollection area of Risebergabäcken Running trough hard urban surfaces and agricultur- al land there is a need for creating more absorbing and permeable sones along the stream
  12. 12. Stream park Having Risebergabäcken as a point of departure I see the potential in creating a park/green sone along the stream. This could set the premises for further development of the Fosie/Fredriksberg industrial area. Ultimately making the place more diverse; green structures, business, dwellings, food production