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Human Resources Express Software Comparison for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by Oracle, Dynamics AX by Microsoft, SAP Business All-in-One by SAP

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  1. 1. Express Software Comparison ReportHuman Resources Express Software Comparison for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by Oracle, Dynamics AX by Microsoft, SAPBusiness All-in-One by SAPThe graphs below were developed for an express software comparison of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by Oracle, Dynamics AX by Microsoft, SAP Business All-in-One by SAP.They display the standard scores of the vendor solutions, as determined through TECs default Human Resources Model. The graphs reflect 757 functional, technical, andbusiness criteria. This comparison is based on average weights and priorities.Overall Performance Human Resources Personnel Management Benefits Payroll Workforce Management Training Product Technology
  2. 2. Human Resources Human Resources Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingPersonnel Management 139 84.39 77.74 99.22Includes: Budgeting and Cost Control,CareerDevelopment and Training,EmployeeSelf-Service,Employment History and PersonnelReporting,Government and ComplianceReporting,Job Position and WageProfiles,Management of Rewards,OrganizationalStructures,Profile of Personnel,RecruitmentManagement,Track Discipline ActionsBenefits 24 60.00 96.00 100.00Includes: Administering Benefits,Profile forEmployee Benefit Plan,Standard BenefitsPayroll 70 100.00 96.45 100.00Includes: Automated Time Sheet,Earnings andDeductions,Eligibility Parameters,Profile forEmployee Payroll,Security and Audit,UserBalancesWorkforce Management 171 96.86 88.80 96.03Includes: Administration,ContractManagement,Employee Metrics,ExpenseTracking,Health and Safety,Proactive InformationDelivery,Project Identification,Project Managementand Tracking,Resource Allocation andAnalysis,Resource Identification andClassification,Security,Time Tracking,WorkforceForecasting and Planning (Supply andDemand),Workforce Gap AnalysisTraining 26 96.32 93.04 99.12Includes: Administration,PlanningProduct Technology 327 84.49 93.97 8.66Includes: ApplicationTools,Architecture,Platforms,Reporting,UserInterface,Workflow and Document ManagementPersonnel ManagementPersonnel management automates personnel processes including recruitment, personnel profile, organizational structure, careerdevelopment & training, reward management, job position and wage profiles, and business travel and vacation allotments. Thesoftware should support the following functionality: recruitment management; personnel information and tracking; organizationalstructuring; job position and salary profile; career development, training and performance management; compensationmanagement; budgeting and cost control; government compliance reporting; expenses management; union information; disciplineactions and grievances tracking; and employment history/personnel reporting.Personnel Management Module Ratings
  3. 3. Personnel Management Personnel Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingRecruitment Management 20 80.00 73.50 100.00Includes: Assign competencies tovacancies,Compares data on recruiting tasks toshow their effectiveness,Customizes recruitmentletters by merging files with a word processingtemplate,Derive competencies automatically fromthe job or position competency requirements intovacancy competency requirements,Enablecompetence matching between applicantscompetencies and vacancies,Enable competenciesfor applicants,Hiring personnel may accessparameters for requisitions,Import resumes fromthe Internet or e-mail,Information about applicantsprogression,Internet recruiting and tracking of skillsinventory,Lists the postings, position, disposition,disposition date, and applicable codes of aposition,Offers and new hires processing,Resumescanning capabilities.,Schedulesinterviews,Searches for eligible applicants andemployees based on job requirements,online,Sourcing engine integration with careerdevelopment, matching competencies of internalcandidates,Summarizes status and provides otherinformation on applicant, and applicant requisitionand recruitment costs,Tracks applicants usingpersonal data, skill set, academic qualifications,training, and test results,Tracks interviewresults,Workflow for forwarding resumes/CVsProfile of Personnel 14 64.29 95.71 100.00Includes: Central database containing job data,salary information, education, etc. onemployees,Child, family, and spouseinformation,Competency profile,Contact numbersincluding home, cell, and alternativenumbers,Decentralized updating capability to theemployee level such as through the Internet or theinternal mail system,Enable expiry dates forcompetencies and alert for re-evaluation,Identifygaps between an employees competency profileand the competency profile of their job,Manageand update education history,Personal filestructure can be defined by user,Searchesemployee records for information on experienceand skills,Store data for emergencycontacts,Stores data about employee performanceand salary reviews,Tracks and stores informationon employee education and training,Updateemployee competency profile with competenciesacquired from trainingOrganizational Structures 16 87.50 89.38 100.00
  4. 4. Personnel Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingIncludes: Assign general required competenciesper company,Assign general requiredcompetencies per department,Audit trails oforganizational and departmental structural changesto track their impact,Categorizes work locationsthroughout the organization,Creates reportscontaining company information to meet federalreporting requirements,Defines entities andorganizational units with the company,Definesorganizational units,Drag-and-drop can be used tochange organizational structure, with changesautomatically updated in employeerecords,Functional and administrative areas of theorganization can be representedgraphically,Identifies teams and jobs or projectsthat are suitable for job-sharing,New organizationalmodels can be developed,Organizational modelscan be compared or analyzed through what-ifscenarios,Organizational structure can beaccessed and navigated through otherapplications,Organizational structures may bedefined using a matrix or a hierarchy,Restrictsaccess to the organizational structure and task anddepartment information,Standard organizationalstructure can be imported or exportedJob Position and Wage Profiles 21 90.48 100.00 100.00Includes: Assigns multiple grades or codes topersonnel with cross-training,Describes position orjob title,Employee grading includes correspondingrewards and salary scale,Fields for descriptions ofjob activities, requirements, and experiences,HR"budgeting" for overall and departmentalheadcount and salaries,Identifies jobposition,Imports data from multiple data sites foranalysis,Indicates employees current and previousassignments, as well as experience and jobgrades,Indicates full- or part-time status,Indicatesposition by organization, location, job code, title,shift, and work days,Intelligent rule-based wageexception notification,Job or task includesemployee skill set and profile,Lists skills, training,and education required for position,Multiple jobsmay be entered for each grouping,Reports whethera given position is filled or available,Retrievesgrade and job data to automatically calculate compratio and generate range penetrationanalyses,Standard wage tables,Standard workhours,Tracks salary grades and paysteps,User-defined salary grading,Wage salarytable with min/mid-point/max salary and supportingimports from Watson WyattCareer Development and Training 18 96.67 78.33 100.00
  5. 5. Personnel Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingIncludes: Assigns jobs to employees based on theircareer paths,Automatically add registrants to awaiting list,Automatically communicate anychanges to all affected parties via workflowmanagement,Catalogues trainingrequirements,Collect basic personal data duringthe registration process such as name, address,language preference, location, and requiredqualifications,Compares organizationalrequirements and goals with employees andmanagers to identify talent and leadership gapswithin an organization,Documents employee skillmeasurements, qualifications (including educationand training), competencies, and professionalexperience,Identifies and follows up on highpotential employees,Identifies any training,courses, and development activities employeeshave participated in,Identifies potentialassignments for a job or career path,Performanceappraisals can be planned and tracked,Plan coursedemand for a period based on pre-bookings oractual attendance from previous years,Positionrequirements and employee data can bematched,Prints course description andschedules,Ranks potential candidates qualified tofill incumbent or vacant positions,Reports trainingcosts,Skills, education, projects, accreditations,languages, and evaluations can be updated,Trackperformance appraisers and superiors in the pastManagement of Rewards 7 100.00 14.29 100.00Includes: Adjustable rules for incentives or bonusplans,Compensation and benefit data is exportedto a spreadsheet where it is compared againstoutside and industry standard rates,Compensationbenefits automatically change based on rewardrules,Eligibility logic connects rewards and servicesto jobs, grades, organizations, andseniority,Generates reports on the costs of rewardsand incentives,Manages and updates history ofindividual employee rewards and incentives,Tracksand analyzes compensation and salary, byemployeeBudgeting and Cost Control 4 70.00 100.00 100.00Includes: Calculates employee cost by headcount,status (such as full-time employment), or byuser-defined variables,Compares budgets againstactual costs,Multiple budget scenarios,Uses dataon job, grade, position, and organizational levels tocreate budgets for employee costsGovernment and Compliance Reporting 7 65.71 87.14 91.43Includes: Benefits reporting,Breaks down andtracks affirmative action goals by race, ethnicity,gender, or by user-defined criteria,Comparesemployee goals with employee status,Payrollreporting (e.g., tax reporting andgovernment-mandated reports to employees suchas W2, 1099I, 1099R),Tracks accidents andinjuries, and generates reports,Tracks employeesinjuries, illnesses, and physical exams andaudiometric evaluations,Tracks goals andforecasted development of affirmative action plansby department, quarter, and yearEmployment History and Personnel Reporting 8 90.00 85.00 100.00
  6. 6. Personnel Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingIncludes: Customizes reports with HR reportingtools,Generates reports on employee sick time andlost time injuries and illnesses,Report on dataconcerning layoffs and recalled employees,Reportson employee disciplinary actions,Tracks absenteerates by department and supervisor,Tracksemployee absences against various parametersand generates reports,Tracks health and safetyincidents,Tracks length of employment todetermine seniority, union membership, etc.Track Discipline Actions 2 100.00 40.00 100.00Includes: Maintain discipline types,Record andtrack disciplinary actions including information onincidents causing the action, steps taken inresolution, and the personnel involvedEmployee Self-Service 22 83.64 91.82 100.00Includes: Account for time based on type ofabsence or attendance,Allocate time to multipleprojects and assignments,Change benefits relatedto a life event,Choose and maintain personalpasswords,Enroll in or cancel participation incourses,Internal and external application for a joband view the status of the application,Maintaindependents and beneficiaries related to lifeevent,Maintain emergency contacts,Posting andupdating resumes,Pre-book for courses not yetscheduled,Review and enter or submitexpenses,Review and maintain a knowledgesharing diary,Review and maintain bank info fordirect deposit and reimbursements,Review andmaintain deduction information for automatic billpayment service,Review and maintain name,address, telephone number, etc., associated withlife events,Review or enroll in benefits for openenrollment period,Review vacation and sick daybalances and submit leave requests,Search foravailable courses based on topic, text, language,and location,Update W4 information such as taxfilling status, number of exemptions, andwithholding information,View course calendars anddetails,View pay stub info: gross pay, taxes, otherdeductions, net pay, pay period, and year-to-datetotals,View personal training history
  7. 7. BenefitsBenefits functionality is used to administer a diverse range of benefit plans. Such plans typically cover accidental death anddismemberment (AD&D), disability, life, medical, retirement plans, flexible benefits, and profit sharing plans.Benefits Module RatingsBenefits Benefits Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingStandard Benefits 6 60.00 100.00 100.00Includes: Base benefits maintenance decentralizedto the employee level through the use of internet orinternal mail capabilities,Employees have rolloverbenefit alternatives,Establishes benefit plans,providers, and rates,Identifies dates for insurancecoverage and deduction calculations,Maintainsdependent and beneficiary information,Multiplebenefits programsProfile for Employee Benefit Plan 5 60.00 88.00 100.00Includes: Creates rules for maximum benefits to bepaid and premiums to be collected,Defines benefitswaiting periods,Type or amount of benefit coverageper employee,User-defined rate adjustments basedon service requirements and rules,VestingschedulesAdministering Benefits 13 60.00 100.00 100.00Includes: Benefits data maintenance (enrollmentand modification) decentralized to the employeelevel through the use of internet or internal mailcapabilities,Creates customizable employeeenrollment forms and confirmationstatements,Defines and maintains general creditsand plan-based credits,Defines employee programparticipation eligibility rules,Flexible benefitsprogram, including adherence to US 415(c) section125,Include information on participants anddependents for plans and benefits,Maintain benefitcoverage for employees on leave and when theemployee elects to pay for his or her owncoverage,Maintain benefit coverage for employeeson leave, for example, maternity leave,Maintainbenefits for multiple companies (unlimited),Multiplebenefit options such as health, life, disability,retirement plans, accidental death anddismemberment, gifts, and awards,Specification ofhealth plan criteria using postal or zip coderanges,Tracks and calculates employee pledgesfor health care and dependent care FSAclaims,Tracks employee eligibility for benefitsPayrollPayroll manages the portion of accounting that is related to salaries, wages, and bonuses for employees.The software must be able to support the following set of functionality: payroll profile for the employees,benefits and deductions, eligibility controls, user’s balances, tax deductions, as well as payrollcalculations, processing of payments, check printing, check distribution, tax documentation, security andauditing, and automated timesheets.
  8. 8. Payroll Module RatingsPayroll Payroll Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingProfile for Employee Payroll 30 100.00 100.00 100.00Includes: Additional federal and statewithholding,Address including city, region, andpostal or zip code,Calculates other forms ofcompensation,Date of birth, hire, review, last raise,last promotion, last class change, and lastpaycheck,Date of termination,Deduction codes(taxes, insurance, pension, federal/provincial, andunemployment),Earnings including quarter-to-date,year-to-date, and user-defined period,Employeedata located in a central database or acrossoperating units,Employee insurance premiumwithholding by quarter-to-date, year-to-date, anduser-defined periods,Enters different pay periodsbased on company policy,Ethnicclassification,Exempt/non-exempt code,Exemptionon employees federal and provincial returns,Flagspousal distribution of retirement pension plan, forexample, in case of employee death,Insuranceclassification,Job classification and skill code,Juryduty pay parameters,Leave that is unpaid,Maritalstatus,Name and employee identificationnumber,Other withholding by quarter-to-date,year-to-date, and user-defined periods,Pay type(hourly/salary),Rate per hour,Regular work hourquantity within a pay period (accounting forovertime work),Salary,Sick leave accrual rate, sickleave accrued, and sick leave used,Socialinsurance/security number(identification),Telephone number,Vacation accrualrate, vacation accrued, and vacation used,Workerscompensation withholding by quarter-to-date,year-to-date, and user-defined periodsEarnings and Deductions 23 100.00 98.70 100.00Includes: Ability to pay multiple locations,Automaticdeductions stop when limit is reached,Calculatesand subtracts fixed deductions,Calculates earningtypes based on shift eligibility, allowable employeetypes, etc.,Calculation of deductions based on thepercent of earnings,Controlled deductions by startand stop dates,Deductions based on hours orshifts worked,Earning types include hourlyemployee, with and without time cards,Earningtypes include salaried and salaried/exempt,Earningtypes include weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly,monthly, and special (executive) paycycle,Establishes priorities for employeedeductions,Garnishment deductions,Garnishmenttracking and prioritization,Manage and updatehistory of employee compensation andrules,Monthly severance payments to separatedemployees with deductions,Notify line of changesin sick classification (FMLA approved time versusnon-FMLA),Payment to garnishees,Supportautomatic deduction links for charitabledonations,Support deferred income plans,Tracksdeduction arrears,User-defined codes for earningdeductions,User-defined deductions(unlimited),User-maintained health insurancedeductionsEligibility Parameters 4 100.00 100.00 100.00
  9. 9. Payroll Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingIncludes: Creates eligibility rules and logic,Logic forautomatically assigning compensation andbenefits,User-defined eligibility criteria for benefits,plans, and compensation based on division, orcompany-wide,User-defined standard rules forassigning or changing employee compensationand benefitsUser Balances 5 100.00 100.00 100.00Includes: Calculates balances over any timeperiod,Creates extra, open balance items whichcan be defined by the user,Online updating ofaccount balances,Track balances,Uses legislativebalances in user-defined calculations and analysisAutomated Time Sheet 3 100.00 100.00 100.00Includes: Ability to provide decentralized capabilityfor time sheet entry,Supports multiple work hoursstandards,Time sheets provide for exception-onlydata entrySecurity and Audit 5 100.00 80.00 100.00Includes: Audit log of changes,Audittrails,Customized menus and forms by user and byresponsibility,Multiple access responsibilityassignments to tasks and by user,Time andattendanceWorkforce ManagementWorkforce management enables organizations to efficiently plan and organize their labor resources. It helps employers assesspart-time employee labor, evaluate and project the contribution from individual employees, track time and expenses, as well asmanage contracts.Workforce Management Module RatingsWorkforce Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingProject Identification 34 99.58 94.70 99.62Includes: Data,Data Lists for ProjectAttributes,General,ProjectDefinition,Templates,Workforce ManagementApproachResource Identification and Classification 20 100.00 100.00 95.50
  10. 10. Workforce Management Workforce Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingIncludes: Assigns different resource rates fordifferent activities or projects,Customizable to suitinstalled environment,Data attributes for internal orexternal resources can be configured,Defines andmodifies organization hierarchies,Defines standardresource attribute lists such as resources,responsibilities, expertise level,organization,Differentiate between internal andexternal resources,Each resource has a standardrate,Exports data to external human resourcesystems,Imports data from external humanresource systems,Lists standard data attributes forexternal resources,Lists standard data attributesfor internal resources,Multiple roles and expertiseclasses can be defined for a resource,Newresources from internal or external source can beadded manually,Pre-existing import or exportprocedures from any standard human resourcesystems,Resource availability reporting,Resourcedevelopment planning and tracking,Resourcemanagement,Standard reports,Tracks availableresources,Tracks historical informationWorkforce Forecasting and Planning (Supply 9 93.33 68.89 100.00and Demand)Includes: Criteria for a particular project forecastcan be defined,Custom reports for the installedenvironment,Maximum efficiency can be ensuredduring the workforce forecasting,Project forecastcriteria can be saved and recycled,Projects can beexcluded or included in a forecast, based on theirattributes,Resources can be included or excludedfrom a forecast, based on their attributes,Standardreports,Workforce forecasting andplanning,Workforce forecasting and planningreports may include graphs or chartsWorkforce Gap Analysis 7 100.00 67.14 100.00Includes: Custom reports for the installedenvironment,Flexible criteria for gap analyses andforecast resource requirements against availableresources,Saves and recalls what-if scenarios in adifferent file from original data,Saves gap analysiscriteria for recycling,Standard reports,What-ifscenarios can be created for gap analyses, suchas changing project and activity effectivity dates,activity resource requirements, etc.,Workforce gapanalysis reports may include graphs or chartsResource Allocation and Analysis 13 100.00 90.77 100.00Includes: Alert and warning when resource isover-allocated,Alerts for over- or under-allocationof resources,Alerts for over- or under-allocation ofresources for a particular project,Custom reportsfor the installed environment,Lists standard reportsfor resource allocation and analysis,Project-basedresource load balancing,Reallocates resources thatare completely sourced to other projects,Resourceallocation and analysis,Resource allocation andanalysis reports include graphs orcharts,Resources are allocated based on role,expertise, and availability,Resources can beidentified by using customized criteria,Standardreports,UOM used for resource allocationEmployee Metrics 13 97.69 97.69 100.00
  11. 11. Workforce Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingIncludes: Absence and leave accrualreporting,Alert supervisor when an employee is outof compliance in training or certification,Budgetingversus actual comparisons by position or businessunit,Competency profile of the workforce, withbreakdowns per departments, positions,etc.,EEO/affirmative action/disabled employeereporting,External and internal trainingrequirements reports, with detailed breakdowns perdepartments, positions, etc.,HR budgeting reports(dollars, hours, FTE, and headcount),Report onvacation usage and alert supervisors whenallocation is exhausted,Reports on training history,success rate, course attendance, inability toaccommodate all interested candidates,etc.,Reports on vacancies and the effectiveness offilling them such as time to fill, cost per applicant,and average time of retaining the position,Staffheadcount, movement, and turnover trendsanalyses and reports,Wage and salary costs data,with detailed breakdowns across, for example,earnings, deductions, anddisbursements,Workforce planning reportingProject Management and Tracking 11 100.00 90.91 100.00Includes: Authorization required when enteringtime or charge expenses to a project,Createscustomizable reports for the installedenvironment,Existing algorithms to import or exportto any standard project managementsystem,Exports data to external projectmanagement systems,Imports data from externalproject management systems,Multiple levelsavailable to capture work,Preserves data integritywhen multiple imports and exports are made for aproject,Sends alerts to managers when a userexceeds limits,Standard reports,Time, cost, andexpense can be limited by user,Tracks activitiesthrough hours remaining, budget versus actuals, orother measuresTime Tracking 6 100.00 100.00 85.00Includes: Creates customizable reports for theinstalled environment,Exports data to external timetracking or legacy systems,Imports data fromexternal time tracking or legacy systems,Imports orexports to any standard time trackingsystem,Standard reports,Time against activity datacan be manually enteredExpense Tracking 7 100.00 100.00 87.14Includes: Creates customizable reports for theinstalled environment,Data integrity is ensured if inaddition to manual data entry imports of data areperformed,Expenses against activity data can beentered manually,Exports data to external expensetracking systems,Imports data from externalexpense tracking systems,Imports or exports tostandard expense tracking or accounts payablesystems,Standard reportsContract Management 7 100.00 57.14 87.14
  12. 12. Workforce Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingIncludes: Data exports from external contractmanagement systems,Data imports from externalcontract management systems,Data integrity isensured if in addition to manual data entry importsof data are performed,Manual data entry ofexpenses against activity data,Pre-built import orexport procedures from or to any standard expensetracking or accounts payable systems,Standardreports are customizable for the installedenvironment,Standard reports are includedAdministration 6 100.00 100.00 100.00Includes: Administrative tasks can be scheduled asa group, with dependencies between tasks within agroup,Administrators can schedule administrativetasks such as data imports or exports,Differentadministrative roles for technicians who maintainthe system, subject matter experts who contributecontent to the system, and subject matter expertswho define workflow,Web administration for allmajor maintenance tasks,Windows administrativeclient as an alternative to the web,Windowsadministrative client can connect to the systemover a networkHealth and Safety 11 65.45 81.82 100.00Includes: Detect and monitor hazardous conditions(areas) and materials, and exporting them via aninterface for further processing,Initiation ofcorrective actions related to an incident,Integrationwith supply chain and HR modules,Logging of firstaid records and reports,Maintain database of allMSDS sheets for all materials used,Maintenance ofagent composition and information in a centraldatabase,Manage occupational injury and illnessclaims,Perform accident investigations,identifications, and recording,Report andinvestigate incidents of injury and illness foremployees and contractors,Report incidentsinvolving vehicles and equipment,Support OSHA,BG, and safety regulatory reportsProactive Information Delivery 10 100.00 100.00 90.00Includes: Ability to protect personal healthinformation (limit access),Definition of newworkflow processes,E-mail systems,Group andindividual notifications,Mechanisms for automaticescalation of notifications that have not beenacknowledged within a specified timeframe,Mechanisms to notify individuals when anaction is required,Modeling, automation, androuting for business processes according touser-defined business rules,Predefined workflow isincluded,Process can perform looping, decisions,or parallel processing streams,Workflow may becustomizedSecurity 17 100.00 94.12 100.00
  13. 13. Workforce Management Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingIncludes: Authentication capabilities,Differentadministrators for different parts of the workforcemanagement,Encryption capabilities,Entiresections of the application can be secured,Othersupported security standards,Passwordencryption,Portal offering can import users andgroups from LDAP-compliant systems,Securesocket layer and digital certificates,Securityfunctions are implemented by functions,transaction, or field,Security standard support forKerberos,Security standard support forPKI,Security standard support for X.500,Systemaccess to secure data sources, such aspassword-protected web site or secure fileserver,Users can be restricted to viewing budgetfor their own projects or projects for theorganization,Users can have different roles andprivileges for different parts of theapplication,When a record is created or modified,the system records the identity of the personcreating or modifying the record,Workforcemanagement offering can import users and groupsfrom other systems (eg, Windows NT)
  14. 14. TrainingThe training functionality covers the planning and administration of employee training programs, and allows administrators to tracktraining schedules, training budgets, training costs, and more.Training Module RatingsTraining Training Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingPlanning 17 92.65 89.41 98.24Includes: Alert for missing or overloadedresources,Courses ("academic" definitions)creation and maintenance,Define acquiredcompetenices and competency levels percourse,Define aiding resources for courses,Defineand maintain venues (scheduled courses) forcourses,Enable annual plan - schedule, resources,cost,Enable attachments for coursecollaterals,Enable grouping of courses intosyllabus of specific subject,Enable potentialassignment of instractors to courses,Identify gapsin competencis and relate to required trainingcourses,Identify required aiding resources,Includepricing definitions,Link certifications acquired byattending the course,Maintain courseprerequisites,Maintain instructors,Maintain list ofrequired courses per potential attendee,Showpotential attendies per planned courseAdministration 9 100.00 96.67 100.00Includes: Declare venues and assignresources,Enable enrollment andcancellations,Enable transfer of acquiredcompetencies into personal profile,Enable waitinglist management,Invoice generation for externalattendees,Maintain attendence in courses,Maintaincourse schedule,Maintain scores perstudent,Update personal profile
  15. 15. Product TechnologyThis group of criteria defines the technical architecture of the product as well as the technological environment in which the productcan run successfully. Criteria include product and application architecture, software usability and administration, platform anddatabase support, application standards support, communications and protocol support and integration capabilities. Relative to theother evaluation criteria, best practice selections place a lower relative importance on the product technology criterion. Thisapparently lower importance is deceptive because the product technology usually houses the majority of the selectingorganizations mandatory criteria, which generally include server, client, protocol and database support, application scalability, andother architectural capabilities. The definition of mandatory criteria within this set often allows the client to quickly narrow the longlist of potential vendors to a short list of applicable solutions that pass muster relative to the most basic mandatory selection criteria.Product Technology Module RatingsProduct Technology Product Technology Dynamics AX JD Edwards SAP Business EnterpriseOne All-in-One Module by Microsoft by Oracle by SAP Total Criteria Module Rating Module Rating Module RatingArchitecture 256 95.70 93.43 14.65Includes: Application Security,ArchitecturalFoundation,Data Integration Technologies,DeviceInterfaces,Messaging Protocols,MultisiteManagement,Organizational Structure,WebEnablementUser Interface 7 95.71 100.00 0.00Includes: User ConfigurabilityPlatforms 33 25.00 70.37 12.31Includes: Database,Server OS,Workstation OSApplication Tools 21 95.50 100.00 25.00Includes: Application developmenttools,Application management tools,BusinessModel Generation,Process Modeling and UpdatingWorkflow and Document Management 6 95.00 100.00 0.00Includes: Automatic creation of to-do list,Documentmanagement,Electroniccommerce,E-mail,Messaging,WorkflowReporting 4 100.00 100.00 0.00Includes: Active or inactive status,Ad hoc inquirycapability from within the ERP product,Local reportprinting (not centralized printing anddistribution),Reports available online