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BLC09 Voicethread


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Note: Some of these slides are outdated.

The Internet has progressed far beyond what we’ve been calling the “Read/Write Web.” Most of the advanced applications now have interactive features that are sure to engage your students! VoiceThread is a free Web 2.0 application that allows users to have web-based conversations around digital media using text, a video camera, microphone or even a telephone! In this session, see some examples of elementary classes’ VoiceThread projects that include collaborative global learning. Discussion will include how-to, classroom management, social networking and parental permission. Adaptable for all grade levels.

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BLC09 Voicethread

  1. Leaving Your Voice and Beyond Lee Kolbert School District Palm Beach County Download this Presentation, Resources and Contact Information:
  2. Backchannel:
  3. What is a VoiceThread? Curriculum Applications Free or Not? Creating Your Own Moderating/Sharing Things You Might Not Know What’s Coming for VoiceThread? (New/Beta) Educator’s Library
  4. Are You Missing The Boat? There are no rules, but if you are using VoiceThread only for these things; you’re missing the boat: a publishing platform; try SlideShare a slide-show app; try Animoto a backchannel; try Chatzky a video conferencing tool; try ConnectNow
  5. It’s for conversation and commenting s e nt m com ’s o ple r pe he ot Media: Word docs, PowerPoints, videos, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, and more! You!
  6. Foreign Language Learners Global Collaboration Language Development Real World Math Science: Environmental Issues Historical Primary Sources David Fisher and Susan
  7. Clear the Air: Free or Not?
  8. Let’s Create, Comment and
  9. Important to Remember If you delete a thread, it’s GONE! If you delete an avatar, you also delete all comments and threads associated with that avatar. If you choose to moderate comments, you must check your VT often so that you can approve/ show them. (Coming soon: email notification of new comments on your threads.)
  10. You Might Not Know... Comment and annotate on a video while it’s playing. Try it:
  11. You Might Not Know... Download media w/ right-click
  12. You Might Not Know... Export finished VT to .mov (burn copies for your class)
  13. You Might Not Know... Bookmark a VT by “subscribing.” The VT will now appear on your MyVoice page.
  14. Coming Soon: Grab content from other providers such as New York Public Library!
  15. Try it Now! (In Beta) Create a VT from your Smart Phone! [beta] Send your photo(s) to (you must use an email from your phone that is registered with VT) Reply to the confirmation and you’re done! Record a comment by including your 10-digit phone # in your reply and VT will call you for your comment. Include the word SHARE and VT will send you a link to share. Put something in the subject line and that will be the title of your new thread. If it matches an existing thread,VT will add the image to it.
  16. Educator Best Practices Lesson Plan
  17. Lee Kolbert Download this Presentation: