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First Week HW Blog Response


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This is a homework assignment I gave to my 4th grade gifted students on the first week of school of 2009. I feel it gives them a chance to see and get a feel for our class blog under the supervision of their parents. By making it optional, it gives the students and families a chance to get comfortable with the concept of online conversations.

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First Week HW Blog Response

  1. 1. Mrs. Kolbert Absolute BEST way to contact me: Follow class info on Twitter: Read our class blog at: First week optional homework assignment: With your parent’s permission and supervision, follow the directions carefully: 1. Go to the Internet website: 2. Read the first post titled, “Hello World.” 3. Click “Post a Comment.” 4. For name: type in ONLY your first name and last initial (Mary B.) 5. For email: you can type in your email here (ONLY I WILL SEE THIS. It will not display on the webpage.) OR for email type in ONLY Your parents will make this decision. 6. For website: type in your favorite website OR skip this part. 7. Type in your comments (response) based on the last question in the post. (The last question in the post is in blue.) I am very much looking forward to your responses and to working with you this year. I know we have a lot to learn from each other.