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FETC 2010 Voicethread


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VoiceThread: Can You Hear Me Now? An FETC 2010 presentation by Lee Kolbert and David Fisher.

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FETC 2010 Voicethread

  1. 1. Can You Hear Me Now? Lee Kolbert David Fisher Palm Beach County School District, Florida
  2. 2. Backchannel and Link Sharing:
  3. 3. What is a VoiceThread? Curriculum Applications Creating Your Own Moderating/Sharing Free or Not? Things You Might Not Know What’s Coming for VoiceThread? (New/Beta) Educator’s Library
  4. 4. It’s for conversation around media. s e nt m com ’s o ple r pe he ot Media: Word docs, PowerPoints, videos, PDFs, images, MP3‘s, spreadsheets, and more! You!
  5. 5. Student teacher in Canada created these slides on Canadian explorers. Each of my students chose a slide and compared/ contrasted to a Floridian explorer.
  6. 6. Curriculum Applications David Fisher
  7. 7. Let’s Create, Comment and Share
  8. 8. Free or Not?
  9. 9. You Might Not Know... If you delete a thread, it’s GONE! If you delete an avatar/identity, you also delete ALL comments and threads associated with that identity.
  10. 10. You Might Not Know... Comment and annotate on a video while it’s playing (while you leave a video or audio comment).
  11. 11. You Might Not Know... Download media w/ right-click
  12. 12. You Might Not Know... Export finished VT to .mov (burn copies for your class)
  13. 13. You Might Not Know... Bookmark a VT by “subscribing.” The VT will now appear on your MyVoice page.
  14. 14. Brand New! Daily Digest of Comments on Your Threads!
  15. 15. Increased Student Capacity by More Than 300%
  16. 16. Increased Student Capacity by More Than 300%
  17. 17. Increased Student Capacity by More Than 300%
  18. 18. Breaking News! Support For Non-Latin Text Characters What does that mean? Someone types in Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew but you don’t have those fonts. Thanks to VT technomagic (and the “VT Fontinator”), you’ll see the text comment in the language intended without any additional work on your part!
  19. 19. Coming Soon: VoiceBook: Hardcopy books of your favorite VoiceThreads; with sound!
  20. 20. More Great Examples Foreign Language Learners Global Collaboration Language Development Real World Math Science: Environmental Issues Historical Primary Sources
  21. 21. Educator’s Best Practices, Lesson Plans & Resources Educator’s Guide to VoiceThread created by Michelle Pacansky-Brock
  22. 22. Download this Presentation: