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5 Reasons To Publish a Kindle eBook On Amazon

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5 Reasons To Publish a Kindle eBook On Amazon

  1. 1. Hi! r ’~v~‘~? *~4“'*‘wr*s cam/ jvzoo/ AmazonI(lndleMania/ index html
  2. 2. Ina 5 Reasons "T70 ? Pi'. ilb: l§'i‘i§llij av Kindle eB0b. l%< Gm A»mnra: z1e: io Priya p: //llecw-‘lat; ii. ':-- 115.‘ c m, ’ T xv» mu .4: . I(m‘ . . I n
  3. 3. it has never been easfifeir “f1*c}1:: i<rv, ‘Iqriii‘£-éinsi to publish their boo: I<~s1 t= n~. am: stfio; el_'a, y,. As a writer yourself, all you have to do is visit Amazon's Kindle platform, to easily write and publish your potential bestseller Kindle eBool<. lump: //it CC“. ‘~. 'C-l)n'; :finchit>. ccm/ jvztcn, ?;u11.31o:1€(incii&a. iani; i/inder: .htmI
  4. 4. it has never been e'a‘s‘ifeir'f. fo1r Wlniiteins‘ to publish their loo: o:l_'éS 'EI. iiIIa. 'IiI| ‘"ii.0:d’a{)y: I» Besides being so easy to use, there are a lot more other reasons that make it worth publishing a Kindle eBook on Amazon. com. I‘liijJ. '// iit. ‘£; “.'u'QI)Ii: ii . ’ichits-. c0rnfj'u'; c:cl/ ‘.’n1.. :zo:1l(indie; .’i. mi-i/ indez; .hLmi
  5. 5. T. lPublislai. m:@ yezuur Kiilinidllte. eBool: < is eiazsyyt You~just'have to~write your book-iin Microsoft Wordzor anyother word processor and follow the few steps mentioned in Amazon‘s Help files. I"il3’/ /iI'E'€-‘'ehtrai‘ " " - . ,. . . IICuiIi; v.CC‘I‘n/ I/ "|: iI"p‘/ Lknj‘I0n! ". t "_ - - . -- a IxI| iClICi»i. IIII: I/II‘ICIE}I. I]ln]I
  6. 6. Depending On your s| <ills>and tfhe= —sp: ,e. édl 6f‘t'| i,ie computer you use, the ‘f. ojnmlai. ’C3‘t‘, iII1lg, ,o, f"your book can be completed in ha': f‘anl |1gur, _ 2.. Ittiswdifficult; gettingrcontracts 3‘ signed with traditional _ I R _g t S I publishers, and also difficult fl ' _ I l getting your book published - ' A G ‘ through them. I‘t"n"3// ‘ii"3'"-‘-'9I7i"i1i5"iiiits-COW-/3‘? >.~; ~0/fmtdzonliinclin 2'mi’i’indn~' luml . ‘ R ‘ "I —a'».
  7. 7. Moreover, with margins-dr. o,ppfin'g. ifn~t_lj‘fe: injdi1,, stlr,3’i, ;, you have to be careful signing. icontra'cts= ,vvith companies that may soon. -shut: sho, p1. If you getzinvolvediwithxsuchla kl nd Ie publisherand thecompany collapses, it may take years before you can actually publish your book elsewhere. lttupi/ /-‘IE-C~‘. *.'eln1:‘atiicltitu. c0n: ,"j-: -.00/. 'vnnzoztliinc? ie}'.2ani; t/inde: —:. htm|
  8. 8. If you publish your lj(i’nfdl, ‘e, e l5;ojpjkj; Q‘nr Amazon. com. this is not soTmie. t'l.1‘i‘njgr y. o1L‘I will have to womy a‘b, o;u. t~. There are no contracts to sign. and there 55 "° chance of Amazon winding up their operations for many years to come. htip: //fr : :-e'. t'el)trafincitit3.c0m/ jv.00/! Am. .:: onl(incilmlsania/ inde: :.html
  9. 9. 3. The greatest benefit of pI1i”n"fiJn§9i é‘. B70.0Z. I{Sit is that people can need? them; usinfgi any digital device, not only a l(i'ndl’e-. As long as you use Amazon's apps, the eBook can be read on iPhones, iPads and your desktop computer- lttipz/ ,/éi 1:-C. -‘. ‘~. ':—". -I.7tr‘i)iiicl}ii. ;.. COm, "j'2i~: O/(‘tinSzoniiinciin}. iani; i/lI1CI~2:: .I1tmI
  10. 10. All. Self- [o. u;btli: s%lnTilm; g; 'i, ff5s~sia1 pref” rta bile vent-. piIre, . While top-selling authors make millions of-dollars, you at least have the possibility of making a decent income and the satisfaction that your book is finally published. In”): //i": "7""'9i""3iilfillih-COIN/ iv? en/ '"~n": :oni'intilf"'1nn’ind' It I ’ ‘ “ " ‘ -‘*~i~ ~l e: —~: .1m
  11. 11. 4. Self-pblfi « profitabliY7@[fi]ii! ][? @o Moreover, with Amazon's Kindle sales growing rapidly, and the average income of their customers around $80,000, you can be sure they have enough money to spend on whatever you offer, and th_us_. he| p you raise your own income levels. dIeNIal1ia/ iiidc-'><him}
  12. 12. 5. Once you are on Am'azon‘~f‘s K‘inid| fe. easi. .a'ni author, your credibility and exp; er. t~. ,s'tatusi on your niche i‘mpno.». This in turnensures you*do‘We| |7in "' iii ‘*7 ii our sales and evenplays an r1 - Q96 y ' d : ° ' ran in ou as b , _ V: gmportant part in 9 Y c. ‘. + 5"“ W an expert in your niche. '2:-jlrll f ‘.3: . (57 1" htip: //freeéwz; -intraffic3:its. com, "jw. :mt»/ ;m1.: zo:1E(i: ic§lea. }ani; i/inde: :.html
  13. 13. For more in‘for"rna‘tio: “:t: freewebtraffichits. com[| vzoo[AmazonKindleMania[index. htm| http: //free‘. v.'ebt: 'ai ii(hits. com/ jwrzc0/. :'krn. .:zonlCinc}lea. '}: mi: l/inde: ——: .htmI
  14. 14. http: //freewebtra ffichlts. com/ jvzoo/ Amazonlflndleivlanlafindex. html

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Kindle eBook,free ebook download,kindel,self publishing,ebooks download,kindle shop,kindle bookstore.


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