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Heart disease prevention


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Heart disease prevention

  1. 1. Heart disease prevention and treatment Dr Jamshed J DalalKokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital
  2. 2. Treatment ofCoronary Artery Disease Early DiagnosisEarly Recognisation of Risk Factor & Modification of Risk Factor Early Treatment - Medical Management - Coronary Angioplasty Bypass Surgery (CABG)
  3. 3. Family History and IHD Genetic factors Environmental factors Psychological social factors
  5. 5. Management of Hypercholesterolemia : 1) Education 2) Diet 3) Exercise 4) Drug therapy
  6. 6. PINCH TEST
  7. 7. Diabetes Mellitus and heart disease Diabetes is well established risk factor Increases risk Two to four times Metabolic syndrome- big stomach, high trigycerides, high BP, diabetes.
  8. 8. Type A - Personality AmbitiousA Aggressive Very Actives Unsatisfieds Non-adjustable
  9. 9. Stress Test ECHO Diagnosis of CADECG Gold Standard
  10. 10. Coronary AngiographyRoutes1. Femoral artery approach2. Radial artery approachProcedure Time ≈ 10 minutesOPD – Day Care Procedure 4-5 hrs Hospitalisation CT angiography
  11. 11. ANGIOPLASTY Arm or leg One hour procedure 24 to 48 hr stay No anesthesia Back to work immediately
  12. 12. Medicated stents Special drug coating on the stent which gets liberated at the site of blockage and reduces the chance of recurrence.The drug is liberated over six weeks. Reduces reblockage chances to only 5-6%
  13. 13. TREATMENT Non drug Medical Angioplasty Bypass surgery
  14. 14. Medical Management  Aspirin  β -blocker  Ace Inhibitors  Lipid Lower Agents  Statins
  15. 15. BYPASS SURGERY More traumatic, needs general anesthesia Useful when there are too many blocks One month to recover Long lasting if arterial grafts used - total arterial grafting Beating Heart Surgery Bypass surgery is done without stopping the heart – no heart lung machine
  17. 17. Type A – Personality : Treatment Stretches Relaxation Meditation Yogic Behavior Psychotherapy
  18. 18. 20minutes
  19. 19. Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease Control Control Fats Stress-yoga Control Control Blood Pressure Obesity Control Relaxation Diabetes Regular Exercise Avoid Smoking
  20. 20. Prevention is better, cheaper, andeasier, than treatment & remember there is no real cure