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Datadrevet journalistikk - verktøy


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Presentasjon på BT, onsdag 1. juni 2011.

Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Datadrevet journalistikk - verktøy

  1. 1. Data i journalistikken Rune Smistad, MediArena, BT, 1. juni 2011
  2. 2. TickerSymbol innhold er data Person Location subclassOf subclassOfhasTickerSymbol subclassOf subclassOf ConceptOrganization Party createdBy createdBy providedBy taggedBy copyrightedBy hasSource contributedBy hasAccountableParty Comment discussedBy subclassOf depictedBy NewsItem Media HeadlineHed headlinedBy subclassOf
  3. 3. Utfordringer for fremtiden• aggregering (andre data i din kontekst)• syndikering (dine data i annen kontekst)• IPR (eierskap styrer visning)• kapitalisering (tjene på andre kontekster)
  4. 4. Content read in other context
  5. 5. innhold må bli datapresentasjon og deling må håndteres via metadata
  6. 6. ut i verden med dataene• rNews• tags• delte metadata• delte datasett (-> datamarket? gartneriet?)
  7. 7. ?=  Search engines, social networks, aggregators and other sites only see the Display Tier, and cannot leverage the underlying structure of the data.
  8. 8. med Linked Data og rNews Structured data Tekst Tekst non structured data Without structured data search engines, social networks and other sites cannot attractively format links back to our site, potentially decreasing referral traffic.
  9. 9. RDFa in action http:// authority/per/ stuart_myles<!DOCTYPE rdf:type html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML+RDFa 1.0//EN" ""><html xmlns="" xmlns:owl="" demo:person xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:demo="" > <head>...</head> <body> <div typeof="demo:person" class="profile" about=""> <p>Stuart Myles</p> <p>Title: <span property="demo:hasTitle">Deputy Director Schema Standards</span></p> <p>Employer: <span property="demo:worksFor">Associated Press</span></p> <p>Office Located In: <span property="demo:officeLocatedIn">Manhattan, NY</span></p> <p>Resides In: <span property="demo:residesIn">Northeastern United States</span></p> <p>Email Address: <span property="demo:emailAddress"></span></p> <p>Twitter Handle: <span property="demo:twitter_handle">@mr_awesome</span></p> <p><a rel="owl:sameAs" href="">Facebook</a></p> </div> </body>
  10. 10. Verktøy du bør kunne• Google refine• Google fusion tables• Google charts• Google public data explorer• DataSet Publishing Language (DSPL) - forutsetning for data explorer
  11. 11. Google RefineGoogle Refine is a power tool for working with messy data,cleaning it up, transforming it from one format into another, extending it with web services, and linking it to databases like Freebase. ...og Datagartneriet?
  12. 12. Google Fusion Tables Google Fusion Tables is a modern data management and publishing web application that makes it easyto host, manage, collaborate on, visualize, and publish data tables online.Ikke minst API’et for å spørre mot data er interessant. Kan være kilde ti ldeling
  13. 13. Google charts The charts use HTML5/SVGtechnology to provide cross-browser compatibility Fusion Tables is a data source for Google Chart Tools.
  14. 14. Google public data explorer You dont have to be a data expert to navigate betweendifferent views, make your own comparisons, and share your findings.
  15. 15. Dataset Publishing Language• Use existing data: Just add an XML metadata file to your existing CSV data files• Powerful visualizations: Unleash the full capabilities of the Google Public Data Explorer, including the animated bar chart, motion chart, and map visualization• Geo-enabled: Make your data mappable by adding latitude and longitude data to your concept definitions. For even easier mapping, link to Googles canonical geographic concepts.
  16. 16. Takk for oss!• Følg oss • @bergenmediarena • #mediefremtid