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Pupil collaboration through twinspace


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Pupil collaboration through twinspace

  1. 1. Pupil Collaboration through Twinspace Kate Keaveny
  2. 2. Todays chil dr en ar e using t echnol ogy 24 hour s a day. Gam ar e onl ine, t hey web es chat wit h f r iends, cr eat e bl ogs and webpages, and t hen com t o school and swit ch e of f . ( St eve woods, Using ICT Cr eat ivel y in t he Pr im y Cl assr oom201 ar 0)
  3. 3. Benef it s of Using Twinspace wit h Pupil sSecur e and saf eCont ent can beupl oaded f r omavar iet y of sour ces andshar edShowcase for pupil swor k t hat wontsuddenly disappear.
  4. 4. Pupilscorner
  5. 5. The file archive was the The forum was created to place children could encourage children to upload their homework communicate with one another.
  6. 6. The pupils posted some simpleinformation about themselves and then received replies.
  7. 7. Tools that pupils can use through Twinspace and upload to Twinspace. iPods and iPads can be used to take photos, videos and talking apps which can then be uploaded to Twinspace easily.The file archive allows you to upload talking apps that are saved as mp4 files.
  8. 8. Whole SchoolIdeas for involving the whole school. Forget the teachers. Start with the pupils! The pupils will understand Twinspace and use it to its greatest potential far quicker than some teachers.
  9. 9. Use the pupils work rather than creating additional work. Ask the children what they want to share and upload. A pupils menuproduced at home anduploaded to Twinspace.
  10. 10. Children Blogging With young children using a differentplatform for blogging leads to potential problems. Many require email addresses, if pupils are in supervised they may easily move to other less suitable blogs. Twinspace blogs are a great safe and secure platform for blogging.
  11. 11. Using google docs to createforms for use in Twinspace. Using google docs you can create a form andthen embed it in a blog.
  12. 12. If you include somerequired questions you can ensure you can compare answers. The results from pupils. The questions were answered on Twinspace on a form embedded from google docs.
  13. 13. How could you use one these in a collaborative project? Prezzi Twiddla Mindomo Dipity Arts connected The artists toolkit
  14. 14. To r eal ly ent huse t he chil dr en we t each , we need t o ent er t heir wor l d, and ICT is an ideal vehicl e. W ar e pr epar ing our e chil dr en f or j obs t hat dont exist yet using t echnol ogy t hat hasnt been invent ed t osol ve pr obl em t hat we dont seven know ar e pr obl em yet . s (Kar l Fisch, Shif t Happens, 2006)