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担当; 徳田 浩司
電話 日本 050-5534-1114 (国内電話で通じます)

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. So G S oth Company City Website Stage EV ES BF FC Business Description Investment($) lar B G erAusra ->Areva MountainView Later x Solar electric power parks 114,451,100Bright Source Energy Oakland Middle x Utility-scale solar power plants 162,100,000Calisolar Sunnyvale Early x Solar cell technologies from raw silicon 65,184,200Cleantech America San Francisco Early x Utility-scale solar farms. 1,047,200Enphase Energy Petaluma Early x Solar energy technology 22,500,000GreenVolts Fremont Early x Wholesale-distributed power generation tools 30,000,000Integrated Photovoltaics Sunnyvale Early x Solar conversion products and services. 424,000Miasole Santa Clara Later x Thin-film copper indium gallium diselenide solar cells 57,255,100NanoGram Milpitas Middle x Core process technology. 32,000,000Nanosolar Palo Alto Later x Electricity through solar-cell technology 75,999,600 Manufactures photovoltaic modules and powerOptiSolar Hayward Middle x 132,000,000 producersPrecursor Energetics Santa Clara Early x Industrial applications including thin film photovoltaics 3,000,000 Installs, owns, and operates solar power systems onRecurrent Energy San Francisco Middle x 85,000,000 clients rooftopsReel Solar San Francisco ? Early x Solar energy company 1,000,000Renewable Funding Oakland Early x Renewable energy and energy efficiency financing 12,258,900Senergen Devices Fremont Early x Silicon-based photovoltaic cells. 7,600,000Sierra Solar Power x Thin-film photovoltaics 7,112,000Silicon Valley Solar Santa Clara x Flat plate internal concentrator solar modules 10,200,000 Triple junction solar cells for the concentrated solarSolar Junction San Jose Early x 18,017,000 market (CPV)Solar Power Partners Mill Valley Middle x Develops, owns and manages solar energy facilities 18,069,000SolarCity Foster City Middle x Solar power energy installation 74,000,000Solaria Fremont Middle x Photovoltaic module production solutions 72,000,100Solexant San Jose Early x Photovoltaic cells (CPV) 22,469,000SolFocus Mountain View Early x Solar concentrator photovoltaic systems 83,419,700 Solar concentrator photovoltaic systems, EuropeanSolFocus Europe Early x 26,881,200 divisionSolaicx Santa Clara x Mono-silicon wafers for the photovoltaic industry 5,000,000SoloPower San Jose Middle x Thin-film solar cells 77,185,400Soltaix Los Altos ? Early x Solar cells 15,000,000Solyndra Fremont Middle x Photovoltaics for solar energy 512,126,700Stion (NStructures) San Jose Early x Nanostructure-based photo-voltaic technologies 18,150,000SunRun San Francisco Early x Residential solar electricity 30,420,000SunLink San Rafael x Engineered solar mouting systems 1,800,000Tigo Energy Los Gatos Seed x Solar installation technology 16,000,100 Facilitates the design and installation of solarTioga Energy San Francisco x 13,999,900 systems and operates it on behalf of enterprisesXeroCoat Redwood City Middle x Optical and functional coatings 1,750,000 1,825,420,200HydroNovation San Francisco x Water purification Service 760,000 1
  2. 2. So G S oth Company City Website Stage EV ES BF FC Business Description Investment($) lar B G erBoka Menlo Park no hp x Water purification and treatment 908,000CalStar Products Newark Early x Manufactures sustainable cement 11,440,000ConXtech Hayward Middle x Commercial construction solutions. 7,125,000HID Laboratories Menlo Park Seed x Smart energy management and monitoring systems 4,500,000HydroPoint Data Systems Petaluma Middle x Irrigation management tools 26,000,100 Method for designing and manufacturing with sheetIndustrial Origami San Francisco Early x 6,379,000 materials Phosphor materils to convert electrical energy toIntematix Fremont Later x 9,000,000 luminous energy without generating heatLuxim Sunnyvale Later x Energy-efficient lighting technologies 39,000,000MBA Polymers Richmond x Recycling plant for engineering plastics 39,999,500Nanotune Technologies Mountain View Seed x Nanotechnology for building blocks 3,118,000Nuelight Santa Clara Middle x Flash LED 6,000,000 Ozone-based solutions for fresh food and waterNovazone Livermore Later x 8,000,000 products HVAC systems, turbines and marine propulsionPAX Streamline San Rafael Seed x 6,000,000 systemsPionetics San Carlos x Drinking water purification systems 3,000,000Project FROG San Francisco x Energy-efficient buliding system 2,000,000 Ozone-based solutions for fresh food and waterPurfresh Livermore Later x 25,000,000 products.Serious Materials Sunnyvale Middle x Eco-friendly materials 114,095,100ShelfControl San Francisco Early x Energy efficient lighting technology. 1,000,000Soladigm Santa Rosa Seed x Switchable electronic glass technology 6,546,000Zeta Communities San Francisco Early x Construction company 5,000,000 324,870,700 San Francisco,Adura Technologies x Wireless based lighting controll sysytem 5,000,000 CA Sensor-based distributed-computing systems ABlue Vector Systems Palo Alto Middle x software platform for creating, distributing, managing, 7,995,000 and scaling complex Smart Grid applications.DevonWay San Francisco Early x Web-based services for electric utilities. 6,500,000eMeter San Mateo x Wireless technology for the energy 32,000,000 Miniature devices to generate, harvest and manageEoPlex Technologies Redwood City Middle x 12,000,000 energyFat Spaniel Technologies San Jose Middle x Software for energy system monitoring and 18,085,000Glacier Bay Union City Later x Thermal management and energy control systems. 36,150,000iControl Networks Palo Alto Early x Remote monitoring and security tools 5,000,000LitePoint Sunnyvale Later x Wireless test solutions 50,000,000Nethra Imaging Cupertino x Imaging solutions for consumer electronic devices 1,761,000People Power Palo Alto x Energy consumption monitoring solutions 850,000Powersure Santa Clara x Energy management software 2,325,000 2
  3. 3. So G S oth Company City Website Stage EV ES BF FC Business Description Investment($) lar B G erRedweed Systems Fremont x Commercial building energy conservation tools 16,999,000Sentilla Redwood City Middle x Demand-side energy management tools 7,500,000Silver Spring Networks Redwood City x Fully-automated revenue solutions to utilities firms. 184,500,000 386,665,000Coulomb Technologies Campbell Early x Recharging solutions for electric cars 11,250,000GreenRoad Technologies Redwood City Later x Driver safety technologies 14,499,900Tesla Motors San Carlos Middle x Electric vehicles 173,076,000Zero Motorcycles Scotts Valley Middle x Electric motorcycles 5,059,000 203,884,900Cnano Technology Menlo Park x Carbon nano tubes for energy storage 6,000,000Deeya Energy Fremont Seed x Novel energy storage devices 52,499,900Envia Systems Hayward Seed x Energy storage solutions 3,200,100Lion Cells Menlo Park Early x Lithium Ion cells used in rechargable batteries 18,150,000MicroAzure Alamo Seed x Lithium-ion battery 2,250,000Lyden Energy (Mobius Fremont Early x Lithium-ion battery development company 12,302,000Power)Seeo Berkeley Seed x Battery technologies 2,000,000 Diagnostic technologies for energy storage andWorld Energy Labs x 3,341,000 conversion 99,743,000 next-generation Coal-Biomass-to-Liquids (CBTL)Accelergy Palo Alto Later x 8,757,000 technology Technology to convert sustainable biomass intoAllpartis Biotechnologies San Francisco no hp Seed x 750,000 clean fuelsAmyris Biotechnologies Emeryville Middle x Renewable hydrocarbon biofuels 26,583,000Aurora BioFuels Alameda Early x Alternative energy company 25,000,000BioFuelBox San Jose Early x Biofuel solutions. 9,462,000Cobalt Technologies Mountain View Middle x Biobutanol used for fuel 13,280,000Coskata Palo Alto Early x Technologies for processing bio-refuse into ethanol 10,000,000Fulcrum Bioenergy Pleasanton Middle x Municipal solid-waste conversion facilities 14,000,000Range Fuels (Kergy) Menlo Park Seed x Thermal proccessed biofuels 4,299,000 South SanLS9 Early x Proprietary biofuels 52,200,000 FranciscoRenewable Fuel Products Mill Valley Early x Renewable fuels 1,099,900Sapphire Energy Redwood City Seed x Renewable liquid fuels. 400,000 South San Bioproduction solutions through the research ofSolazyme Middle x 5,689,000 Francisco microalgae.ZeaChem x Biofuels technology 4,000,000
  4. 4. So G S oth Company City Website Stage EV ES BF FC Business Description Investment($) lar B G er 166,762,900 Solid oxide fuel cell technology to compete withBloom Energy Sunnyvale Middle x 2,100,000 electric power.Oorja Protonics Fremont Early x Alcohol-based fuel cell systems 23,810,100UltraCell Livermore Later x Micro fuel cell systems for portable devices 4,800,000 30,710,100Bottle Rock Power Santa Rosa Middle x Operates a geothermal power station 4,100,000C12 Energy Menlo Park Seed x Carbon sequestration technology 4,500,000CarbonFlow San Francisco Seed x Software for carbon market participants 2,900,100EcoMotors Petaluma Seed x Diesel engines 2,500,000Infinite Z Los Gatos Early x Computer images and information technology 11,100,000 Power delivery systems for the industrial and medicalInnovation Engineering Brisbane Middle x 200,000 marketsNanostellar Redwood City Later x Platinum nano-composite catalyst solutions 7,050,900Neersorb Menlo Park no hp Seed x Chemical research and development 75,000 Environmentally-friendly printing, office andNew Leaf Paper San Francisco Later x 5,000,000 consumer papers.Ohai Systems San Mateo no hp Early x Not disclosed 3,000,000Rennovia Menlo Park Seed x Chemical production technologies 1,000TerraPass Menlo Park x Carbon dioxide elimination services 5,505,000Tiga Energy San Mateo x Renewable energy 20,000,100Twin Creek Technologies San Francisco Early x Energy-related products and services 13,100,000 79,032,100 3,117,088,900S S EV ES F FC TFusion eactor C