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Mobile phone traffics are overflowing by i Phones


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mobile phone traffics are overflowing by i Phones

  1. 1. ZDNet JapanMobile Phone Traffics are Overflowing by iPhones 徳田浩司(Koji Tokuda) 2008-09-11 10:24:50 徳田浩司( ) The number of the subscribers of mobile phones in Japan is beyond 100,000,000 and itmeans that every person in Japan has one mobile phone. It looks like that the mobilephone market has already reached mature situation. However, as a global tide, the mobiletelecommunication service is greatly sifting from voice to data service and the contents ofthe service are changing dramatically to media rich ones. 90% of the current handheldunits are available for internet connection. The data usage fee is over one forth of themonthly bill. Because media rich contents are overflowing more and more, it will causeexplosive increase of the traffic in the near future. Besides, it has been increasinglydemanded by the consumers to deal with the radio dead zone problems in buildings andcrowded spaces more and more carefully. Therefore, investment pressure for expensivemobile base stations is getting bigger and bigger. However, the more the mobile phonecompanies appeal that the service lineups of mobile data communication of 3G/4G likeiPhone 3G serives are very convenient and useful, the bigger the limitation of accessingto heavy contents they have to set is.There is a recent good related article as below;iPhone Traffic Nearly Doubles in August AdMob announced today that its August 2008 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report showthat the Apple iPhone has nearly doubled the amount of traffic it produces in August.More than 2.9 million requests per day came from iPhone users according to the report. The top five smartphones in the US (in no order) according to the report are the iPhone,Palm Centro, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl, and Samsung Instinct. Those fivehandsets generated 12.9% of all US traffic in August. Nokia has 62.4% of worldwide smartphone traffic, despite not having a top 20smartphone in the US. RIM is second place with 10.8% worldwide and in the US RIMproduces 31.2% of smartphone traffic. Smartphones in all accounted for 23.7% of trafficin the US in August. But you do not need to worry about the problem because we have a good solution.FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) is greatly expected as one of the most effectivemethods to solve the conflicting problem. It is a technique to flow the surging traffic tosurface fixed network at low cost. Indeed, 70-80% of mobile phone traffics is caused notoutdoors but "INDOORS". In addition, it is requested to connect every one with anybodyat everywhere with ubiquities and IP usage. Opened connection is inevitably requestedand is getting greater rapidly. The fixed networks, mobile networks, fixed data
  2. 2. communications and wireless data communication which were separately standing aloneare getting being unified. The broad band era of one platform has come. Nobody doubts that in the near future only the carriers that can provide mobile broadband contents and application services regardless of the type of mobile units will besupported by all the consumers. The Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications ofJapan is aggressively supporting IP and open technology. It is pushing fusion of mobilenetworks and fixed networks by making fair competition rules. WiFi has great open nature and it is the very useful means as a common platform allover the world. It is equipped not only by PCs but by various kinds of mobile telephonesor game consoles. Everyone can use it so it is the most popular wirelesstelecommunication method. Image of wireless broadband in a whole building by FMC and NGNKoji Tokuda
  3. 3. Koji Tokuda - President & CEO of Fusion Reactor LLCKoji has profound experience in technology, marketing andmanagement service for various kinds of business in Japan and US.Koji was President at Mikasa Sports USA a sporting goodsmanufacturer, President at PicoCELA a tele-communicationequipment manufacturer, Vice President at AICapital in Tokyo aprivate equity company or so. with strong truck record. Koji majorednuclear engineering at University of Tokyo(Tokyo Univ.) Comments and inquiries Fusion Reactor LLC President&CEO; President&CEO; Koji Tokuda info@fusion @fusion- E-mail: HP http://www.fusion-