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organisational development ppt


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organisational development ppt

  1. 1. PowerPoint Presentation to Accompany Prepared By Mohit Singh Mohd. Abubakr Raj kumar gupta
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Organisational development is a collection of change method that try to improve organisational effectiveness and employee well –being. Organisation development encompasses a collection of planned-changed interventions built on humanistic democratic value that seek to improve organisational effectiveness and employee well-being
  3. 3. Features of organizational development Planned Change Comprehensive Change Long-range change Dynamic process Participation of change agent Emphasis on intervention Emphasis on action research Normative educational process
  4. 4. Role of organizational development To place emphasis on humanistic values To Treat each human being as a complex person To increase the level of trust among members To increase the level of enthusiasm at all levels To increase the level of self & group responsibility in planning
  5. 5. Problems in organizational development Discrepancy between ideal and real situations Lack of open system concept Resistance to change Lack of motivation among members Costly programmes
  6. 6. Process of organisational development Problem identification & diagnosis Planning strategy for change Intervening in the system Evaluation
  7. 7. Managing the OD Process Three basic components of OD programs: Diagnosis Continuous collection of data about total system, its subunits, its processes, and its culture Action All activities and interventions designed to improve the organization’s functioning Program All activities designed to management ensure success of the program
  8. 8. OD Interventions Organization Development (OD) interventions techniques are the methods created by OD professionals and others. Single organization or consultant cannot use all the interventions. They use these interventions depending upon the need or requirement. The most important interventions are, 1. Survey feedback 2. Process Consultation 3. sensitivity Training 4. The Managerial grid 5. Goal setting and Planning 6. Team Building and management by objectives 7. Job enrichment, changes in organizational structure and participative management and Quality circles, ISO, TQM
  9. 9. Process of OD Intervention Sensitivity training Team building Survey feedback Behaviour modification Grid organization development Career planning Job expectation technique Organisational renewal process
  10. 10. Structural OD Interventions Job redesign Work schedule option Process consultation MBO Decision centres Collateral organisation
  11. 11. Definition of sensitivity training Sensitivity Training is a form of training that claims to make people more aware of their own prejudices, and more sensitive to others. According to its critics, it involves the use of psychological techniques with groups that its critics.
  12. 12. Definition of team building 1. High interaction among team members to increase trust and openness. 2. Team building uses high interaction group activities to increase trust & openness among team members, improve coordinative efforts, and increase team performance.
  13. 13. Process of team building Problem sensing Examining deferences Giving & receiving feedback Developing interactive skills Follow-up actions
  14. 14. Survey feedback The use of questionnaires to identify discrepancies among members perceptions, discussion follows, & remedies are suggested.
  15. 15. Process of Survey feedback Data collection Feedback & information Follow-up action
  16. 16. Process Consultation The basic content of p-c is that the consultant works with individuals and groups in the organisation to help them learn about human and social processes and to solve problems that stem from process events.
  17. 17. Process Consultation Initiate contact Define the relationship Select the setting and the method Gather data & make a diagnosis Intervene Reduce involvement & terminate
  18. 18. Grid organisational development It is a comprehensive and systematic OD programme which aims at individuals groups and the organisation as a whole. It utilises a considerable number of instruments, enabling individuals and groups to assess their own strengths and weaknesses. Blake & Mouton
  19. 19. Process of Grid organisational development Managerial grid Teamwork development Intergroup development Developing ideal strategic corporate model Implementing the ideal strategic model Systematic critique
  20. 20. SUMMARY OD Effort  is a planned change  involves the total system  managed with total acceptance and commitment of the top management  is designed to improve organisational effectiveness  makes use of behavioural science knowledge
  21. 21. Summary- Contd  is in terms of intervention at the task or structure or technology or people level  is an ongoing process and long term process  relies primarily on experiential learning  uses an action research intervention mode
  22. 22. Summary contd…... OD can make a difference Good understanding Proper response Adaptability
  23. 23.