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Drip! drip! hurrey!


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Grade VIII Students from Sree Moolam Rama Varma Higher Secondary School, Nagercoil,Tamilnadu,South India has done a project on Drip irrigation to water the garden plants in holidays....they use a pet bottle and syringe tube with a control knob...View this PPT to know abt their project....

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Drip! drip! hurrey!

  1. 1. Drip irrigation for garden plants - An innovativeidea……
  2. 2. Change is created by,Students from grade VIII ,Sree Moolam Rama Varma HSS,Vadasery, Nagercoil,Kanyakumary district,Tamilnadu-629001
  3. 3. Feel As we have no gardener in our school, our garden plants were suffered much due to water scarcity in holidays. To control the growth of weeds which consume manure from the soil.
  4. 4. Imagine
  5. 5. Take a pet bottle Make a hole in the bottom Insert a tube which controls and syringe tube. of the bottle the water supply.Fill the bottle with water Hang the bottle in the Adjust the speed of water garden over the plants flow using the control knob.
  6. 6. Do We find an We innovative idea discussed for continuous in our water supply classroo to the plants. m We find an It is Cost innovativeeffective– idea for Reuse of drip pet irrigation bottles Saves waterup to Controls 70% compare the to flood growth irrigation of weeds
  7. 7. Advantages of drip irrigation....
  8. 8. Drip irrigation controls water evaporation
  9. 9. Preventsweeds grow
  10. 10. Continuouswater supplyto the plants in holidays.
  11. 11. Saves water upto 70%compare toflood irrigation
  12. 12. EnhancesPlants growth
  13. 13. Fertilizer use efficiencyincreases by 30%.
  14. 14. It is Costeffective– Reuse of pet bottles
  15. 15. We shared our idea toour school children in our school assembly Share
  16. 16. We shared our idea in our school exhibition.
  17. 17. We shared our idea to our school teachers….
  18. 18. We shared our idea to other class students………
  19. 19. We shared our idea in our teacher’s blog and shared its link in Facebook to give awareness to public. 10/drip-irrigation-students-project.html
  20. 20. We share our idea through Design for Change