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Dfc smrv hss


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please watch this to know about our student's project based learning.

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Dfc smrv hss

  1. 1. • The waste gathered in our school created pollution and it was not disposed properly. Bad odors came out of noon meal wastes. Day to day it caused many problems to our school surroundings. We felt this problem should be solved in a good manner.
  2. 2. • To find the solution for this problem , we desided to visit some waste management areas.• We had visited Vivekananda Kendra to observe the Vermiculture process.• We selected a limited students to go and observe the waste management process.• The students are Click here to watch the videos advised to take a Video camera with them to record the process of ?v=nk7Z0P_qtrU vermiculture . abalamurugan#p/u/6/iy-BndXmTJo
  3. 3. •To keep clean our school campus by convertingthe degradable wastes into manure.•To prepare Vermicomposed manure at our home.•To find innovative ideas to multiply the worms inlarge scale.•To grow herbal garden in our school and to giveawareness on natural products.•To supply the manure to the needy farmers.•To give global awareness on vermiculture.
  4. 4. • We discussed with our mentor teacher Mrs. M.Kohila.B.T.Asst. Many ideas came out such as:• Separate degradable waste and non degradable waste.• Non degradable wastes should be disposed properly.• Prepare Vermicompost in our school.
  5. 5. •Vermicompost is an eco friendly natural fertilizer• It does not have any adverse effect on soil, plant andenvironment.•It improves water retention capacity of soil because of its highorganic matter content.• It promotes better root growth and nutrient absorption.• Earthworm castings in the home garden often contain 5 to 11times more nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium as thesurrounding soil.•Promoting home composting as a solution to reduce globalwarming caused by methane by degradable waste in landfills.•We could solve our Waste disposing problem in an useful manner.
  6. 6. Our activities………
  7. 7. Our Activities……. Please click here to watch the videos.
  8. 8. Our Activities……. Waste from Noon meal centre is put into the pit.
  9. 9. Our Activities…….
  10. 10. Our Activities…….•Watering is stopped for at least 5 daysat this stage.•The earthworms go down and thecompost is collected from the top.•Separate the baby worms and wormcocoons from it by sieving method. Now the manure is ready to use.
  11. 11. Please visit on the URL to watch the video VISIT THIS URL
  12. 12. Mentor’s guidance
  13. 13. •This project can be started from any available fund.•Raw materials available easily and locally in abundance.•Successful Organic Farming and no Marketingproblem.•No Chance of failure.•No requirement of electricity .•Additional Income form cow dung, agro waste andwastes available .
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Survey taken before Implementation of the project Sl.N No. of No. of People People o Questionnaire Respons Response e (yes) (No) We remove all garbage 36 14 1 every day from our home We never throw the 13 37 2 garbage in our streets. We separate the 2 48 3 degradable and non – degradable garbage No. of Positive Responses(yes) We convert the degradable 2 48 4 wastes into manure 5 We grow home garden 7 43 No. of Negative Responses(No) Total No of responses 60 190
  16. 16. Sl.N No. of No. of People People o Questionnaire Respons Response e (yes) (No) 1 We remove all garbage 48 2 every day from our home 2 We never throw the 47 3 garbage in our streets. 3 We separate the 35 15 degradable and non – degradable garbage No. of People 4 We convert the degradable 27 23 Responses (yes) wastes into manure No. of People 5 We grow home garden 29 21 Responses(No) Total No of responses 186 64
  17. 17. • To convert all degradable wastes into manure for better environment.• To create awareness on vermiculture to Self Help Groups and guide them to earn money from wastes.• To fertile the land to increase yielding.• Create a Global awareness on Vermiculture.
  18. 18. From ,home to streetstreet to villageVillage to townTown to DistrictDistrict to stateState to CountryCountry to whole worldWe invite you all please join with us to keepthe earth clean……..
  19. 19. How we were ‘Changed’• We found a solution on Waste Management.• We learnt the value of collaboration and sharing .• And we learnt that Wastes are misplaced resources and if we placed it in a correct place, it would become resource.• We have changed our attitudes on wastes and changed other’s attitudes too.