Htm 2121 sem008 - chocolatier


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Htm 2121 sem008 - chocolatier

  1. 1. HTM 2121Marketing Plan about selling Ko Wing Fung, Andy 11009504D Chan Ka Shan, Kathy 11026954D Yu Ka Wai, Alexa 11190834D Wong Wing Lam, Cindy 11034973D Wong Pui Hei, Parrick 11268750D
  2. 2. Rundown Introduction Analysis on the internal and external environment Understanding Market and customer Consumer BehaviorSegmentation, Targeting and Positioning Direction, Objectives & Marketing SupportMarketing strategies and program – 4Ps Market budget plan Marketing control
  3. 3. Introduction • Many teenagers like to buy chocolates – for own consumption – send to friends as a gift • Our company is a partnership business • have experience on making chocolates • sell hand-made chocolate
  4. 4. Internal BusinessenvironmentExternal
  5. 5. Internal Environment • Resources of the company – Human Resources – Financial Resources • Supply • Competitors and substitutes – Large-scale chocolatier – Snack shop & chocolate shop in shopping mall – DIY chocolate shop
  6. 6. Resources of company • Human Resources (Partnership) – Bear the risks of the company – Morale is relatively higher – Years of chocolates production experience – Ensure good quality • Financial Resources – Insufficient capital – Difficult to expand the scale
  7. 7. Supply • Local chain suppliers – Price are relatively low • Import from foreign country – More expensive • Concern the stability of the suppliers and the quality of the materials • Business relationship
  8. 8. Competitors and substitutes • Large-scale chocolatier • Sell their products in the supermarkets and different chain stores like Meiji • Snack shop in the shopping malls • Attracting teenagers • Chocolate Shops in the shopping malls • Selling high quality chocolate • Other DIY chocolate shop
  9. 9. Main competitor analysis • Main competitors: DIY handmade chocolatiers • Affection • Differentiation with Affection Focus of the products Supplier and materials used in the production Selling Price of its products
  10. 10. Natural Political Resources External environmentEconomical Technological
  11. 11. Political and Natural resources • Political – Guidelines of the usage of preservation • Natural resources – Environmental protection acts like by using organic chocolate is crucial – using synthetic fertilizer or pesticides
  12. 12. Economical • Income of customers – Affordability and purchasing power • Spending pattern of customers – Propensity to consume- willingness to save consume? • Global economic condition – Business cycle, exchange rate
  13. 13. Technological • Use of machine – Mass production – Control the production cost • Promotion – Use of internet, Social media
  14. 14. Understanding Market and Customers • Affected by – Culture – Subculture – Class • Influenced by social connections • Personal factors • Other factors
  15. 15. Cultural, subculture factors • People are more concern about healthy lifestyle • More careful to choose the type of snacks • Government implemented nutritional labeling policy • School restrict canteen to sell junk food
  16. 16. Social connections and personal factors • Customer influenced by social connections – Peer pressure from friends or classmates – More appreciating to listen the comments from their friends • Personal factors – Like to try the new product from different companies
  17. 17. Other factors • Teenagers concern more about the appearance of the packages – Peer influencing power – Positive comment • Consider the price – Cannot afford expensive products
  18. 18. Consumer behavior • Survey- “Analysis of chocolate market demand in Hong Kong” – Teenagers buy chocolate from supermarket & confectionery shop – Contribute over 80% of the total market share – 58.16% of them will buy chocolate as gift during festivals – 45.68% will prefer to buy the handmade chocolate
  19. 19. Segmentation, Targeting &Positioning • Segmentation – ‘Income’ and ‘Age’ as our segment variables – Target customers with teenage and low to middle income • Targeting – Focus on marketing attention – Aged 13-19 – Willing to spend pocket money to buy snacks – Focus on appearance of the products
  20. 20. Segmentation, Targeting &Positioning • Positioning – Create an unique image in the market, – Have the most unique design and special packing – Buy our products as gifts to send to others during festivals • Valentine’s Day • Christmas Eve
  21. 21. Planning direction, objective & marketingsupport • Financial Objectives
  22. 22. Planning direction, objective & marketingsupport
  23. 23. Planning direction, objective & marketingsupport • Marketing Objectives – Chocolate is not only the snack, but a gift which represents love and caring – Presenting and introducing our brand/products to our target customers (promotion) – Develop and introduce three new products in the coming year – Open a new branch after three year and open 1 branch yearly afterward – Ultimate goal • To expand distribution to supermarket within 7 years.
  24. 24. Marketing strategy and program Product Price Marketing 4Ps Place Promotion
  25. 25. Product • Target customer : teenagers (Aged 13-19) • Handmade chocolates • Raw materials: Dark chocolate with different % of bitter and milk chocolate • To create some special collections of chocolates
  26. 26. Product Why?Milk chocolate Familiar flavorDark chocolate Familiar flavorLow fat & sugar chocolate Healthy & ↓ caloriesFruitful chocolate ,e.g Taste good and familiarorange ,strawberryHazel nuts ,rum wine, truffle popularMilk chocolate with different Special decorationEnglish letterChocolate with different specialshape ,e.g star, heart ,circle
  27. 27. Product • Buy the handmade chocolate during some special festivals e,g. Valentine’s Day – For gift • ∵ Concern on the appearance of the whole package – Different packing other than normal one – Customer to pack the chocolate by themselves – Choose different types of chocolate by their own – E,g. Choose the chocolate with words and combine into a name or any words • Unique • Beautiful • Some beautiful packaging boxes
  28. 28. Price • Internal factors – Marketing objectives • Set the minimum possible price so as to attract teenagers – Cost of production • Considering the total cost involved & target sales revenue – Marketing mix variables • Total budgeted promotion expense • Huge cost incurred
  29. 29. Price • External Factors – Market and Demand – Allocate more resources & cost on the product which has a higher demand – Questionnaire Milk chocolate flavor – Produce more milk chocolate-related product to attract more teenagers – Earn more revenue – Becomes the market share leader
  30. 30. Price • Cost-based pricing – Depending on the production cost involved • Reasons: – Affordability of teenagers • Limited income • Marketing objectives • Presenting the value of the product
  31. 31. Price list
  32. 32. Place • Direct selling distribution channel – Produce and sell in our own outlet • Selling handmade chocolate – Easier to receive feedback from customer directly + carry out marketing control • Hard to have mass production – Cannot afford the cost of slotting allowance if we sell through retailers
  33. 33. Place • Location : Mongkok CMTA centre • Size of targeted booth: 170 sq ft • Rental cost: $8800 per month
  34. 34. Promotion • 7 promotional strategies 1.Official website 2.Facebook webpages 3.Provide coupons 4.Booklets 5.After-sales service 6.Workshops 7.Free trying
  35. 35. Official website and facebook • Providing more information to public -> Products’ ingredient and packaging introduction -> Releasing the latest promotion • Membership -> Sending the latest promotion and events -> Free birthday gift and Birthday cards -> Providing discounts Goal : - To enhance their loyalty - To provide a platform to public who can know more our brands
  36. 36. Providing Provide coupons coupons • Through other websites (Jet -> People will have willing to try more new products -> Share with friends and more people can try our products -> Know more products when they come and our staff recommend Goal : - To enhance profit - More customers come and buy
  37. 37. Booklets • Different visions -> E.g. Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day collection -> Packaging promotion -> Provide general information Goal : - People can share the booklets to others and more people can get our messages - To provide the fruitful feeling to customers
  38. 38. After sale services • To help customers send the gift and card to their love • Provide convenience -> Unable send the gift will miss a chance to present the love Goal : - To establish the goodwill - To establish the icon of love sender - To attract more customers - To increase the profit
  39. 39. Workshops • Experienced tutor -> Customer can produce beautiful and good taste chocolate • Providing a chance to customer produce their unite product -> Really represent their love -> Unforgettable memory for them Goal : - Brand can equal to gift and love - The fees can increase the profit
  40. 40. Free trial • Set up booth nearly the shop -> attract more people pay attentions to our shop • Promote the special products -> taste and attract them to buy -> know our brand and products directly -> collect the feedback easily Goal : - More people know our brand - To enhance the profit if they buy our products after they taste - People will focus on our new brand immediately
  41. 41. Implementation milestone-The Promotion The details The period of the The person who promotion responsibleOfficial website Establish and update Keep going Patrick and KathyFacebook webpage Establish and manager Keep going Kathy and Andy the membershipBooklets Design and research Every months Alexa and CindyAfter-sales service Set up the details and Keep Going Andy and Patrick select the employeesWorkshops Be tutor, design the Every two week Cindy, Kathy and Alexa course and control the (having course) cost Keep going (design the course)Booth for free trying Apply from the mall, The first month of Andy, Patrick and produce the chocolate business begin Cindy and make the promotion materials
  42. 42. Marketing budget plan • Projected Sales – Stable growth of sales – Growing trend to put focus on healthy – Relevant product would attain highest growth rate – Provide a new idea and choice for teenagers
  43. 43. Marketing strategy and program = 10% Target Sales revenue: $174,000
  44. 44. Marketing control • Annual plan control • Profitability control • Productivity control • Strategic control • Apply to 4Ps elements
  45. 45. Marketing control • Product – Interview or survey conducted by customer – Giving incentive like discounts – Know whether customer satisfied or not – Know how to enhance the quality • Promotion – Evaluating the volume of sales per month – Survey on how customer know our shop
  46. 46. Marketing control • Price – Review pricing strategy regularly – Forecast and review the sales and cost • Know the change in market demand • Review the profitability – Make change on pricing strategy if necessary