London connect april 2012 martyn christian - day 1 introduction final


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  • Kofax reduces the time and effort required to understand information and decide what to do with it.In a lot of applications we can totally bypass people and process this information in a touchless way. This eliminates the errors and exceptions that come from manual processing, and enables significant cost savings.We deliver clean, accurate, purified information directly into your business processes.Integration with Singularity BPMCustomers benefit from a capture enabled BPM platform by being able to automate both the capture processes needed to manage content into their enterprise applications and repositories, as well as the downstream knowledge worker processes needed to best utilize that information through the investment in a single platform for automating all critical business processes and thereby enjoy a lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment. Kofax’s ability to capture, extract and validate large volumes of information that feed critical business processes can now be combined with Singularity BPM solutions to make businesses more agile, reduce human intervention, increase touchless processing and reduce costs.Partners benefit by being able to offer their customers the above at the reduced cost of deploying capture and BPM together, saving on implementation costs and increasing margins. [CLICK]And in those few cases that do require manual intervention, the time and effort needed for understanding and deciding is substantially reduced. It’s much faster and far less expensive.
  • Overall, and looking to the future, the organizations indicated that capture driven processes are increasing the speed and agility of their business without generating huge requirements for IT development effort. In fact, 28% of the organizations described capture driven processes as a “crucial component” of their business, and a further 36% consider it to be a “key enabler.”And as shown here, well over half the respondents intend to expand their use of capture driven processes to many other lines of business and divisions.
  • Every year AIIM does a study on the use of SharePoint. There were close to 500 respondents in the 2011 survey. Respondents were asked what third party technologies they would invest in to extend their SharePoint implementationsKofax is the only vendor that can deliver enterprise class solutions for all of these key areas that customers are looking to invest in to enhance the capabilities of SharePoint
  • London connect april 2012 martyn christian - day 1 introduction final

    1. 1. Presenter NameA World of Opportunity Presenter TitleMartyn ChristianChief Marketing Officer
    2. 2. Welcome to London!Slide | Transform 2012 - BPM Market Overview
    3. 3. Institution of Civil Engineers
    4. 4. BPM’s Opportunity Time to Change How Business Works Velocity of business Changing workforce globalization, aging workers, outsourcing, skills shortages, innovation next generationnetworks, failure of workers, traditional telecommuting, compliance job sharing Consumer technology Geopolitical & economic issues Web 2.0, RFID, financial volatility, SOA, mobility, immigration, unified commodity communications shortages, terrorism, sustainability Source: Craig LeClair, Forrester Research
    5. 5. BPM Market Evolution• Business Management Research: Porter, Rummler, Drucker, Kaplan-Norton Business Management Theory • Quality/Six Sigma/Lean: Toyota Production Systems, Juran, Demming Work Simplification & Quality Control • Information Technology: Hammer, BPR, OMG, UML, BPMN Information Technology & BPM Suites Derived from: BPTrends Associates, 2011
    6. 6. Speakers Reynolds C. Bish, CEO, Kofax Kofax Corporate Update & Vision Martyn Christian, CMO, Kofax Anthony Macciola, CTO, Kofax Capture Enabled BPM – our Exciting Future Padraig Canavan, SVP BPM, Kofax When is Capture Enabled BPM is Right for Your Business? Anthony Murphy, Owner, Lithe IT The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Case Study
    7. 7. Speakers continuedLive Q&A Expert PanelDerek Mires - Principal Analyst, Forrester ResearchAnthony Macciola - CTO, KofaxJohn Newton - CTO & Co Founder, Alfresco SoftwareAnthony Murphy - Owner, Lithe ITMartyn Christian - CMO, Kofax Interactive Speedshops aka “Wisdom of the Crowds”
    8. 8. Software SolutionsA Vibrant BPM Market Nimbus (Process BEA Documentation) (App. Dev. & BPMS) Singularity Savvion (BPMS), Corticon Metastorm (BPA & BPMS) &Chordiant (CRM) (Rules) Global360 (BPM) (BPM & Dynamic Case Management) First BPM acquisition to IDS (BPA) capturing and Lombardi (BPM),. iLog (Rules) target TeleLogic (BP & App, Dev. Software) processing information together FileNet (DocMgt/Workflow) webMethods (App. Dev & BPM)
    9. 9. What’s on the CIO’s Mind? Gartner, The 2010 Gartner Scenario: The Current State and Future Directions of the IT Industry, June 14, 20109
    10. 10. Kofax Value PropositionPaper FaxEmail SMS BPM Understand Decide XML SharePoint UnderstandOffice Portal ERP/LOB/CRM Decide PDF ECM/RM DatabaseSocial
    11. 11. Capture + BPM = Strong, Growing Market $7.6 bnCAGR of 12% Singularity • ―Visionary‖ in Gartner’s Magic $3.7 bn Quadrant for BPMS $4.3 bn • ―Leader‖ in Forrester’s Wave for Dynamic Case Management $2.1 bn Kofax • # 1 leading position in capture $3.9 bn • 21% share of the enterprise $2.2 bn segments (67% of the total market) 2010 2015 Capture BPM Gartner (April 2011), Forrester (January 2011) and Harvey Spencer Associates (October 2011)
    12. 12. The Next Wave Demand for Capture Enabled BPMHow would you quantify your aspirations for your capture system? (N=222, capturing to process) None — we’re capturing the exact amount/type of documents we want Some — we’d like to capture a couple (1 or 2) more document types to our business processes More — we’d like to capture many more (3 or more) document types to our business processesMuch more — we’d like to expand our capture system to initiate additional business processes Significant — we’d like to expand our use of our capture system to other business lines or divisionsMassive — we’d like to standardize on our capture system to capture everydocument coming into our enterprise 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Source: ―Capturing Data to Multiple Business Processes – what’s holding you back?‖, AIIM 2011
    13. 13. Where Customers are Investing?Which of the following types of add-on package or systemare you using / planning to use with your SharePoint implementation? AIIM: Using SharePoint for ECM June, 2011 Only Kofax delivers all this for SharePoint!
    14. 14. AIIM - Process Revolution Research
    15. 15. Consumers Want Businesson Their Terms 35% switched retailers, insurers or banks following poor customer service 37% ofPRESS RELEASE 25-34 year olds prefer to communicate by mobile device vs. face-to-face Survey of 2000+ adults in UK March 27-29th 2012
    16. 16. Deliver Manage Customerinformation information flow Application Engagement Provisioning Approval Solutions Service Closure
    17. 17. Mobile Capture
    18. 18. For information, contact: Martyn ChristianThank You CMO, Kofax +1 949 783 1452 @martynchristian
    19. 19. Derek MiersPrincipal AnalystForrester ResearchInternationally recognised expert in:• Business process management & organisational transformation• Expert in methods, approaches, frameworks, tools, techni ques, and technologies of business process management• Focus on business process improvement; business transformation and organizational change.• Special emphasis on an outcome- based, customer-focused approach