Kofax connect london anthony murphy


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Kofax connect london anthony murphy

  1. 1. Capture Enabled BPM Launch EMEA Event Anthony Murphy Owner – Lithe IT11/05/2012
  2. 2. Customer PresentationAnthony MurphyOwner - Lithe IT
  3. 3. The Three Challenges• Build complex case management solutions without requiring IT developers,• Empower business experts and support aims for continuous improvement,• Improve efficiency to match year on year reducing operating budget.
  4. 4. TotalAgility Features that Deliver Zero Code Web Based SharePoint & Proven with Document Case Definition Application HP Trim Kofax Express Generation with Fragments Development Integration with Allocate Tasks Full Audit Trail Reporting Email and Alerts Exchange,.Net By Skill and Role and Control and XMLSlide 5
  5. 5. Improve Efficiency• Strive to remove interactions in the mailroom,• Use TotalAgility to proactively encourage tasks to be completed on time,• Assign work to resources only when it is ready for completion.
  6. 6. Lessons and Advice• Don’t feel the need to use all the features of TotalAgility,• Create standards for process design,• Don’t spend too much time focusing on failure modes unlikely to happen,• Poor requirements will result in rapidly building a poor solution
  7. 7. Thank You !Questions and Answers