Why you are the future of healthcare


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On our way to redesign healthcare from curative to preventive we will encounter smart ways to tap into our biological code, we will be surrounded by invisible sensors like guardian angels, and we will be connected with coaching avatars. But smart technologies and the data they generate, are just a tool. When not trusted by the established care provider, when not integrated and available in a personal data platform, healthcare will only be pseudo modernized.

The real magic happens when these tools allow you to engage and change behavior. But even in a rapidly automating world, we can't automate empathy. Or can we?

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Why you are the future of healthcare

  1. 1. Why you are the future of healthcare Prof. Dr. Koen Kas Smart Systems Industry Summit December 4, 2013
  2. 2. Our healthcare system has expired
  3. 3. The Chinese paid their doctor to remain healthy As soon as they got sick, they no longer had to pay
  4. 4. From 100€ spend on healthcare,1€ goes to prevention - and 90€ to last 2 years of our lives
  5. 5. Centenarians fastest-growing age group
  6. 6. Chronic disease epidemics Projected rise in most common chronic diseases, 2003-2023
  7. 7. Shortage of doctors
  8. 8. “Doctors pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into patients of whom they know nothing” Moliere French author sophisticated comedies (1622-1673)
  9. 9. Why do we regularly check oil and water level in our car, but not the status of our body?
  10. 10. The future of healthcare Predictive, Personalised, Participatory, Preventive, Augmented
  11. 11. The future of healthcare Predictive, Personalised, Participatory, Preventive, Augmented Precise
  12. 12. 1. Age of Genomic medicine
  13. 13. Personal genome analysers Illumina - FDA approved, Nov 2013
  14. 14. Personal genome analysers MinION Oxford Nanopore Technologies
  15. 15. Personal genome analysers, II Genapsys INanoBio Biomeme
  16. 16. Cancer drugs get personal / precise Treatment ‘V600E BRAF’
  17. 17. The impact of Angelina X3 in 6 weeks time
  18. 18. Personal genomics’ Napster moment?
  19. 19. Fetal sequencing from 1 drop mom’s blood No more invasive testing
  20. 20. The impact of 1 Danish spermdonor 20+ children with Neurofibromatosis
  21. 21. Need to combine genome with other data • Personal Omics Profile (iPOP) - n=1, 1.5Y, 300 Tb • Quantified self movement • Tricorder-like devs & wearable sensors
  22. 22. 2. Age of self monitoring Wearable devices, smartphones, clothes,… & Apps
  23. 23. Quantified self: from geeks to 10M consumers Nike Fuelband (x LoseIt!) FitBit Force
  24. 24. Wireless activity tracker Shine (Misfit Wearables)
  25. 25. Time for consolidation - and avoiding silo’s
  26. 26. Star Trek-like tricorder 34 contestants -15.30.3 Thermometer Scanadu Scout (2014)
  27. 27. Blood glucose meters - setting goals iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter WaveSense Diabetes Manager
  28. 28. Heart monitor in iPhone case AliveCor, FDA approved
  29. 29. Diagnose ear infections at home Otoscope (CellScope)
  30. 30. Remote eye exams iExaminer (Welch Allyn)
  31. 31. Tracking sleep patterns Beddit
  32. 32. Track eating behaviour Hapifork
  33. 33. Portable ultrasound scanner Vscan (GE Heathcare) Mobisante
  34. 34. EEG headband measures brainwaves Sony Smartwig Emotiv EPOC
  35. 35. Wearable computing Smart clothing
  36. 36. Wearable computing Baby monitors Sproutling Owlet
  37. 37. Sensor bears Teddy The Guardian Tedi
  38. 38. How long until your doctor is wearing Google Glass?
  39. 39. Wearable computing Watches Samsung Galaxy Gear Artist’s rendition of iWatch
  40. 40. Straight up to a better posture LUMOback
  41. 41. Sensor-laden shirts "Move“, Jennifer Darmour Athos
  42. 42. A bra to detect breast cancer in time First Warning Systems
  43. 43. Contact lens embedded with a chip to measure eye pressure (glaucoma risk) Sensimed
  44. 44. Artificial Retina Argus II, Second Sight
  45. 45. Sensors in a temporary tattoo MC10′s “biostamps”
  46. 46. Energy harvesting chips EFPL, Lausanne
  47. 47. Doctors will prescribe smart phone apps But an App will not cure cancer
  48. 48. Smartphone Apps melanoma detection Sensitivity from 7% to 98% (Study 01/13) MelApp (Health Discovery Operation)
  49. 49. Towards clinical trials for Apps Nov 13, 2013: 103 regulated Apps
  50. 50. Personal logging Moves Argus
  51. 51. Dawn of the ”personal logging“ era Emergence of personal portals that integrate multiple sensor measurement Validic
  52. 52. About the carrot and the stick
  53. 53. Healthcare to become fun & engaging Motivational Apps “Sitting is the new smoking”
  54. 54. Motivational games
  55. 55. Wearable games Multiple sensors (bend sensors, heart rate) and feedback tech (speakers, shakers, LED screen)
  56. 56. Social peer pressure
  57. 57. Improving eating habits The Eatery (Massive Health -> Jawbone)
  58. 58. Employer as health coach Losing weight by betting money
  59. 59. Moving for a free ride Moscow trainstation
  60. 60. Real-time, remote physical therapy Kinect-style video capture Home team therapy
  61. 61. Virtual exercising VirtualWare DevMotion
  62. 62. On a digital sofa Kinect-powered depression detector SimSensei
  63. 63. Get your stats – health kiosks Healthspot https://higi.com/
  64. 64. Mobile healthcare, literally WellCar
  65. 65. Healthcare gets local Prevention in the car Nissan
  66. 66. 3. Healthcare will become attractive, fun, engaging & nicely designed
  67. 67. Your average labtest impossible to decypher? Personalising health records
  68. 68. A trusted 1st or 2nd opinion IBM Watson to App cloud
  69. 69. Robodocs: doctors talk to and monitor patients remotely RP-VITA robots, iRobot Corp
  70. 70. Help people remember to take their pills as prescribed GlowCaps (Vitality)
  71. 71. Ingestible sensor, stomach acid-powered Proteus Digital Health
  72. 72. Drug adherence to lottery access – given pill taken yesterday
  73. 73. Drug adherence Cancer fighting video game http://www.re-mission2.org/games/ (HopeLab)
  74. 74. Healthcare design Parkinson soup
  75. 75. Urban design plays key role in creating healthy cities Your neighborhood is why you’re fat Environment stimulates walking
  76. 76. The future of healthcare Predictive, Personalised, Participatory, Preventive, Augmented
  77. 77. Social network of (cancer) patients
  78. 78. Predicting the flu Digital epidemiology http://www.google.org/flutrends/be/#BE
  79. 79. Healthcare design meets social Kinsa
  80. 80. Citizen science Including the public in research outside the lab SciStarter
  81. 81. Future of healthcare * Not about being sick, but about you staying well & healthy * Consumer-driven: social, attractive, addictive, engaging * Predictive, Personalised, Participatory, Preventive, Augmented
  82. 82. Contact Prof. Dr. Koen Kas E W L T S koen.kas@inbioveritas.com http://inbioveritas.com/ be.linkedin.com/in/koenkas @kaskoen koenkas Q1, 2014