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The digital delight of disease prevention


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We cannot digitize disease prevention, or can we?
These slides show a few examples pointing out what becomes possible when we redesign sickcare into healthcare.
New use of technology will allow us to deal with our genome as a predisposition teller. Data from visible and invisible sensors, and the connected Internet of Things, will lead to Actionable insights. Together, these guardian angels will open up unseen opportunities for the way we deal with ourselves in health and disease. They will influence our behaviour to avoid us getting sick, and they will turn our doctors into (virtual) health coaches.
But even more importantly, innovative business models will start to bring delight into the health ecosystem. This will provide the ammunition to go back to where we have been in some places of China, centuries ago, where the doctor was being paid only as long as the citizens in his village remained healthy.

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The digital delight of disease prevention

  1. 1. Towards personalised prevention Prof. Dr. Koen Kas @kaskoen April 16, 2016
  2. 2. iSoap Koen Kas @kaskoen
  3. 3. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  4. 4. PullClean Koen Kas @kaskoen
  5. 5. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  6. 6. No more needles Nanopatch, Vaxxas Koen Kas @kaskoen
  7. 7. Vaccination @home Koen Kas @kaskoen
  8. 8. Is your hospital growing its own vegetables? St. Luke’s Hospital , Pennsylvania Koen Kas @kaskoen
  9. 9. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  10. 10. Personal decisions are leading cause of death Koen Kas @kaskoen
  11. 11. 100 € spend on healthcare sickcare 1 € prevention 90 € last 2 years Koen Kas @kaskoen
  12. 12. “Doctors pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into patients of whom they know nothing” Moliere, French author (1622-1673) Koen Kas @kaskoen
  13. 13. a chronic patient looks after himself 3 Guardian angels to the rescue Your Genome / Biomarkers Internet of Things (In)visible sensors Koen Kas @kaskoen
  14. 14. The era of Personal genome analysers DNA code Koen Kas @kaskoen
  15. 15. Sequence bacteria next to bed Koen Kas @kaskoen
  16. 16. Personalised (Precise) medicine Koen Kas @kaskoen
  17. 17. Downloadable medicine – printed in 1 device Damien Hirst, 2014 Koen Kas @kaskoen
  18. 18. First Warning systems Koen Kas @kaskoen
  19. 19. Technology changes attitude Koen Kas @kaskoen
  20. 20. Sudden death Implantable defibrillator Koen Kas @kaskoen
  21. 21. Connected healthcare AliveCor ECG Koen Kas @kaskoen
  22. 22. De-risk conception Koen Kas @kaskoen
  23. 23. DNA is the new software 2017 target clin. trial Koen Kas @kaskoen
  24. 24. Health = genome + environment + lifestyle Koen Kas @kaskoen
  25. 25. 1/3 citizens unaware Koen Kas @kaskoen
  26. 26. Instant check-up Self-service sexual health clinic, SoHo, London Koen Kas @kaskoen
  27. 27. Health kioks, easy entry Familyware Koen Kas @kaskoen
  28. 28. 1. Step detection 2. Heart Pulse 3. Heart rate variability 4. Blood pressure 5. Blood oxygenation 6. Body temperature 7. Sleep FitBit Force Nike Fuelband Age self monitoring Wearables - dermals - insideables Koen Kas @kaskoen
  29. 29. Tory Burch for Fitbit Collection Swarovski / Misfit WearablesWiseWear Koen Kas @kaskoen
  30. 30. CarePredictHapifork The dash Actionable insights Koen Kas @kaskoen
  31. 31. June bracelet Sunsensor June, Netatmo Koen Kas @kaskoen
  32. 32. Shadow Wi-Fi, Peru Koen Kas @kaskoen
  33. 33. Selfcare4me Wearables become trainables Koen Kas @kaskoen
  34. 34. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  35. 35. Smart socks beating diabetic foot ulcers Arizona MedCntr Koen Kas @kaskoen
  36. 36. Biosensing = Quantifying biology miLab, miDiagnosics/IMEC Univ Calif Berkeley Koen Kas @kaskoen
  37. 37. Gerijoy pet therapy Patches communicate dehydratation Vittel Koen Kas @kaskoen
  38. 38. Flappy Bird ->Tappy Fit FitBit My doctor prescribes a stepcounter, - or a walk in the park Koen Kas @kaskoen
  39. 39. Electroshocks Koen Kas @kaskoen
  40. 40. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  41. 41. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  42. 42. Moscow trainstation Sitting is the new smoking Koen Kas @kaskoen
  43. 43. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  44. 44. Picturing my calories Smartplate Im2Calories, Google Koen Kas @kaskoen
  45. 45. Jobs of the future Communication with food coaches HealthSlate Koen Kas @kaskoen
  46. 46. Facebook suicide prevention Koen Kas @kaskoen
  47. 47. Telemedicine PEEK Koen Kas @kaskoen
  48. 48. Hi doc – hi coach Amwell Koen Kas @kaskoen
  49. 49. Automating our lives into an experience Koen Kas @kaskoen
  50. 50. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  51. 51. Proteus Digital Health Instant adherence / compliance Pharmacy comes home GlowCaps (Vitality) PillPack Koen Kas @kaskoen
  52. 52. Sensors Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Devices / Robots Actions / Behaviours BIG Data Internet of Things Genome / Biomarkers Imaging Personalised / Precise, Predictive, Participatory, Preventive healthcare Baymax, Big Hero 6 Koen Kas @kaskoen
  53. 53. Chinese paid doctor to remain healthy Koen Kas @kaskoen
  54. 54. Thank you! Prof. Dr. Koen Kas +32 479 419962 @kaskoen Digital Health Innovation Engine Advance Healthcare works with global life sciences, pharma and tech companies, as well as care providers, to build innovative new products and businesses in the digital health space. Our research helps you navigate disruptive threats and opportunities. Our ideation workshops deliver viable business ideas and action plans. Our events and outreach activities connect you to new communities for open innovation. And our hackathons and venture building services create startup portfolios that will shape your future.