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How digital health & design will tackle & prevent diabetes


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In depth overview of the latest technology and design developments (non pharma) for the management of diabetes. Focus is on digital (mobile) health applications, most recent outcome-based data showing the promise, amongst others, of digital coaching.
This migrates us finally from reactive, isolated glucose measurements to pro-active 24/7 health coaching. Applications will benefit the entire population.

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  • I'm sleeping so much better! Hi David, just a quick message to say thank you so much for this. I have been using a CPAP machine for 3 years and I absolutely hate it. It's so uncomfortable and I sleep worse with it on than I do without it. I'm now sleeping much better thanks to your program. And my wife is so much happier too! ♥♥♥
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  • 1 cup burns 1lb of diabetic fat every 72 hours... 
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  • Are you literally FEEDING your diabetes putting this one "health" food on your dinner plate? This is important. You must stop eating this food today or you could be doubling the speed at which your diabetes progresses... ♥♥♥
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  • 11 Mistakes you make when trying to lose belly fat 
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  • Thanks Koen. Nice overview!
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How digital health & design will tackle & prevent diabetes

  1. 1. How digital health & design will tackle & prevent diabetes Prof. Dr. Koen Kas @kaskoen Diabetes Symposium November 14, 2016 Healthymation
  2. 2. Chinese paid doctor to keep them healthy Koen Kas @kaskoen
  3. 3. 100 € spend on healthcare sickcare 1 € prevention 90 € last 2 years Koen Kas @kaskoen
  4. 4. Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment -> Prevention Koen Kas @kaskoen
  5. 5. Nurse jobs shift from hospital to home Tianjin Medical College, China (ChinaFotoPress/) Koen Kas @kaskoen
  6. 6. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  7. 7. a chronic patient looks after himself 3 Digital Guardian angels to the rescue Genomes & Biomarkers Internet of Things Sensors (Wearables,…) Koen Kas @kaskoen
  8. 8. (Exponential) Disruption -> mobile Health Koen Kas @kaskoen
  9. 9. The genomics era for diabetics Koen Kas @kaskoen
  10. 10. N=10.000+ Risk x2.2 T1 & T2 Diabetes genetic predisposition panel Koen Kas @kaskoen
  11. 11. From a boring product , lost in isolation … Koen Kas @kaskoen
  12. 12. Blood glucose meters Setting goals, sharing with others Philosys Koen Kas @kaskoen
  13. 13. Towards insightfull, real mobile health apps Koen Kas @kaskoen
  14. 14. Freestyle Libre Pro, Abbott A single reader device is used to scan and activate all FreeStyle Libre Pro sensors Small, easy to wear - no finger-stick calibrations 14 days Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Koen Kas @kaskoen
  15. 15. Dexcom x AppleWatch Koen Kas @kaskoen
  16. 16. Implantable continuous glucose monitors Koen Kas @kaskoen
  17. 17. Weldoc x LifeScan, Johnson & Johnson Allows partnerships towards coaching Koen Kas @kaskoen
  18. 18. Partnerships / Apps towards coaching, II Abbott x mySugrRoche x Glooko Koen Kas @kaskoen
  19. 19. Challenge non invasive glucose biosensing Been tried 90+ times already – efforts intensify Glucose tattoo, UCSF Koen Kas @kaskoen
  20. 20. Non-invasive testing - consortia Koen Kas @kaskoen
  21. 21. Google Verily (Novartis) Smartlenses – parked for now Noviosense eye glucometer Koen Kas @kaskoen
  22. 22. Darpa funded biosensing hydrogels Koen Kas @kaskoen
  23. 23. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  24. 24. Erickson Lab, Cornell Univ. Consumer (non predisposed) biomarker testing miLab, miDiagnosics/IMEC Koen Kas @kaskoen
  25. 25. Health kiosks, eye testing - easy entry BeWell Innovations Netra x Blink Koen Kas @kaskoen
  26. 26. Digital health platform = your car Koen Kas @kaskoen
  27. 27. Quantified Self generation 1.0 1. Step detection 2. Heart Pulse 3. Heart rate variability 4. Blood pressure 5. Blood oxygenation 6. Body temperature 7. SleepFitBit Force Nike Fuelband Koen Kas @kaskoen
  28. 28. Tory Burch for Fitbit Collection Swarovski / Misfit WearablesWiseWear Koen Kas @kaskoen
  29. 29. Hapifork Actionable insights Koen Kas @kaskoen
  30. 30. Smart socks beating diabetic foot ulcers Arizona MedCntr Koen Kas @kaskoen
  31. 31. Exercise is GOLD - Doctor prescribes a stepcounter Or a walk in the park + 2.000 steps / day - 20% Co-morb Koen Kas @kaskoen
  32. 32. Impact of exercise confirmed in children Diabetes Care Koen Kas @kaskoen
  33. 33. Motivating exercise Koen Kas @kaskoen
  34. 34. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  35. 35. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  36. 36. 150 min exercise / week -> 35% less likely to die prematurely Koen Kas @kaskoen
  37. 37. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  38. 38. Picturing my calories Smartplate Im2Calories, Google Koen Kas @kaskoen
  39. 39. Track your calories simply photographing your food Koen Kas @kaskoen
  40. 40. Tracking diet with chew-monitoring necklace or speech Track Your Diet with a Chew-Monitoring Necklace Autodietary, Univ Buffalo Koen Kas @kaskoen
  41. 41. Nima, 6sensorlabs Koen Kas @kaskoen Mobile foodtesting SCiO, ConsumerPhysics
  42. 42. If a text message can change behaviour First real world outcomes Supervised self- monitoring improves diabetes control in clinical trial Telescot, Univ. Edinburgh Koen Kas @kaskoen
  43. 43. Comparable results to in-person prevention programs Noom British Medical Journal Open Diabetes Research & Care Koen Kas @kaskoen
  44. 44. Mobile support for diabetes program leads to 'transformative' weight loss Koen Kas @kaskoen
  45. 45. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  46. 46. Chatting with my coach Koen Kas @kaskoen
  47. 47. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  48. 48. Jerry the bear Koen Kas @kaskoen
  49. 49. Jobs of the future Communication with food / health coaches HealthSlate Koen Kas @kaskoen
  50. 50. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  51. 51. Example of VR and food perception Look for Colors example Project Nourished Virtual reality glasses treat obesity Koen Kas @kaskoen
  52. 52. Smart devices will understand how contextual elements, such as jet-lag and weather, impact blood glucose Internet of Things looks over our shoulder Koen Kas @kaskoen
  53. 53. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  54. 54. 1st artificial pancreas approved, T1D - spring ‘17 Medtronic, Sugar.IQ, powered by IBM Watson Koen Kas @kaskoen
  55. 55. Connected insulin delivery in pens, not pumps Koen Kas @kaskoen
  56. 56. mHealth x Urban development Koen Kas @kaskoen
  57. 57. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  58. 58. Mac donals wearables allergy Koen Kas @kaskoen
  59. 59. Design at help Koen Kas @kaskoen
  60. 60. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  61. 61. Following 1st mobile Health App reimbursement (2013) Koen Kas @kaskoen
  62. 62. Digital health programs that coordinate everything diabetics need to embrace lasting change Koen Kas @kaskoen
  63. 63. Data sharing via new players Medical devices meet Insurance companies Koen Kas @kaskoen
  64. 64. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  65. 65. Future diabetes experience Precise medicine to personalised prevention Koen Kas @kaskoen
  66. 66. To keep up to date Prof. Dr. Koen Kas +32 - 479 419962