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Delightful aging - Keynote @European summit Aging2.0 & HappyAging


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My recent talk on Delightful Aging at the European Summit presented by Aging2.0 (@Aging20) & Happy Aging @LifeTechValley, May 24 2017, in Hasselt, Belgium.
In an eagle eye view it positions happy aging on a timeline starting before birth till after you die. It shows why dying is a fantastic feature to make you strive for experiences, being part of a community, and to leave a mark when done.
It presents a unique view on the opportunities of aging, with links to entertainment, design, the arts, Tomorrowland, in short, to experiences we want to encounter before we die. And it motivates to use exercise as the best drug on the planet.
While containing lots of novel biology and emerging digital tools, it is a showcase of new trajectories of #innovation, the creation of delight as a factor to glue different domains together into novel business models. And it is a prelude to soon to be launched … Healthskouts..

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Delightful aging - Keynote @European summit Aging2.0 & HappyAging

  1. 1. Delightful Aging Prof. Dr. Koen Kas @kaskoen May 24, 2017
  2. 2. Capsula Mundi Koen Kas @kaskoen
  3. 3. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  4. 4. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  5. 5. 3D printing stem cells & replacement organs Organova Koen Kas @kaskoen
  6. 6. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  7. 7. Home matters Koen Kas @kaskoen
  8. 8. Robobear Koen Kas @kaskoen RoboDelight
  9. 9. Nurse jobs shift from hospital to home Tianjin Medical College, China (ChinaFotoPress/) Koen Kas @kaskoen
  10. 10. Housing as a prescription for homelessness Koen Kas @kaskoen
  11. 11. A 25.000$ checkup Koen Kas @kaskoen
  12. 12. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  13. 13. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  14. 14. Aging starts before birth Koen Kas @kaskoen
  15. 15. Smoking while pregnant should be penalysed Koen Kas @kaskoen
  16. 16. Personal genome analysers check your DNA code Oxford Nanopore Koen Kas @kaskoen
  17. 17. Some guys have all the luck Koen Kas @kaskoen
  18. 18. Technology impacts behaviour Capsocam Koen Kas @kaskoen
  19. 19. CarePredict Koen Kas @kaskoen Quantified Self generation 1.0 FitBit Force
  20. 20. Exercise is GOLD - Doctor prescribes a stepcounter Or a walk in the park + 2.000 steps / day - 20% Co-morb Koen Kas @kaskoen
  21. 21. 150 min exercise / week -> 35% less likely to die prematurely Koen Kas @kaskoen
  22. 22. Sitting is the new smoking Koen Kas @kaskoen
  23. 23. ? Oral Roberts University Koen Kas @kaskoen University makes wearable / 10.000 steps mandatory for its students
  24. 24. Foot's impact helps control, increase amount of blood sent to the brain Koen Kas @kaskoen
  25. 25. Creative high ? Life begings at … Koen Kas @kaskoen
  26. 26. Wellcoins, Healthcoins & Fitcoins Koen Kas @kaskoen
  27. 27. Want to find someone who's as lazy as you? Now there's a dating app for that Koen Kas @kaskoen
  28. 28. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  29. 29. Paying couples for sex breaks during workday Koen Kas @kaskoen
  30. 30. Anticipate depression Koen Kas @kaskoen
  31. 31. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  32. 32. Netflix personal trainer transforms your favorite characters into your coach Koen Kas @kaskoen
  33. 33. Jobs of the future: Aging coaches HealthSlate Koen Kas @kaskoen
  34. 34. Wearable dialysis – at home Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK) Koen Kas @kaskoen
  35. 35. Instant medication adherence / compliance GlowCaps (Vitality) Koen Kas @kaskoen Proteus Digital Health PillPack
  36. 36. Listening to voices Koen Kas @kaskoen
  37. 37. Koen Kas @kaskoen RoboDelight, II Catalia Healt Giraf
  38. 38. Gerijoy pet therapy Delight via IoT Vittel Koen Kas @kaskoen
  39. 39. In addition to Akili, ADHD. Video games biomarker Alzheimer delay Akili Posit Science Koen Kas @kaskoen
  40. 40. Stigma & Wheelchair cool WHILLLift Labs, Google Koen Kas @kaskoen Genny
  41. 41. 24/7 tracking Koen Kas @kaskoen Active Protective airbags
  42. 42. Healthcare experience Koen Kas @kaskoen
  43. 43. Koen Kas @kaskoen
  44. 44. An aging community ‘Let’s work as one, for dignity for all, Koen Kas @kaskoen
  45. 45. Experience of Personalised prevention Delighful Aging #SickNoMore Koen Kas @kaskoen
  46. 46. Muriel Bordier How can we help you? Prof. Dr. Koen Kas @kaskoen +32 479 419962 Launching soon: