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Building blocks for Strategic Business Innovation

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Strategic Business Innovation

  1. 1. Capgemini Consulting Services – Business Innovation Koen Klokgieters Strategic Business Innovation New ways to grow businesses
  2. 2. Key concept of Strategic Business Innovation is based on Business Model Innovation: combine a significantly increase of Revenue and decrease of Costs Resources Offer Customer Our Business Model Innovation framework provides Co-creation a graphical overview to come to a consistent Business Model Partner Customer Network Relationship • Specifications for each of the Business Model building blocks in order to come to one coherent and Core Business Distribution Customer consistent Business Model Value Proposition Capabilities Functions Channels Segment • Deep-dive on specific building blocks to come to detail the requirements for success Cost Revenue PROFIT Structure Streams • Detailing of critical Business Model building blocks to Approach come to implementation roadmap Financial Performance • Validate business model developed against Results & Benefits overarching Business Model to identify needs to • Less project-failure; innovation partner support • Shortened time-to-market; Description • Possibility to increase number of new business Experiences projects; increase footprint on business • High Tech Industry • Consumer Product Manufacturing • Using the Business Model framework as a • Retail & Distribution reference identifies potential improvements to • Research & Development Services products or services for further enhancements to • Utilities the product or service in a later maturity stage • Public Markets • Healthcare Capgemini Consulting
  3. 3. Operating Model Innovation Operating Model Innovation: Focus on significant lower Cost Structures Key An operating model defines how an Customer Relationship Key Resources organisation aligns its Activities and Activities (including people, partners and organisation, processes, data, IT infrastructure, finances and physical assets) to deliver the corporate strategy. Distribution Customer Partner Key Value Proposition Resources Channels Segment Network Cost Revenue Structure PROFIT Streams Capgemini Consulting 20-10-2009
  4. 4. Commercial Innovation Commercial Innovation: Focus on significant higher Revenue Streams The Commercial Innovation Key Model defines Customer how an organization integrates the Relationship Activities innovation regarding Customer Segmentation, Value Proposition, Distribution Channels and the Customer Relationship . Distribution Customer Partner Key Value Proposition Resources Channels Segment Network Value Chain Innovation Shaking Up the Value Chain Online Strategy USP: based on Business Model thinking Cost Revenue Structure PROFIT Streams Co-creation & Innovative -New customer centric marketing approach Marketing - Experience co-creation eCommerce & Multi - Implementation of web strategy Channel Strategy - Channel strategy Capgemini Consulting 20-10-2009
  5. 5. The overall approach and Tools apply to the different phases in the Innovation Management Framework Innovation Target & Scope Concept Design Commercialization Strategy Phase I. II. III. IV. V. Focus areas within the Definition of organization gate gate Innovation Strategy Topic 1 Idea Review of approach GoLive Goal • Identify and Topic 2 generation pursue trends • List of Proposed projects Market Entry • Corporate • Decide on projects to be Topic 3 reviewed in detail Business Model positioning • Further review • Partner • Prioritization & resourcing strategy Value Chain Performance measures Rewarding • Challenge • Operational Innovation • Shaking up the Business • Blue Ocean Portfolio Innovation Strategy • Tactical Portfolio Value Chain Proposition Management & Consulting • Strategic Management & • Business Model • Value Proposition Business Offerings Scenarios Business Models Innovation • Trends Assessment Models • Blue Ocean • Market Entries • Co-creation • Project Strategy & Product Acceleration Launches • Partner Networks Tools Common Innovation Tools & Methods Capgemini Consulting
  6. 6. Strategic Business Innovation Consultants work by specific core values Value Explanation Examples of Interventions Authenticity: Authenticity is the core of innovation attitude and • Innovation leadership assessment, Innovation leadership behaviour. leadership development workshops, The innovation manager is a facilitator and initiator. conflict resolution He is: self determined, self-conscious, • Personal coaching, mentoring and inter- unconventional, risk tolerant, independent and vision political sensitive. Experimental: The innovation manager is able to surpass his own • Training facilitating creativity workshops, Surpass boundaries and is able to challenge the team to surpass their Coaching for line managers, Innovation boundaries. accelerator The innovation manager is: creative, is a mobiliser, • Personal coaching, mentoring and theme emphatic, willing to start constructive arguments, inter-vision workshops personal development and encouraging oriented Mastery: The innovation manager is a craftsman. Attitude: • Facilitating innovation workshops, training Deliver quality and being successful Goal directed, decisive , determined but also managing innovative team, process efficient and organised support • Personal coaching, theme coaching, mentoring and theme inter-vision workshops Connectedness: Partnership is all about creating win-win situation. • Community management, Facilitation In contact and spreading the The innovation manager is connected with large groups interventions innovation virus partners. He is a communicator and afflictive, • Personal coaching, mentoring and theme network focussed, ‘bridge builder’, facilitative and inter-vision workshops encouraging. He gains like-mindedness and spreads the word within and beyond the boundaries of the organization Capgemini Consulting
  7. 7. Koen Klokgieters| Capgemini Consulting NL Vice President Business Innovation Consulting M: +31 (0) 6 51123259 Capgemini Consulting is the strategy and transformation consulting brand of Capgemini Group Capgemini Consulting