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Imed good


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iMed 101 find me on facebook @koechjr

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Imed good

  2. 2.  Brief summary iMed 101 stands for intelligent medicine 101 which is an android project that serves as a medical handbook. It displays all diseases, their symptoms and treatment procedure. It also has a google maps function that enables a person to search for/find the nearest hospital, police station, tow station and even record the location of the accident. There is also a functionality that enables a user to call his/her doctor in case of an emergency or accident. There is also a feature for managing weight (i.e BMI, CALORIES TRACKER e.t.c). it also provides information on how to provide first aid and ways of tackling addiction problems.
  3. 3.  Diseases: causes, symptoms and treatment processes. Weight management: BMI, Calories tracking. Google maps: find nearest hospital, police station, tow company e.t.c First aid information. Tackling addiction.  The design of the project utilized Android programming language, phonegap API and included the use of DOJO framework for google maps functionality. This application can best be utilized in areas with no internet connection since most documents are inbuilt and can be accessed even without internet connectivity except for google maps functionality.
  4. 4.  When you click on disease,syptoms and treatment it shows a drop down menu with alphabetical order and when you click on a letter e.g C you get the screen shot below:
  5. 5.  You can see the disease brief information on causes, prognosis, symptoms and available treatment.
  6. 6.  This enable you to determine your safe daily calories intake, burnt calories after doing an exercise and BMI(body mass index) for both adults and children. For example BMI:
  7. 7.  You get the following screenshot showing you where the nearest hospital, police station e.t.c is located on google maps.
  8. 8.  it shows you google maps with alphabetical order of the nearest police station to your location. This is available also for hospital,tow company e.t.c
  9. 9. THE END