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Ubiz App For Merchants - Mobile Marketing | Mobile Loyalty Programs


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Ubiz App For Merchants - Mobile Marketing | Loyalty Programs (Click Here To Get Started)

THe Ubiz App is a worldwide app that allows Merchants to advertise their deal to current subscribers based on a 6 mile sq radius of the business. All for only $30/year!
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UbiZ Mobile Marketing - The Mobile Marketing trends show exactky where this industry is going. More and more companies with advertise via mobile phones. It only makes sense to put your business add where consumers are going to see it and take action. THe Ubiz App does that at a very affordable price.
HEre is a great presentation overview of BizBiz Mobi, the company to bring us Ubiz App.

Ubiz Mobile Loyalty Programs - Mobile Loyalty programs are getting more and more popular. The reason this is, this gives the merchant a way to reward customers with points to use towards other products to introduce them to something they might not have purchased. Ubiz is at the for front of this mobile trend. Merchants can offer any kind of deal or special not only to current customers but those who have never shopped with them.

Ubiz App For Merchants - Mobile Marketing | Mobile Loyalty Programs

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Ubiz App For Merchants - Mobile Marketing | Mobile Loyalty Programs

  1. 1. the world around you
  2. 2. UbiZ is a mobile, global and free application for end users who in real time have access to discounts, benefits and events around them. They are connected via proximity to share information, make recommendations and invite other users to live their experience minute by minute.
  3. 3. has exclusive benefits: Permanent visibility: advertisements are visible for everyone and anytime. Proximity and geographical coverage: it reaches your closer area users and attracts all users by recommendations. Advertising in real time: it publishes advertisements right away with discounts and promotions. Time optimization: it plans weekly, daily and minute by minute campaigns of promotional discounts. One to one marketing: you can publish advertisements for every point of sale, achieving communication addressed to every public group according to your area events. Immediate return: consumers will visualize your advertisements in real time and will come closer to your shop.
  4. 4. UbiZ get you closer to... Area users. Just passing through users. Recommended users. All users, minute by minute.
  5. 5. the world around you waits for you to publish your advertisements in UbiZ Hundreds of people nearby your shop will want to know about your benefits, discounts and promotions. Users are nearby just waiting for your advertisements to be visible to take advantage of them. In real time you can handle different advertisements for every point of sale. In real time you advertise and your advertisements are visible for all users. You manage your advertisementsin real time from your BackEnd. You can measure immediate returns because users have access in real time to your promotions, discounts or advertisements.
  6. 6. With UbiZ you are always visible, close and can publish innovations in real time. UbiZ is global and reaches all users for free and connects you with them in real time. here & now!
  7. 7. the world around you Compatible with iPhone, iPad, tablets and smartphones with Android operative system.