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What really matters for seo in 2016


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Here are some easy and handy tips and instructions about SEO which are going to trend in 2016. Here you can explore some best and easiest way to boost organic traffic on your local small business websites. These are some really helpful and acceptable internet solution which are suggested as well as tested by the SEO experts of

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What really matters for seo in 2016

  1. 1. What Really Matters for In 2016 By
  2. 2. Backlinks are still (very) important ● Backlinks are still the no. 1 most important ranking signal that Google  uses. ● Study found that you need backlinks from a bunch of different domains. ● The best links you can get are contextual mentions from authoritative  media outlets. ● Not only are these links highly­valued by Google, but they can bring in a  boatload of traffic to boot.
  3. 3. More bounces equal lower rankings ● Study also found that bounces aren’t just bad for your bottom line. ● They can throw a monkey wrench into your SEO efforts. ● The study found that sites with a high bounce rate tended to rank  lower in Google than sites with a low bounce rate. ● Make sure that your content is above the fold ­­ and that the first  few sentences draw people in. ● Break your content into two to three sentence paragraphs it becomes  much easier to digest.
  4. 4. Long­Form Content Ranks Better People online have  short attention  spans.
  5. 5. Site speed makes a difference ● You’ve probably heard that Google prefers fast-loading websites. ● Google has emphasized that they use site speed as part of their algorithm.
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