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Redesign Steps in Wordpress


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An easy, step-by-step guide for wordpress users. Easy Steps to Follow while launching your Redesign WordPress Website.

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Redesign Steps in Wordpress

  1. 1. Redesign Steps  In Wordpress
  2. 2. STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO LAUNCHING YOUR REDESIGN IN WORDPRESS It's very easy for your Internet site to start  looking dated if you do not update the  design every few years approximately.  WordPress Development  has made it  easy to switch to a brand­new style without  affecting the content of your site­­ you don't  need to invest days doing an elaborate  switch any longer.
  3. 3. Step:1 Backup Your Old Site
  4. 4. Step: 2 Clean up Your Site
  5. 5. Step: 3 Install Your New Theme on a Website
  6. 6. Step: 4 Check Your Test Site
  7. 7. Step: 5 Activate New Theme on Live Site
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