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Senior research paper

  1. 1. Takeo 1Koa TakeoMs.RobbersonJunior Seminar Block 3 Even24 January 2013 Cannabis: The Miracle Plant There is not one documented case of death caused by the use of marijuana, everin history. On the other hand, in the United States, alcohol kills over 85,000 people eachyear and tobacco kills an average of 430,000 people per year (Harvey). Many people inthis society have been brainwashed to think that marijuana is a dangerous, harmful drug.What they do not know is that cannabis has many benefits. From health benefits toclothing and materials, cannabis has it. So far, two states have regulated therecreational use of marijuana and eighteen states allow for marijuana to be usedmedicinally. Just look at what that says. Even doctors rely on this miracle plant. This iswhy the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana should be legalized in all fiftystates due to the positive benefits to society. When used medicinally, marijuana has so many benefits. Marijuana helps to aidover two hundred medical conditions. There is no product out there that provides asmany medical benefits as cannabis. Some medical conditions that marijuana is used forinclude glaucoma, epilepsy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, nausea, depression, anxiety,hepatitis C, cancer, chemo therapy radiation, AIDS and much more. When people usemarijuana they usually get something called “the munchies”,and that is when usershave a major craving for food. This effect would be the perfect remedy for people witheating disorders. Another effect of marijuana is sleepiness and this would also be a
  2. 2. Takeo 2natural remedy for people with sleeping disorders like insomnia. In America, medicine isthe most profitable industry. Every year, people spend hundreds to thousands of dollarson their medications. If marijuana was made legal, people would be able to save somuch money by not spending money on medications and being able to grow a plant intheir own yard.And If it is the side effects of marijuana that are preventing thepharmaceutical world from accepting cannabis as a reliable medicine, then they shouldconsider the products that they have been marketing for years.Every year, prescriptionmedications kill over 100,000 people and over the counter pain relievers like Aspirin killover 7,000 people every year. Those are some scary statistics knowing that themedicine doctors prescribe people can actually kill them. Marijuana, in its natural form,is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man and it is a foolishdecision by the government by not making use of this plant and putting it to its fullpotential. When talking about the recreational use of marijuana, it is a completely differenttopic from the medicinal use. Regulating marijuana for recreational use would make thissociety a better place. Marijuana dates back to thousands of years before the UnitedStates was even started. If the government thinks that prohibition is working, then theyare wrong. Prohibition has never worked. The goals of prohibition are to reduce theamount of drugs available and to reduce the demand for these drugs. In both instances,cannabis is an utter failure. Prohibition has not reduced the demand for marijuana andcertainly has not reduced the supply.In 1937, there were estimated to be 55,000marijuana users and now it is estimated to be fifty million marijuana users. That is a100,000% increase.Whether it is criminalized or decriminalized, it does not affect the
  3. 3. Takeo 3rates of marijuana use. For the last ten years, minors have said that it is easier topurchase illegal drugs than it is to buy beer and cigarettes. Most drug dealers do notcare about the age of their customers. If marijuana was legal, the sales of the productcould be controlled and kept out of the hands of minors. Opponents say that marijuana is a gateway drug. Marijuana is not a gatewaydrug. One in every 104 marijuana users admitted to using cocaine, and less than one inevery 104 users admitted to using heroin. Because of the black market and prohibition,people are more susceptible to seeing and using other, harder drugs. Another theory is that marijuana is an addictive drug. Marijuana is less addictivethan caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes.Only three percent of people in rehabilitationtreatment for marijuana are there voluntarily. The other 97% were told by a guardian orby a judge (Harvey). If someone was given the choice of jail or treatment, most peoplewould choose treatment. Marijuana poses no more of a threat than the substances the U.S. governmentalready regulates. Tobacco is the number one killer in the country. It beats out AIDS,heroin, crack, cocaine, alcohol, car accidents, fire and murder combined with anaverage of 430,000 deaths per year, yet it is legal.The tobacco industry is supported bythe government and tobacco is grown with radioactive fertilizer.Cigarettes contain over4,000 chemicals and at least 69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer. Alcoholis the number two killer in the country with well over 85,000 deaths per year. Evencaffeine shows up on the death list with 1,000 to 10,000 deaths per year. Where doesmarijuana show up on the death list? There is not one documented case of deathcaused by the use of marijuana alone. Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) is the natural
  4. 4. Takeo 4ingredient in marijuana that gives users the high. In order for someone to get a toxicamount oftetrahydrocannabinol, someone would have to smoke an equivalent of 15,000joints in twenty minutes or less. It would be impossible to try and smoke that muchmarijuana in that short amount of time. The only harmful effects of marijuana are theproperties of smoke and taking in heated plant matter. Those effects come nowherenear the damage caused by alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana causes less respiratorydamage than tobacco and does not even cause cancer.There is not one documentedcase that shows marijuana causes cancer. It is actually used as a remedy for cancerpatients. In some cases, marijuana was believed to have cured the cancer in somepatients. Also, when people say that marijuana kills brain cells, they do not know thatthat is false. The government has lied to make people believe something that cannoteven be proven true. Marijuana does not kill brain cells. In 2005, new research showedthat marijuana could possibly stimulate brain cell growth. They also say marijuanacauses people to commit crimes.There are more violent crimes relating to alcohol thenthere are relating to marijuana and 88% of marijuana arrests are for simple possession. People say marijuana causes laziness and makes people useless to society, butover fifty million people in America use marijuana and more than half of the populationof Canada has used marijuana. Both societies flourish more than anyone else. SteveJobs developed Apple Computers while smoking marijuana. Ted Turner developedCNN News while smoking pot, and still smokes a joint every day. Many successfulmusicians use marijuana. These statistics show that marijuana obviously does notdumb down American society.
  5. 5. Takeo 5 Marijuana prohibition is a gift of revenue for organized crime. Because marijuanaremains illegal, many people own what is called a grow operation, also known as grow-ops. In these grow operations, people can manage multiple plants in hidden placessuch as underground basements, secluded areas and warehouses. There are so manyillegal grow operations in the United States and Canada. If the government was to bustone grow operation every day for a year, they would still be nowhere near ending growoperations. Depending on how many plants someone has, someone can make tens tohundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Marijuana has become a multi-billion dollarbusiness in both Canada and the United States.In British Columbia alone, it isspeculated that the illegal marijuana trade brings in seven billion dollars annually and upto 85% of that product heads south to the United StatesThe illegal marijuana industry inBritish Columbia alone employs 90,000 to 150,000 people. If the marijuana industry waslegal in the United States, so many job opportunities would open up to Americans. As aresult of legalization, the government could place taxation on the cannabis and with that,it is estimated that the profit from taxation would be ten to fourteen billion dollars peryear.Marijuana is worth more by the ounce than any other crop in the world. It is evenworth more than gold. Legalization would also take stress off the law enforcementindustry. The government spends more money on law enforcement than it does oneducation and law enforcement relies on taxpayers’ money. One very important part of cannabis is hemp. And what exactly is hemp? Hempis the most robust, durable, natural soft fiber in the world.Hemp can produce more than5,000 textile products from its threadlike fiber and more than 25,000 products from itscellulose.Hemp was once legal and one of the largest agricultural crops in the world,
  6. 6. Takeo 6including the United States.Up until 1883 and thousands of years before, hemp was thelargest agricultural crop in the world. The first marijuana law in the United States was alaw that ordered farmers to grow hemp.The majority of fabric, lighting oils, medicines,paper and fiber came from hemp. Hemp also has cultural value in the United States.The first two copies of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemppaper.People cannot get high from industrial hemp.Hemp opens a whole new market onevery level and America is the only country in the world that does not grow industrialhemp.Why is this not up for debate more?Fuel and biodiesel can be made from hemp.Hemp paper is far more superior than paper made from wood and industrial hempcouldsolve the deforestation problem.The main ingredient for paper is cellulose and treesonly contain about 30% cellulose, while hemp contains about 85% cellulose. Cannabiscan be grown almost anywhere.Hemp stalks take about four months to mature, whiletrees can take up to eighty years.One acre of hemp could produce as much paper asfour to ten acres of trees over a twenty year cycle.Clothes made from hemp are threetimes stronger, four times warmer, and up to seven times more durable and flameretardant than cotton clothes. Cannabis is a very beneficial plant and should be regulated for medicinal andrecreational use everywhere in the United States. A lot of people’s views are shaped bythe mainstream media nowadays. This society has taught many people to think thatmarijuana is such a dangerous and harmful drug, but in reality, it is one of the safestdrugs out there. People should not believe everything they see on television and in thenewspaper. If people took the time to educate themselves on certain subjects manywould not even consider marijuana a drug. It is a plant put on this earth by the one and
  7. 7. Takeo 7only God Almighty. Marijuana has so many health benefits and there is nothing outthere with as many health benefits as marijuana. The effects of marijuana are upliftingand can improve the wellbeing of humans. People use alcohol, tobacco and other legalsubstances in the pursuit of pleasure, but in reality, these legal substances can be reallydamaging to the human body and to society. People can use marijuana for medicalbenefits and for the pursuit of pleasure at the same time.Cannabis can do much morethan just get people high; it can make society a better place.
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