Poetry Project


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This is a project completed by a tenth grade student. Students created newspaper blackout poetry, Haiku, Acrostic, and an imitation poem. They collected poetry from five different poets and labeled the poetic devices of a song.

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Poetry Project

  1. 1. A. W. 11/18/13 5TH HR
  2. 2. Living in the moment without any hesitation Inside a world that is often cold and Full of chaos and turning Each day into a precious memory
  3. 3. Feeling vain, your eyes swell, we clamor lots, trouble Violent inside
  4. 4. Freedom to give Freedom to live Freedom to question why Freedom to walk Freedom to talk Freedom to live or to die Freedom to sing Freedom to swing Freedom to just walk on by Freedom to speak Freedom to seek Freedom to laugh or to cry Freedom to work Freedom to shirk Freedom to spend or to buy Freedom to please Freedom to tease Freedom to smile or to sigh Freedom to be Freedom to see Freedom to aspire so high Freedom to touch Freedom to clutch Freedom to grant or deny Freedom that’s mine Freedom divine Freedom no money can buy Royston Allen
  5. 5. Dance, Dance Even though Your tune they don't hear Dance, Dance For yourself Have no fear Dance, Dance If you're alive You're doing well Dance, Dance And grin So the world can tell You know you've got A life to live You're looking at the joy This world can give And you're dancing and laughing, Won't be dragged down You'd rather keep moving Than stay with a frown Dance, Dance 'Til it's played to the end Dance, Dance With a smile My truly brave friend Atara Gedalowitz
  6. 6. True beauty True beauty is in the way she laughs True beauty is in her eyes True beauty is how she acts True beauty is inside True beauty is unseen True beauty is only felt True beauty is not mean True beauty is herself True beauty can't be cruel True beauty is bare True beauty within you True beauty is always there True Beauty can't be covered with makeup True beauty means true love True beauty can't be baked up True beauty is the flight of a dove True beauty has no flaws For True beauty is all that matters after all Jean Pullman
  7. 7. Memories Memories go through my head memories that end up dead, memories of you memories that are true, memories of things gone and passed memories of things that never last, memories of family memories of a kiss its all thos memories that i miss, memories of good and bad times memories that take us out of our minds, memories is all I have left in my strife if i loose my memories might as well end my life DAVID werts
  8. 8. Trust Trust is earned But once violated It’s difficult to regain When do you trust? Who do you trust? You trust with your mind You trust with your heart You trust with honor You trust with pride You trust with expectations But is putting trust in someone worth it? Tell me, is it? I’ve tried to trust But ended up with betrayal And cannot allow it to occur again I opened my mind Opened my heart But only received A shattered heart Now I know not to trust so easily Alisha Ricks
  9. 9. India Arie "I Am Not My Hair" [Verse 1] Little girl with the press and curl Age eight I got a Jheri curl RYME Thirteen and I got a relaxer I was a source of so much laughter At fifteen when it all broke off Eighteen and went all natural February two thousand and two I went on and did What I had to do Because it was time to change my life To become the women that I am inside Ninety-seven dreadlocks all gone I looked in the mirror For the first time and saw that HEY.... [Verse 2] [Chorus] I am not my hair REPETITION I am not this skin I am not your expectations no no I am not my hair I am not this skin I am a soul that lives within [Bridge] (Whoa, whoa, whoa) Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person? (Whoa, whoa, whoa) ONOMATOPEIA Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend? Oh (Whoa, whoa, whoa) Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity? (Whoa, whoa, whoa) I am expressing my creativity.. (Whoa, whoa, whoa) Good hair means curls and waves Bad hair means you look like a slave At the turn of the century Its time for us to redefine who we be You can shave it off RHYTHM Like a South African beauty Or get in on lock Like Bob Marley You can rock it straight Like Oprah Winfrey METAPHOR If its not what's on your head Its what's underneath and say HEY.... [Chorus] Verse 3] Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy Took away her crown and glory She promised God if she was to survive She would enjoy everyday of her life ooh On national television Her diamond eyes are sparkling Bald headed like a full moon shining SIMILE Singing out to the whole wide world like HEY... [Chorus 2x] [Ad lib] If I wanna shave it close Or if I wanna rock locks That don't take a bit away From the soul that I got Dat da da dat da [4x] ONOMATOPEIA If I wanna where it braided All down my back HYPERBOLE I don't see what wrong with that Dat da da dat da [4x]
  10. 10. True beauty of a girl is more than skin deep. Her true beauty shows when she smiles and laughs. You can see it when you look into her eyes. You can also see it in the way she acts. Her real beauty is on the inside. True beauty can’t be seen, only felt. True beauty isn’t being judgmental and cruel. A girl’s true beauty shows when she is herself . True beauty isn’t covered it’s within you. True beauty can never be taken away or wiped off . True beauty can’t be removed with make- up remover or a wash cloth. True beauty can’t be made or given. Recognition of true beauty is recognition of true love, and that’s all that matters.
  11. 11. • What did you discover? • I discovered many different things about poetry. We use poetry in our daily lives everyday and don’t even realize it. The music we listen to on the radio, our phones, iPods, laptop, etc. are all full of hidden poetry. They rhyme and have rhythm and beats that make them more catchy. • What did you like? • I liked being exposed to all the different types of poems that I never knew about. For example I previously didn’t know anything about blackout poems, but now I do and enjoyed them • What type of poetry do you enjoy • I enjoyed “poetic devices” poetry. It was easier to have fun with and relate to because it’s a song that you enjoy and listen to on your own time that you get to put into your school work. It’s more personal.