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  1. 1. Mrs. Knuth August 20th, 2012 The Refrigerator Copy Week 1 What’s Happening in the World of 5th Grade?From the desk of Mrs. Knuth Words of the WeekDear Parents, Monday: respectI am SO excited to get this year Tuesday: staminastarted. I have been in our classroom(for what seems like all summer) Wednesday: integrity History:getting ready for today. I am thrilled Science: Mrs. Mucci will take over history onfor the activities I have planned this This week we will start Wednesday. They will begin looking at how looking at the scientific they learn best and how they view themselvesyear and am ready to hit the ground method and ways to as a learner. This is called multiplerunning! intelligences. Make sure to ask your child safely be a scientist. We are going to come up what they found out about their learning.This edition of the newsletter is goingto be short this week. Look for this to with rules for the science classroom and visit somecome home every Monday with Math: stations to test out ourimportant content information for the scientific method Ms. McCready rounds out the fifth gradeweek to come. As the title recommends, knowledge. team as our math teacher. We are excited toa great place to put this is on the have the opportunity to add an additionalrefrigerator. math intervention/enrichment/reteaching session to our daily schedule. Watch forI know I have sent a lot of papers more information to come.home today but please take the next fewdays to look over them and let me know Reading:any questions you may have. Reading instruction will begin Tuesday afternoon with the introduction of the Daily 5. This week students will learn and review the three ways a book Mrs. Knuth can be read and practice reading to self. This is where the word of the day, stamina, will come in. We will begin mini-lessons surrounding strategies that all readers should have in their toolbox. Writing Focus: Students will engage themselves in thinking about themselves as writers. We have a lot of writing responses planned to pair with great book to start the year. Don’t forget to ask your student what their “bucket” is. http://5knuth.blogspot.comWeek at a Glance:This week we will simply be getting used to the 5th grade environment. We will be going through expectations both in andout of the classroom as well as community building. Our plan is to jump feet first into content on Wednesday when westart our departmentalizing schedule.Important Dates to Come:Join us Thursday, September6th for our Parent Orientation night. We will begin in our classroom promptly at 6:30. If you don’t want to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.