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Internship Proposal


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Published in: Education
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Internship Proposal

  1. 1. Kayla SmithED ET 650, Fall 2012Internship ProposalAugust 27, 2012 Internship ProposalLocation of Internship:My internship will take place in an educational setting, either in a second gradeclassroom, an after-school care environment, or a professional development workshopfor the faculty and staff at the school/district where I work. Currently, I am employed atRavenel Elementary School through the School District of Oconee County and I wouldbe interested in completing my internship within these entities.Mentor:I am unsure of who my mentor may be for this internship. Greg Sullivan, a teacher atmy school, is responsible for the educational technology related issues and could be apossible adviser. In addition, there are personnel in the district, such as Joe Rukat, theDirector of Technology, Cheryl Bennefield or Edwin Jarrell, who are both TechnologySpecialists that could also be potential mentors. However, I do now know thetechnology professionals that work for the district and would have to contact them todetermine if they would be able to help me with this internship.Possible Project for Internship:I am not exactly sure of the topic for my internship. Currently, I am teaching in a secondgrade classroom as a long-term substitute and would be interested in developingSmartBoard lessons to accompany a unit either in Math or Science.Some other ideas that I am contemplating for my internship (any suggestions or helpwould be greatly appreciated):  Incorporating digital cameras into the classroom while teaching the students about Microsoft PhotoStory.  Developing a professional development workshop on free Web 2.0 tools for elementary teachers.  Implementing a health curriculum into my second grade classroom or the after-school care environment through interactive SmartBoard lessons.