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This presentation was created for both the TRAPS Region 6 Workshop, as well as the State Institute in McAllen, Texas.
A similar presentation was also created and presented at the Texas Outdoor Leadership Conference in 2011.

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Traps 2011

  1. 1. Kim RottetAssistant Director, Recreational
  2. 2. What You Will Get Out Of ThisPresentation! Information on the Mast of a Resume Information on the Formatting of a Resume Information on the “Letter of Application” (Cover Letter) Content of your resume – listing your experience How to detail your educational listings Tips on how to make your resume stand out in a stack of applicants Interview Tips **Information applicable for even those not necessarily in the recreation field – but geared towards recreation professionals.**
  3. 3. This Resume “Stuff” – What’s It All About??“Finding a job is actually tougher than the job itself?” (CareerBuilder – 12.06)  “Purpose” of a resume – It is a blueprint of you (past and present). It’s also a roadmap to who you are and where you want to go!  Adds better professionals and “polished” individuals to any field.  How do I keep my resume up do date?  Regular Updates - Pick a day weekly or monthly to spend time on your resume. You lose too much if you don’t keep it updated regularly!  A resume tells who you are. It can portray you as being professional/unprofessional, happy or sad, polite, your work ethic, and more…Your resume is the only voice you have when you are not there in person!  Save to multiple sources (posting to a website)   Be wary of scam artists because of the information they can get about you.  Posting on NRPA or Bluefish (NIRSA) can be successful
  4. 4. Relevant Research in Recreation(Where I Base my information from)1. What are Recreational Sports Directors looking for from a candidate? (Dr. Craig Ross, Indiana University, 1997)2. Jim Jamriska examined resume preferences for Graduate Assistants (Ball State University, 2004)3. My own personal experience in the field, development I received as a student, presentations I’ve done, books, Internet, and resumes I’ve examined for others.4. Fellow professionals **Like I mentioned, much of this information is applicable to other professions outside of recreation; however, this presentation is geared towards recreation professionals.
  5. 5. Overall Resume ComponentsWhat EACH Resume Should Include:  The Mast or HEADING of your resume (name, address, email, website, etc – HOW DO WE CONTACT YOU!)  Career Objectives (my own personal rules about objectives, but you may choose to use them.)  Educational Record (high school listing not always needed)  Professional/Related Work Experience (W, W, W, W, W and H)  Non-Related work experience (waiter, cashier, laborer) – Show good work ethic, dedication, skills not seen in other areas! (Is this good? – Yes…Transferable Skills.  Personal Information – How much is too much?  Professional Development – YES! Listing of conferences attended – NO!  References - Many rules here  Style, font, pages, and how your resume looks  The cover letter (“Letter of Application”)
  6. 6. From the Professional:Kimberly Duncan, Student Activity Coordinator, University Center & Student Activities Resume Formatting  Formatting is a big deal to me. I don’t want to see wasted space. If it isn’t formatted properly the first impression I have is that you are either a) lazy and are using a template or b) not experienced.  ie. When typing a description if the sentence only has one word that goes into the next line-pick a word to delete to make if fit on one line.  Also, if you can provide quantifiable examples that helps.  ie. Increased recruitment by 50% or managed a budget of $30,000
  7. 7. “Relevant” Personal Information –in the MastWhat is the Mast of a Resume? – HINT: It makes your resume “Pop!”  Current Campus Address  Current Permanent Address – Suggested for students who may still be in school or moving!  Telephone Numbers  Email Address (Be Careful!) bigsexy@yahoo.con; (ones or L’s??; Bloodandguts@netzero.coml (underscores???)  Date Current information is no longer valid  Don’t tell too much! – being a minister, ordained, political preferences, sexual orientation, etc. People do have stereotypes!  Don’t forget the voicemail messages either. If you list a phone, make sure it has voicemail only YOU have access to.
  8. 8. Mast Example Kim N. Candidate kimncandidate@yahoo.comPermanent Address School Address600 West Market Street 6300 Ocean DriveLogansport, Indiana 46947 Texas A&M University Corpus Christi(574) 555.5555 Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 Cell: (361) 555.5555 (Valid Through May 15, 2011)____________________________________________________________________________ Name should be very bold and STAND OUT – drawing attention (32-36 pt) Two address if in school/or you are moving are recommended – don’t forget to tell when school address is no longer relevant – Just one address if you aren’t currently in school or moving Essentials are name, email, correct telephone numbers, and alignment
  9. 9. Educational RecordWhat I DO suggest! What I DON’T suggest All institutions  High School Info attended  Unless it’s the applicant’s only educational experience or Field(s) of Study internship Major/Minors  GPA – consider the Degree(s) Earned rules (unless 3.7 or Thesis Information (if higher or looking at relevant) graduate school) Certificates earned  “Bragging” about your (related to the job) school
  10. 10. Educational Record - ExampleEDUCATIONAL BACKGROUNDTexas A & M University Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TexasCurrently taking courses towards a doctorate of education in Higher Educational LeadershipUnited States Sports Academy, Daphne, AlabamaMaster of Sport Science-Sport ManagementAwarded Fall 2007Ball State University, Muncie, IndianaBachelor of Science-General Studies English Concentration/Including 17 credit hours in educationAwarded Spring 2004 You must list ALL universities or colleges attended Only list GPA if over 3.7 or if you are trying to get into graduate school and your GPA is over the graduate school requirement for admittance In some cases, particularly if you work in higher education, a transcript will be required as well You can also list these side by side – just like you may have listed out your addresses
  11. 11. Professional/Related WorkExperience Job Function – What IS the job you performed?  Be descriptive (DESCRIPTORS!) and tell what you did, how many, what types, what it involved, and more! WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY AND HOW YOU did what you did or are doing now Achievements and accomplishments Positions/Exact Titles (don’t make it up)  If you received a promotion during your tenure, list it out separately. Actual dates of employment (don’t guess) Name and Address of Employer and Supervisor  This may be listed on the application – may not always need it on a resume. Location of Employer (street, city, state) Concerns/Red Flags: “Gaps in dates”  If you have a gap in your employment, you should list that on the application with specific dates that you were looking for employment. Your application may not make it through screening if you don’t. Some key phrases hiring managers pick up on - Experience in Diversity; Collaboration, Budget/Money Management; Customer Service; Team Player; Risk Management, and Assessment.  Can you name some others?
  12. 12. What Your Recreation ExperienceSays About YOU! (and how to say it) Consider EACH Aspect of your Position for your resume  How To List This - Order What do you do?  Programming  Leadership Development  Counseling/Coaching  Communication  Marketing/Promotional Development  Trusted with keys (particularly for students)  Processing paperwork  Diversity  Size of your facility  Conflict resolution skills (Something I encourage our Intramural Sports student employees to showcase. Transferable to Athletics positions in PARDs.)  Risk Management  Cash Handling (particularly for students)  Collaboration (Encouraged for all student /professional positions, as we frequently collaborate with other departments within Division of Student Affairs at TAMUCC. Transferable to working with PD or Parks Board for a special event in PARD setting.)
  13. 13. Position “Descriptors” - Example Assistant Director, Recreational Sports 6300 Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 Immediate Supervisor –Dr. Jacqueline Hamilton, Director of Recreational Sports March 2008 - PresentResponsibility for the administration and supervision of the Programs Division within the Department ofRecreational Sports to include: Aquatics, Extramural Sports, Fitness/Wellness, Intramural Sports, Marketing andPromotions, Outdoor Adventure, Special Events, Sport Clubs and Youth and Family Programs. This includes thesupervision, direction, evaluation, training and development of multiple full time program specific Coordinators andover 100 student/part time employees, as well as financial accountability for the Programs Division.  Provide leadership and administrative support to the Programs Division  Develop and assess programming areas through learning outcomes  Directly administer and manage all Outdoor Adventure programs and operations (trips, workshops, rentals and Islander Challenge Program)  Oversee all departmental marketing including website maintenance, flyer production, and signage creation and information table staffing  Implement and facilitate Islander Challenge (team building) program for University community  Implement the Islander Rec Camp summer camp program  Oversee Special Events programming, specifically the Paws for a Cause breast cancer fundraiser event
  14. 14. Non-Related Work ExperienceWhy this is so important to add!  Job Function – What did you do?  Positions/Exact Titles Held  Dates of Employment  Name of Employer  Name of Immediate Supervisor  Volunteer Information  Hint…Tell us about experiences handling money, leadership skills, labor, etc…  Perhaps title this area “related experiences”
  15. 15. Professional Skills andDevelopment Certifications earned (also list in descriptors) Professional Organization Memberships (as related to the position) Professional Conferences/Workshops Attended  Sometimes good and bad…just attending doesn’t work for everyone! Professional presentations delivered Professional publications authored Computer proficiencies (very important today) Community/Volunteer involvement Campus/City Committee involvement/chair
  16. 16. From the Professional:Patsy Kott, Director of Outdoor Adventures Texas A&M College Station Professional Skills & Development Certifications should not outweigh experiences. As hiring managers we have had applicants with a full page of certifications, but no experience actually using them. Hiring managers also want to see that you have not only been a member of your student/professional organization(s), but an active participant in it.  ie. Instead of just listing - Member of TOADs (Texas Outdoor Adventure Directors), I might also need to note “Served as a member of the planning and host committee for the Texas Outdoor Leadership Conference (2010)
  17. 17. Professional References:What I DO Suggest  Ask your references if you can list them.  Only ask those who can give OUTSTANDING comments  Why get “average” comments from someone?  Give references a copy of your updated resume and keep them aware of jobs you are interested in  As someone who has served as a reference for several former employees, it isn’t fun to be caught off guard with a phone call from your potential employer without a head’s up  List previous professional references that you are comfortable with  Include reference list with complete citations (name, title, phone, address, email)  4-7 Balanced (men/women)  How to list these “power references”  May also need to list job titles of references that may have changed since you worked for them.
  18. 18. Professional References:What I DON’T suggest  “References Available Upon Request”  Family or Friends as references (what if you worked in a family owned business?)  Listing “power” people (Producers or “name people” you met once, people that cannot comment on your actual work experience)  All of one gender listed (remember “balanced”)  “Character” references – let the employer be the judge of your character  Three or more references from the same location or setting  References without email addresses listed (Trend today to contact references with an email/online form)
  19. 19. Reference Page - Example Display these – stacked – left/right – 1st location is your POWER reference….Jim Jamriska Dr. Jacqueline HamiltonAssistant Director, Facility Operations Director, Recreational SportsUniversity of Cincinnati Campus Recreation Texas A & M University Corpus Christi2820 Bearcat Way 6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5713Cincinnati, Ohio 45221 Corpus Christi, Texas 78412(513) 556-0708 (361) jacqueline.hamilton@tamucc.eduTroy Vaughn Elisa AngelesDirector of Recreational Sports Assistant Director, Strength and ConditioningSoutheast Missouri State University University of Notre DameOne University Plaza F21 Joyce CenterCape Girardeau, Missouri 63701 South Bend, Indiana 46556(573) 651-2105 (574)
  20. 20. Additional Helpful Information Resume paper color and weight Designs/Artwork on the resume – No, unless perhaps you are applying for a marketing position. Length of resume (myths) – Athletic Administration vs. Business vs. Education Resume format – How to list information  Paragraph vs. paragraph style – Suggested Chronological with the use of bullets How to stand out – hints: colored paper clip, personal business cards, follow up with an emailed resume, telephone calls to the person you apply to, etc Using Email – be careful! Never write what you can say Abbreviations in a resume? NEVER (Including states) Only permitted in titles (Mr. Mrs. Dr.) Spelling or grammar – the “mortal” errors Do NOT use resume template or a “canned resume”
  21. 21. Additional Helpful Information II Common Mistakes made (which can kill you): Wrong information listed – telephone, email, addresses, reference information changed, etc), misspellings, bad grammar, gaps, flow problems, following directions (i.e. applying on line when it is stated in the listing NOT to apply on line) New technology is adding to our field (Facebook/Myspace) BE CAREFUL what you post. Employers will check these sites. Works in reverse for you too! How to address people – Mrs. Miss, Ms. Those with Doctoral degrees, make sure you add Dr. Make regular updates/edits to your resume Practice makes perfect – although you are NEVER done with your resume. It is always a work in progress. Am I qualified for each job – Shot gunning your resume out.
  22. 22. Resume “Action” Words Thanks to for this partial listing achieved acquired adapted addressed administered analyzed anticipated assembled assisted audited budgeted calculated centralized changed collaborated composed condensed conducted constructed contracted converted coordinated created cultivated demonstrated designed developed devised discovered doubled drafted edited enforced established evaluated expanded explained forecasted formed founded generated guided hired implemented improved informed insured interpreted interviewed launched maintained managed marketed minimized motivated negotiated obtained operated organized originated performed planned prevented produced programmed promoted provided publicized published posted recruited reorganized reported researched resolved reviewed selected separated set up simplified solved surveyed supervise(d) taught tested trained used instructed What other “action” words can you add?
  23. 23. Letter of Application(Cover Letter Information) 3-4 paragraphs in length (MAX) stating your interest in the position and just a bit of an overview of why you are qualified for the position. Average view for a cover letter is only a few seconds when a committee/individual to look at it. Be brief but efficient. Use “power” words in your letter – same as your resume (see small listing of helpful words) Dear…Mr., Dr., Mrs., Ms., Professor, Committee Chair - Use proper titles, but DO YOUR RESEARCH – don’t settle for anything less than a name! (what if they don’t give you a name when you call?) (See next page) – Paragraph #1 – stating your intention (you may also list where you saw the ad); Paragraph #2 – a short synopsis of your experience as related to the position description; Paragraph #3 Reaffirming the skills you bring to the position, a thank you and how to contact.
  24. 24. Letter of Application ExampleMarch 25, 2010Ms. Kim RottetAssistant Director, Recreational SportsTexas A & M University Corpus Christi6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5713Corpus Christi, Texas 78412Dear Ms. Rottet: Please accept this letter of application and attached resume as formal application for the position of Coordinator, Intramural Sports with the Department of Recreational Sports at Texas A & M University Corpus Christi. As you can see by my resume, I have serves as both a Graduate Assistant and Intramural Sports Supervisor at Ball State University. I have been responsible for league, tournament, and dual and individual sports and events for over 30 events annually. Additionally, I have worked as a sports official for basketball and flag football and recently was certified as a basketball official in the State of Indiana. Your position description indicates you need someone with supervisory experience and the ability to train officials and peers. With my experiences, I feel that I can assist in your program and fit the needs you require. I am available for an on campus interview at your convenience. I will be at stated school address through May 12, 2010 and at my listed home address after that date. Thank you for any consideration given!Sincerely,Jamie Rogersattachment: Resume
  25. 25. The Interview… “Networking gets you the interview, you get the job.” Arrive Early (15 Minutes)  “Early is on time, on time is late, late is unacceptable.” If you are late, you shouldn’t even bother to show up.  Do your homework!  Relax Attire  Suit/Business Attire  Ladies – Suit (solid color) with coordinated blouse. Limited jewelry. Sparse make-up/perfume and manicured nails. Men – Suit (solid color) with long sleeve shirt (white) and tie. Very limited jewelry and trimmed nails. Go easy of aftershave.  Shoes (But be prepared to walk)  Bag (Snacks, Water, Pens, Supplies)  Supplies - Extra Resume Copies, Notebook Paper, Job Description, Research, Prepared Questions
  26. 26. Interview Tips Sit on the Edge of Your Seat Write Down the Names of the Interviewers Make Good Eye Contact Never Lie Listen as Well as Talk Use Specific Examples from Your Life Be Proud of Your Accomplishments. Be Open About Your Background or Experience Don’t Give One Word Answers. Employers want to know what you think. Don’t Chew Your Fingernails, Smoke, Drink, or Eat Turn off your cell phone! Do Not use Profanity or Slang Bring Extra Copies of Your Resume, References, or other pertinent information Ask Appropriate Questions ALWAYS Thank the Interviewer
  27. 27. Common & Tricky Questions Common Tricky Why did you choose the  What is Your Greatest recreation field? Weakness? What will this job do for you?  Where Do You Want to be in 10 Give an example of a time Years? when you took initiative. What qualities do you look for  How Would You Evaluate Your in a boss? Last Boss? Why do you want to work for  What is Your Greatest (insert City name)? Strength? Tell me what your boss will say  Why Do You Want This Job? about you.  What are your salary What is your greatest expectations? accomplishment?  Tell Me About Yourself… Why should I hire you for this job?
  28. 28. Questions To Ask (and DO ask questions!) *Remember you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. Structure, History, Department Structure Pro’s and Con’s of working here? Whom would I report to? What are you looking for in ideal candidate? What concerns if any do you have about hiring me? What’s the next step from here? What is the turnover ratio?
  29. 29. Conclusion I am available for resume assistance, LOA or interview tips, comments and suggestions (It’s what I do – almost daily with my students – I can be available to help you too) Stay in touch with me – Send me a resume draft and I can provide feedback.  Remember – my OPINION only based on my research. Other comments will vary. For additional help (Students) Career Center, other staff professionals, Internet The role of the professional in your setting (mock interviews and career preparation – utilize your resources)
  30. 30. Questions?Contact Information:Kim Rottet, Assistant DirectorRecreational SportsTexas A&M University Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi, Texas