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Creativity assignment2


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Creativity assignment2

  1. 1. Hi,As the assignment defines I have to go to different stores and have to observe then in a way that Ihaven’t done before. But there is a problem, presently I am studying in DA-IICT (Dhiru Bhai Institiuteof Information and Communication Technology) and there are very little occasion that I go out ofcollege. Sometimes If I go out then I go only to some nearby places. In India nearby places don ’t havebig stores in which you can go and observe different things. There you can only find one room shopsin which you can’t enter. You have stand outside the shop and ask the shopkeeper to get yousomething. One unique thing in this is to observe is when there is a huge crowd present. Therecomes the Indianess. I don’t know about others but I hate the Indians most for their behaviour inthese situations. But sometimes in such a crowd you could found something that would inspire youfor your whole life. I love this thing the most. Actually this is not in India, I think. It is the nature theBalance. Now I just realised that this presentation is going somewhere else from what you haveasked. So, I am back to the assignment. As I have mentioned before that I haven’t have theopportunity to go to big stores to complete the assignment. But there is one shop and one cafet eria(consists of 7 shops) present in our college. So I try to focus on the same. All these shops are one-room shops. So I am also including the sitting area of our cafeteria. One more problem with me thatI really liked to sit alone and observe the moving world around me and it’s been two years in thiscollege. So, I think it will be difficult for things to act as new in front of me. But now I am going to tryall the questions that you have asked in the observation lab.Before you enter the store:My cafeteria always draw me in particularly when the fountains are on.It is totally open, not only the doors.When very less people are present then pleasant.Environment:Floors is made of loose pebbles. That is an awesome idea for a cafeteria.Actually there is no ceiling or you can say that infinitely high. I feel really happy sitting there when itsraining.Its not so bright. I feel it soft.When crowd is there too noisy. When no crowd only natural voi ces of animals and leaves.Yes sometimes.That’s depends upon the season.Crowded. It is one-room shop completing needs of more than 2000 students.Yes, of food.
  2. 2. In every shop.Invisible.That’s depend on the mood and environment.Yes, for sure.Personnel:No time at all.NoYes1:10Mainly male of 25-50sYesNoYesProducts:LunchNoIn the one-roomBy functionNoLunch, drinks.Customers:Mainly in group of friendsMale ,20No½ hrNoMission + Browsing
  3. 3. 100%