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AQ Profile

  1. 1. OUR STANCE ON TRAVEL ... Our team at 'AQ' will help you do the same. We work on developing your interest in explorations, adventure sports, expedition travel and the great wild outdoors. We help you identify the knowmad genes in you! Knowmad means a nomad thirsty for knowledge, a traveller who seeks out details of the culture, history, the land and its people. Our young organisation consists of innovative and passionate people who have completely abandoned the urban life and surrendered to the call of the wild. Everyone here has only one job, to explore the veiled parts of the world and show you the same. We are here to help you make the best of your break if you are willing to abandon the luxuries of air-conditioned room and take on the chills of Y ou may be a seasoned traveller or may have travelled little. How many miles adventure. have been clocked hardly matters. What does is, how well you understand travel, how well you know the regions you claim to have visited. How well can you experience the places, when you visit 10 in 10 days? 'Sight-seeing' is one thing and discovering another. Travelling with a sense of adventure and discovery is about exchanging ideas, beliefs and aspirations. So start discovering the world around and leave the conventional way for the meek hearted. Lot of time in our lives is dedicated towards developing our IQ. Its time you start working towards a great AQ i.e. Adventure Quotient.
  2. 2. RIVER EXPEDITIONS: We run rafting and kayaking expeditions on India's mightiest rivers like Ganga, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Sutlej, Zanskar and WE OFFER ... many more. We run all the major rivers in Bhutan. Rafting and kayaking trips can vary from weekend introductions to full scale, multi day expeditions. ACTIVE MOUNTAIN TRIPS: To experience the highlands, one needs to HOLIDAYS immerse oneself in the serenity of mountains. We offer the following active adventures to help you do just the same… TREK: We offer treks across the Garhwal, Kumaon, Himachal, Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal and Bhutan Himalaya. Treks range from gentle hikes over a couple of days to ACTIVE month long trekking expeditions like Chadar trek in Zanskar or Snowman in Bhutan. We offer an exhaustive choice of treks to suit all ages and preferences across our featured trips and customizable options. CLIMB: For the truly daring, we offer gravity defying climbing expeditions across the Indian Himalaya. Climbs range from introductory peaks like Friendship, Ladakhi, and Shitidhar in Himachal, Stok Kangri in Ladakh to technical expeditions that require training and expertise. PARAGLIDING: We run paragliding courses based at our adventure lodge at Solang Valley. Expert instructors coach in solo and tandem gliding. Courses are divided in basic, intermediate and advanced modules spread over a week each.
  3. 3. SKI / SNOWBOARD: We run ski and snowboard focussed trips to Solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh. For beginners we offer courses in Basic and Advanced Skiing. For experts we kit out all the equipment and expert guides. Solang boasts a ski lift and a ski run in excess of 3.5 km. ACTIVE OVERLANDING - 4 WD / BIKING / MOTOR BIKING: We offer overlanding / safari options across the Indian Himalaya, the North East and Bhutan. These trips run with full back up of a service vehicle carrying ration, camping equipment, support staff and spares. These expeditions have the capabilities of going truly off road into the heart of the mountains. The Manali –Leh trip, Ladakh Lakes, Lahaul-Spiti Safari, Bhutan's Wild East are some of the classics. CULTURAL IMMERSIONS: For the intrepid traveller we offer trips focussed on culture and folklore of the lands being visited which are an eye opener and may even shock the rookie traveller who experiences wild beliefs and overwhelmingly beautiful traditions for the first time. WILD ENCOUNTERS: We offer some of the very offbeat wildlife experiences spanning GHNP, Hemis National Park etc. We offer an authentic experience to spot snow leopards and Tibetan wolves for those who can brave sub zero temperatures and bone chilling windy conditions. ACTIVE LODGE: We run an all season active / adventure / ski lodge in Solang Valley which serves as the base to a number of famed treks like Beas Kund, Bhrigu Lake etc. and some great introductory peaks. In winter it transforms into a ski lodge right at the foot of the ski slopes.
  4. 4. TRAVELLERS A different breed of traveller… AQ's travellers crave the road less travelled - seeking real adventure and authentic DIFFERENT BECAUSE ... experiences. They choose to abandon the cliché and are ready to get to the back of the beyond. GROUP SIZE The SMALLEST group adventures… At AQ we take size seriously, as our travel philosophy demands very small groups. Our maximum number is the lowest around, between only 12 to 15 travellers, and our average is usually even smaller at 10. You are sure to enjoy a small, intimate group that won't crowd your experience. WE’RE TRANSPORTATION Not just a way to get from A to B… At AQ we believe the old adage that ‘getting there is half the fun’. We travel at a leisurely pace giving you the chance to soak in the smells, sights and sounds. Depending upon the adventure you choose, you could find yourself exploring remote lands in a 4WD, biking and hiking your way across wilderness or riding the bus with the locals. We look at transportation as a part of experience and not just a way to get from A to B.
  5. 5. FOOD ACCOMODATION An integral part of the Not just a place to lay your experience… head… Sampling the local cuisine is a BIG Our accommodation is designed part of the travelling experience. to be an integral part of the We realize that everyone is experience and capture the different and when it comes to essence of the local area. We food there are varying degrees of offer a variety of trip styles and AQ! Our trips include most of the accordingly you may spend the meals but we really want you to night camping at altitudes, at a sample local cuisines. On treks safari cottage, at a charming and expeditions we include all lodge or even in a warm meals. Our meals are always fresh, homestay. hearty and wholesome. LOCAL INVOLVEMENT We let the locals show you their land… We pride ourselves on our relationships with the locals of the lands we visit. Our trek and expedition leaders come from the destinations you are visiting. So you travel with the people who call your destination their home. SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL Preserving nature for future generations… AQ defines sustainable travel as tourism that has minimal impact on the environment, respects local people and cultures, offers economic benefits to local businesses and communities, provides a memorable experience for travellers and protects destinations for future generations. We run an adventure travel store offering adventure / outdoor equipment, travel and adventure related books and media and our vast array of adventure travel options. We are well equipped to operate adventures, expeditions, from Himalaya in the north to rainforests of the North-East. We also have an amazing array of adventures lined up for Nepal. In Bhutan we have our own subsidiary having its own office in Thimpu. We run fixed departures and customized adventures according to your interests and preferences. So whether you want to trek in the wilderness, raft the mighty rivers, take a trans-Himalayan overlanding, camp in remote places, cycle up the jagged mountains or go biking, we can execute the best.
  6. 6. BENEVOLENCE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND WILDLIFE: We are fully committed towards environment and wildlife conservation. We may be small to talk about it, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming of an organisation dedicated to the cause. Currently we are in the process of building a team of like minded individuals to work together full-heartedly. Who knows how soon it will take shape. Instead of thinking in isolation of disappearing forests, threatened wildlife, increasing concrete all around, let’s come together and try to put our words, thoughts to some action. If you have better ideas, you are welcome to get in touch. Remember all big things are born out of dreams.
  7. 7. AQ ADVENTURE TRAVEL STORE Travel Books ¦ Outdoor Gear ¦ Adventure Travel 124, Second Floor, Raghuleela Mega Mall, Behind Poisar Bus Depot, Poisar, Kandivali West, Mumbai – 400 067 Telefax: (+91) 22 2863 4701 Mobile: (+91) 99755 95121 / 97666 49387 / 97666 49384 / 98231 76473 E-mail: / Web: Visit us for detailed treks / climbs / overlanding / ski options