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Internet Marketing: What a Business Owner Needs to Know


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Creating a Web presence has never been easier. Creating an effective website that brings qualified leads to your sales team has never been harder. William McKee, founding partner of Knowmad, will share tips and examples of how his digital marketing agency helps clients use the Web to drive sales.

From SEO to pay-per-click to email newsletters to social media, Internet Marketing can be perplexing when you're also trying to run a business. At the end of the day, the highest value of a corporate website is the number of qualified sales leads you've received. Get practical advice on ways to increase your traffic, get more leads and grow your business.

Topics include:
• The state of Internet Marketing in 2013
• Client case study
• Introduction to Inbound Marketing

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Internet Marketing: What a Business Owner Needs to Know

  1. 1. Internet Marketing: What a Business Owner Needs to KnowApril 3, 2013by William McKee, Partnerfor Midweek Business Connections
  2. 2. Quick detour
  3. 3. Digital WebsiteMarketing Design ??
  4. 4. What we do?Get found, get leads, grow your business (with image from website)
  5. 5. “It is critical to have a marketing partner whounderstands your business, gets a firm grip on howyou make money, and then maps out an appropriatemarketing strategy that will generate enough revenueto justify the time and expense involved. Knowmad isjust such a marketing partner for us.” – Laurie Leonard
  6. 6. Results● Increased traffic to the website● Significant improvement in the quantity and quality of leads from the website (3x in initial months)● Higher quality of job applicants● Blogging has resulted in new customers● Improved processes and benchmarks to track online marketing ROI
  7. 7. 1987 • Radio: “Living on a Prayer” • Television: “The Cosby Show” • Movies: “The Last Emperor”
  8. 8. The rise of InternetMarketing
  9. 9. Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Google AdWords Mobile Ads How was that money spent? Social MediaNewsletters Website Design On-site Ads
  10. 10. How does a business owner makesense of it all?
  11. 11. Follow someone who has a plan!
  12. 12. Inbound Marketing
  13. 13. Online Success =Attract + Engage + Convert
  14. 14. Measuring success 1. Website traffic 2. Lead conversion rate 3. Customer conversion rate
  15. 15. Inbound Marketing Funnel2000 visitors Traffic 20 leads Leads 1% lead conversion Customers 1 customer 5% sales conversion
  16. 16. Its a journey
  17. 17. Digital sherpas
  18. 18. Inbound Marketing Resources● “Measuring the Value of SEO” blog post● “Top 10 Tips for Internet Marketing” by Laurie Leonard● 2013 Budgets, Benchmarks & Trends● The 4-Step Internet Marketing Plan● Marketing Grader● HubSpots Blog