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A presentation on Chocolate made by Aadhar Gupta for Knowledge Networks (

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  1. 1. Contents:• Chapter 1: The first Chocolate Drink• Chapter 2: The Secret Passed On• Chapter 3: Adding Sugar• Chapter 4: Chocolate Machines• Chapter 5: New Tasty Treats• Chapter 6: Chocolate Families – Chocolate Companies• Chapter 7: A Secret Recipe
  2. 2. Chapter 1: The first Chocolate Drink • The first chocolate drinkers were farmers from Central America. • They had copied monkeys by sucking pods. • Now there were two parts Step 1: They let the beans in the pod one was the pulp rot for a few days under and the second one was the banana leaves. beans. Step 2: Then put them out • Everyone liked the pulp to dry in hot sun. but everyone hated the Step 3: Then they roasted beans. the beans over a fire. • Then they discovered a Step 4: Ground them into a way to capture the delicious smell from paste. rotting beans as you see. Step 5: Stirred it in water and spices.
  3. 3. Chapter 2: The Secret Passed On• The Mayans passed on the secret of Chocol Haa to the Aztecs but they fooled them by telling them it is a drink fit and from the gods.• The Mayans served a cupful to their emperor and he was delighted and he declared that his warriors had to drink the chocolate before they went into battle.• It was too cold for the Aztecs to grow Cocoa so they bought it from the Mayans and carried it.• “the Aztecs creAted myths thAt the God of Farming Quetzalcoatl appeared from a paradise with a cocoa tree..........................”• But other people were eying on the mAyAn so the secret wouldn’t lAst only in Central America.
  4. 4. Chapter 3: Adding Sugar• Hernan Cortes with the Spanish Army defeated the Aztecs but the Aztecs made the Spanish drink the Chocol Haa and they loved it but, The Spanish took all of the Aztec treasure and cocoa beans.• They Put Sugar into Hit and made it proper but they wanted to Keep It a secret.• Prince Phillip found out and made it a huge hit in Europe.• it wAs hArd work thAt’s why only the Rich People could drink it.
  5. 5. Chapter 4: Chocolate Machines• Factories were opening really quickly and machines were made really quickly too.• So Francis Fry decide to make a chocolate bar and he did.• You know how he used cocoa butter and made it cool so it freezes.• Henri Nestle made the first ever milk chocolate.
  6. 6. Chapter 5: New Tasty Treats• rodolphe lindt’s new mAchine could allow people to make new treats easier.• Milton Hershey thought of making chocolate into little peaks and there you go voila you get the famous Hershey Kisses.• Howell Campbell decide to add some other ingredients to make it tastier and he named his Goo Goo Clusters.• Jean Neuhaus invented hard chocolate shells that could have soft fillings.
  7. 7. Chapter 6: Chocolate Families – Chocolate Companies • John Cadbury and Family Company to Cadbury. • Forrest Mars and Bruce murrie becAme m&m’s. • Rodolphe Lindt & Co. to Lindts • Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle to Nestle • Milton Hershey and Family to Hershey • Howell Campbell And Family to Standard Candy Company.
  8. 8. That’s AllChocolateLovers Made By: Aadhar Gupta Yr.8 The British School, New Delhi