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  1. 1. COMEDY
  2. 2. Movie Analyze
  3. 3. Exposition - Gru, the protagonist live in the peaceful hometown scaring people as he please, obviously he is the villain. - The world discovered that the Pyramid has been stolen.
  4. 4. Exposition - There are 3 girls who knock his door house and want to sell the cookies but he refuse them.
  5. 5. Exposition - Dr. Nefario, Gru‟s co-worker told him about The moon that has been stolen. - Gru go to his base under his house to met Nefario and his Minion
  6. 6. Point of Attack - Unfortunately, due his poor work he doesn‟t have much money to build a rocket to The Moon - Gru has the bigger plan, he plans to steal The Moon with The Shrink Ray.
  7. 7. Point of Attack - He goes to Bank of Evil to loan some money from Mr. Perkins to build the rocket. But he doesn‟t feels interested, he pays more attention to the new Villain Vector who stole The Pyramid so he wants Gru to get The Shrink Ray first.
  8. 8. Rising Action - Gru manage to steal The Shrink Ray but Vector comes to steal it from him. Vector also shrink his ship.
  9. 9. Rising Action
  10. 10. Rising Action
  11. 11. Rising Action
  12. 12. Climax
  13. 13. Climax & Afterstory
  15. 15. EXPOSITION Johnny English, he got suspended from MI7 from the last episode. So, He came to China and practicing martial arts during his free-time.
  16. 16. EXPOSITION After he get his job at MI7 back. MI7 sent him to looking for the information about the terrorist group they call themselves as “Vortex”.
  17. 17. POINT OF ATTACK After he get a key from Vortex. He flying back to MI7, during the flight he lost his key to the fake air- hostages.
  18. 18. POINT OF ATTACK He get a second key from one member of Vortex and he tell a last member of Vortex to Johnny English.
  19. 19. RISING ACTION Tucker know that Simon a member of MI7 is a last member of Vortex but Johnny English not believe him.
  20. 20. RISING ACTION Johnny English drinking a chemical that Simon make it for Kate and chemical effect with him and make him to believe Simon.
  21. 21. CLIMAX Johnny English got control by Simon and control English to shoot a president of China.
  22. 22. RESOLUTION Johnny English shoot a cable car to kill Simon.
  23. 23. DENOUEMENT Johnny English got promoted. He is now called Sir Johnny English.
  25. 25. EXPOSITION Shaun is the man who always end his daily life at the Winchester Tavern with his girlfriend, Lis and his flatmates Ed. One day on his way home he „s drunk and he don‟t know what happened.
  26. 26. POINT OF ATTACK He singing along with Ed during his way home and he met some guy moaning like he can‟t breath.
  27. 27. POINT OF ATTACK When he wake up at the morning he found that the strange girl standing at his backyard. Shaun and Ed greetings her but it‟s no answer from her. Shaun and Ed decide to throw something to her, she‟s turn to look at
  28. 28. POINT OF ATTACK Shaun and Ed watching TV and already knows that she‟s a zombie when he went back to backyard and there have two zombie on his backyard. So, he try to kill zombies.
  29. 29. RISING ACTION Shaun and Ed decide to went to his mother house and his girlfriend‟s apartment to rescue them and take all of them to his favorite place, Winchester Tavern.
  30. 30. RISING ACTION Shaun use himself as a bait to take attention from the zombies and let other went into the Winchester and lock themselves down in the Tavern. He comes back at night and enter the tavern by the backdoor.
  31. 31. CLIMAX They‟re living in Winchester for a while. Until zombie breaching into the tavern and all of them are dead except Shaun, Ed and Lis.
  32. 32. RESOLUTION Shaun, Ed and Lis went down to the underground level of the tavern. Ed got bitten by a zombie and he knows that he will turn to zombie soon so he ask Shaun and Lis to got out the cargo lift. Finally the recue team arrive and help all of them out.
  33. 33. DENOUEMENT After the Zombie Outbreak, Shaun and Lis living together. Also, Ed was living with Shaun in the storage at the backyard. Ed was a zombie but he‟s not bite anyone also he could play a video games with Shaun.
  35. 35. SYNTAX • Using non-verbal communication to giving a message • Example : Funny motion , Funny reaction
  36. 36. • Kritsada A. 5411304 • Krit K. 5411348 • Gunt A. 5414755 • SECTION 401