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Vincent van Gogh as "Da Man"


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Demonstrates how van gogh's paintings and sketches were numerous before his death and no demand but became a scarcity after his death and were and still are much in demand.

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Vincent van Gogh as "Da Man"

  1. 1. Vincent van Gogh as “ Da Man”
  2. 2. . Van Gogh at 19 years of age Vincent van Gogh completed thousands of sketches and oil paintings. He sold only one, four months before his death, for 400 francs (about $100 dollars). He lived for 37 years before he shot himself in the chest in a wheat field and died in 1890.
  3. 3. Here is van Gogh’s “The Red Vineyard” , which sold for about $100.
  4. 4. I n 1987, how much was paid for one of his “ Sunflowers” paintings? Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers $39.9 M
  5. 5. In 1990, this painting was sold to a Japanese investor for? Vincent van Gogh’s Dr. Gachet & Irises $82.5 M In 1987, his Irises sold for? $53.9 M
  6. 6. . Vincent’s first cousin , “ Kee ”, who rejected his advances. Self portrait after Vincent cut off his ear lobe with a razor blade in a state of fury. He wrapped the ear lobe in a newspaper & gave it to a female friend in a brothel.
  7. 7. $71.5 million “ Little Vincent” [age 13] So – during Vincent’s life, there was “big supply but no demand.” Or in other words, after his death he became “ da man. ” But – after his death, there was “big demand but small supply.” Vincent van Gogh’s Self Portrait - 1889
  8. 8.