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Webinar - Why happiness at work matters


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Prof. Raghunathan joins us for an exclusive webinar on the subject of being happier at work. Many studies have shown that, the happier you are at work, the more career success you will enjoy. Happier people get higher raises, get promoted faster, and their bosses like them more. This relationship between being happy and career success has been replicated so many times and across so many different countries that it is no longer debated.

In this webinar, we deep-dive into the topic of Happiness at work, and what you as a talent development professional can do to help improve it.
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Webinar - Why happiness at work matters

  2. 2. Functionality of happiness
  3. 3. Functionality of happiness 9%
  4. 4. What is happiness? Pleasure PurposeMeaning Positivity
  5. 5. What it happiness? It is… …an emotional state that you do not wish to avoid Joy Love Serenity Gratitude Awe Laughte r Interest HopePride Inspiratio n Plea sure Anxiety Sadnes s Envy AngerInsecuri ty Fear Boredo m Frustratio n Misery DisgustDisappointment Grief Purpose Meaning
  6. 6. What does it take to be happy at work?
  7. 7. The 5 factor (“BAMBA” Model) of employee happiness Basic needs
  8. 8. It takes “2 to BAMBA”
  9. 9. 3 tips for enhancing happiness at work  Protecting cream time
  10. 10. Circadian rhythms
  11. 11. 3 steps to protecting “cream time”  Step 1: Identify your cream time  Typically 3 hour window in the morning (9 – 12)  Step 2: How do you typically get distracted from being productive during cream time?  Internet?  Social media  Lack of planning (e.g., commute)  Urgent vs. important?  Step 3: What’s your plan for protecting your cream time?
  12. 12. Why protecting cream time is important  Progression towards Mastery is important for happiness  You can’t be a master unless you spend a considerable amount of time (~10,000 hours) in a domain (e.g., brand management)  10000 hours ~ 10 – 15 years!
  13. 13. 3 tips for enhancing happiness at work  Protecting cream time  Expressing gratitude
  14. 14. Expressing gratitude exercise  Step 1: Think of a coworker who had a positive influence on you, and write down name of person  Step 2: Write down why they had a positive influence on you  What they did for you  Why was it so meaningful to you  Step 4: Write out a letter of gratitude to this coworker  Step 5: Read/email/send this letter to your coworker
  15. 15. Why expressing gratitude is important  Connection/belonging is important for happiness  Being grateful to others increases happiness in multiple ways:  Making others like you—and offer help to you  Story you tell yourself about who you are  Acting as a bridge from an egotistical (short-lived) emotion—pride— to a non-egotistical (more sustainable) emotion: connection/love
  16. 16. 3 tips for enhancing happiness at work  Protecting cream time  Expressing gratitude  Leading a healthy lifestyle
  17. 17. ADT: Attention Deficit Trait  Symptoms of ADT:  Feeling overwhelmed (too many balls in the air)  Easily irritable  Work is no longer fun; it’s a chore (“TGIF”)  Reasons for ADT:  Biting off more than you can chew  Unrealistic targets  Unhealthy lifestyle
  18. 18. What’s a healthy lifestyle?  Eating well  Not eating junk food (e.g., French fries, pizza)  Minimizing consumption of processed food (including sugar and white rice)  Eating lots and lots of fresh veggies  Moving more  Getting at least 20 min of exercise each day  Morning is better  Get a trainer  Sleeping better  At least 7 hours every day!
  19. 19. Matthew Walker Video TY8_NeXNnwc
  20. 20. Summary  Happiness at work is important, perhaps the biggest determinant of your success at work  5 major determinants of happiness at work (“BAMBA”)  “It takes 2 to BAMBA”  3 things you can do to enhance your happiness at work starting today  Protect your cream time—and use it well!  Express gratitude to coworkers  Lead a healthier lifestyle  Email me your ‘progress report’—or your questions!
  21. 21. Thank you! For more information on modern workplace training & workforce development Visit –