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Webinar – Aligning learning needs to business requirements


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About the Webinar: Learning is pivotal to stay in business and keep scaling. As an HR and learning professional, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be about aligning learning needs to address business challenges. So how do you go about it? Tune into our exclusive webinar and get the insights.

What role does learning play in this context?
What can the learning and HR functions do to better interface with the business?
How can leaders drive learning agility in their organizations?
How do you as a learning or HR professional measure the impact of learning initiatives?

Hosted by Hari T.N, Head HR Bigbasket and Subramanian Kalpathi, Senior Director at KNOLSKAPE

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Webinar – Aligning learning needs to business requirements

  1. 1. Capability building for a digital first workforce Rajiv Jayaraman CEO, KNOLSKAPE @rajiv_jayaraman
  2. 2. • Bridging the outcome gap – Key Findings • Insights from Hari T.N. and Big Basket Agenda
  3. 3. • Studied at IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta • The first eleven years in various engineering and project-management roles, and • The next seventeen years in Human Resources • Part of the Management Team at multiple start-ups/scale-ups and helped shape four successful exits in different industries: • Daksh – A BPO Company acquired by IBM • Virtusa – An IT Services Company that listed on NASDAQ • Amba Research – An Investment Research Company acquired by Moodys • TaxiForSure – A Taxi Aggregation Company that merged with Ola • BigBasket – Independent • Passionate about solving problems and building organizations for scale • Clear thinking and relentless execution • Mentor to entrepreneurs • Author of 2 books, with 3rd in the pipeline About our guest speaker
  4. 4. Bridging the Outcome Gap Key Findings and Insights from the L&D study
  5. 5. Given this reality, we at KNOLSKAPE rolled out a comprehensive survey for L&D leaders on Bridging the outcome gap: Aligning learning needs to business requirements. Business services Banking Financial Services Insurance Pharma Consulting GICs Engineering Conglomerate Infrastructure Retail Diary products Technology IT Telecom Media Oil & Gas Energy Hypothesis and Coverage Over a decade ago, the world watched in disbelief as the financial meltdown fundamentally altered the business landscape. The need to “do more with less” is still well entrenched in many businesses. Business leaders are constantly on the lookout for methods to optimize available resources, and maximize value. We garnered responses from 52 organizations across India, APAC and UAE
  6. 6. Learning Strategy and TNI
  7. 7. L&D Leaders recognize the need to align learning needs to business requirements Leaders believe that when the Training Need Analysis (TNI) is crafted, inputs of key business stakeholders are taken into consideration. Of respondents believe their organization's learning and development plan is in line with their firm strategy. Up to 86% Up to 78% Leaders believe their learning strategy is responsive to changes in the external environment. Only 65%
  8. 8. However leadership buy-in may be largely missing Only 56% Of respondents agree that the L&D function is viewed as a strategic arm of the organization and not merely a cost-center. Of respondents believe that leaders in their firms understand how training delivers intended business outcomes. Just 65%
  9. 9. Link to performance L&D team capabilities
  10. 10. Of leaders feel that learning interventions at their organization help employees fulfill their current KPIs. Just 59% Link to current and future KPIs needed Of respondents encourage employees to take up stretch projects and assignments to get them future ready. About 62%
  11. 11. Of respondents feel their L&D team can anticipate the training that may be required to meet the future demands of the business. However, only There is a gap in L&D team capabilities Up to 67% Of respondents feel the L&D team can state the financial performance of their company and how this has altered over the past three years. 44% Further, Of respondents feel the L&D team has done a SWOT analysis of their business model.40%
  12. 12. Measuring Learning Impact
  13. 13. 65% Of leaders believe that they frequently utilize the 70-20-10 model to drive learning in their organization. Learning impact measurement needs a leg up Of respondents measure up to level 3 (behavior) of Kirkpatrick’s model Only 28% Further, And, Of respondents measure up to level 4 (results) of Kirkpatrick’s model Only 17%
  14. 14. • Firms understand the need to align learning needs to business requirements • Inputs of key stakeholders are taken into consideration during the TNI • Organizations have targeted learning initiatives for high potentials • Leadership buy-in may not always exist • L&D team may need to understand needs of the business better • Only a handful of organizations measure learning impact at Level 4 of the Kirkpatrick model Summary
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  16. 16. KNOLSKAPE Offices KNOLSKAPE Partner locations & facilitator networks Fastest growing company in Experiential Learning & Assessments 300+ Customers, 22 Countries, 50,000 learners per year
  17. 17. To participate in the study: Our coordinates: For more info, visit