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Pavan Kapanipathi's presentation to WSU Graduate School External Advisory Board


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Student accomplishment presentation to the External Advisory Board of Wright State University

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Pavan Kapanipathi's presentation to WSU Graduate School External Advisory Board

  1. 1. Pavan Kapanipathi Kno.e.sis, Wright State University Advisor: Amit Sheth
  2. 2. Computing to solve Information Overload
  3. 3. Twitter 500M+ users 500M+ tweets/day 17K+ tweets/second Addressing Information Overload on Twitter
  4. 4. Information Overload on Twitter o User Perspective o Personalization using Twitter o Recommending based on user interests o Machine Perspective o Twitter is used for disaster management o 35% of 20M tweets during hurricane sandy shared information and news
  5. 5. Unique Ecosystem
  6. 6. Internships DERI – Galway, Ireland (Apr-Aug 11) • A Collaboration with GOOGLE, CA • 5 publications including one at ISWC, Germany (Top conference in Semantic Web) IBM TJ Watson Research Center (May-Aug 13) • One poster at WWW, One full paper at ESWC, Greece • Existing Collaboration Samsung Research America (May-Dec 14) • One patent to be filed (waiting for internal review) • One paper to mobisys 2015 submitted, Two more in line • Potential commercial product
  7. 7. Other Opportunities Program Committee member or Reviewer for conferences and workshops WI, ESWC, WWW, AAAI, etc. Winner of the International Triplification Challenge 2010 for a Social Semantic Web Application on Tweet Filtering Key student contributor to an RO1 proposal on “edrugTrends: Tracking trends about cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids on Social Media” Invited student talk at IBM TJ Watson Research Center for Frontiers of Cloud Computing and Big Data Workshop 2014 (fully sponsored) – 15 invitees from top universities around the world
  8. 8. Real World Impact Work @ Kno.e.sis $17B per year readmission cost in health care. How can we reduce the hospital readmission rate using Sensor Data? 286 people dead due to Hurricane Sandy Affected 24 States in US with damages over $65 billion How can Social Data help in coordinating disaster response? Tripled Prescription Drug Overdose death rates since 1990 Cost to the society of $181B per year What are the prescribed drugs being abused observed from web data?
  9. 9. Some More Statistics about our work 20 Media Coverage of our research in 2013-2014, Daily Mail (UK), Fast Company, La Croix, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, MIT Technology Review, Tech President 100% of alumni I know ~>500 citations 70% of them >1000 citations Students since 2012 have: 3 Tutorials at major conferences 4 International Awards
  10. 10. Sponsors and Collaborators (A few) CITAR WSU
  11. 11. For more information please visit About me: About my advisor: About Kno.e.sis: