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Facebook presentation for OLLI at University of Cincinnati

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Facebook 101

  1. 1. OLLI Brown Bag Lunch February 6, 2012
  2. 2. According to the Facebook site:“Facebook is a social utility that helps peoplecommunicate more efficiently with their friends, familyand coworkers. The company develops technologies thatfacilitate the sharing of information ….”
  3. 3. If Facebook were a country, it would be the ______largest country in the world.1. China: 1,330,141,2952. India: 1,173,108,0183. Facebook: 845,000,000 active users4. United States: 310,232,863
  4. 4. When was Facebook launched?a) April, 1994b) September, 1984c) February, 2004d) November, 1991
  5. 5. Mark Zuckerberg , Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes andEduardo Saverin launch Facebook from their collegedorm room. What college were they attending?a) Harvardb) MITc) Stanfordd) Yale
  6. 6. Facebook has been in the headlines recently. Why? For their IPO expected in the spring that is rumored to raise between $5,000,000,000
  7. 7. 1 of every 10 people on earth are on Facebook50% of the active users log on to Facebook on anygiven dayAverage user has 130 friends and likes 80 pagesOver 250,000,000 photos uploaded every day80% of Facebook users are outside of the US
  8. 8. Go to Facebook homepage: www.facebook.com1. Fill in the information requested2. Click on the sign-up button3. Go to email to confirm process
  9. 9. Facebook will ask to add friends from your emailaccount. Skip this step.Fill in profile informationFacebook will suggest potential friends.
  10. 10. Click on “Upload a Photo”Click on “Browse” to find on your computer
  11. 11. Click your name to access your profileClick “Edit Profile”
  12. 12. Fill in and select privacy settings for basic informationSet how/if to display birthday
  13. 13. Fill in additional profile information by clicking ondesired category on the leftFill in categories and set privacySave changes and then click “Home”
  14. 14. Notification Area Search Navigation BarStatus BoxConversation Stream
  15. 15. MessagesFriendRequests Notifications
  16. 16. Enter friend’s name in search boxSelect correct friend and click “Add as Friend”
  17. 17. Click “Find Friends” on Navigation Bar
  18. 18. Type “OLLI at University” in search box at top of pageClick on OLLI at UC in the drop-down boxClick “Like” button on top of OLLI page
  19. 19. Start typing your interest in the search box
  20. 20. Click “Add as Friend” to accept
  21. 21. Click “Find Friends”Then “Manage Friends List”
  22. 22. Type name in search box and select name from listClick “Subscribed” on friend’s profile page
  23. 23. Control who sees your friends’ list
  24. 24. What is a “friend list?” A way to organize all of your friends Filter view in stream of posts Control who sees updates
  25. 25. Move cursor to “Lists” and click “More”Select “Create a List”Enter name and hit “Create”
  26. 26. “Add friends”Select friends from list
  27. 27. Top News: Facebook selections from your friendsMost Recent: All recent posts
  28. 28. Select from Lists at left of home page
  29. 29. Post your own messageControl who will see the message
  30. 30. Share your photos Click on “Add Photo/Video” and then “Upload Photos” “Choose File” from your computer Add comment in place provided Click “Post”
  31. 31. Leave a comment on a friend’s post
  32. 32. “Like” – leave positive feedback without a comment
  33. 33. Click in upper left corner of message areaSelect appropriate option
  34. 34. A private message from one friend to another
  35. 35. Click “Messages” on left on screenClick on message header to replyType response and hit “Reply”
  36. 36. Messages sent to you be Facebook
  37. 37. Facebook gives you control over additional aspects ofyour privacyTo get to privacy settings click “Privacy Settings” under“Home”
  38. 38. “Control Your Default Privacy”
  39. 39. “How You Connect” – Control how you connect withpeople you know
  40. 40. “How Tags Work” – Control what happens whenfriends tag you or your content
  41. 41. Apps and Websites – Control what gets shared by apps,games, and websites
  42. 42. Edit your basic account preferencesSelect “Account Settings” under “Home”
  43. 43. A collection of the photos, stories, and experiencesthat tell your story
  44. 44. Select “Help” under “Home”