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  1. 1. French, English , and Spanish Coloniz ation Differences and Similarities . By: Sara González S, Keiry Moreno B.
  2. 2. French Colonization The French empire established colonies and founded cities in the New World to trade and export sugar and leather. Methods of Settlement The majority of the colonies founded and developed by the Frenchmen had the intention of exporting fish, sugar, and leather. Intentions In Canada there were colonies in cities such as Quebec and Montreal; Detroit, Green Bay, St. Louis, Mobile, Biloxi, Baton Rouge and New Orleans in the United States; and Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien in Haiti. In South America there were French Guiana, and Cayenne. Geographical Settlements French Jesuits also tried to Christianize to many indigenous groups across the establishment of missions, such as that of Sainte-Marie between the ferrets. Religion
  3. 3. English Colonization The English empire in America was expanding gradually by the wars and the colonies. Wars against almost everyone. Methods of Settlement Economic. Lucrative. Trade of American products, such as tobacco, cotton and rise, in the south and, naval material and animal skins in the north. Slavery also became a base in economy, especially in the Caribbean islands. Intentions Colonies in North America that gave origin to the United States, as well some maritime Canadian provinces. Also some small islands in the Caribbean, such as Jamaica and Barbados. Geographical Settlements After what happened with Henry VIII, and queen Elizabeth I, the posture of British settlers was hard to take, ‘cause Catholicism was all over the place because of French and Spanish settlers, but their place was with Protestantism. Religion
  4. 4. Spanish Colonization Submission of cultures already established in America, and genocide of diverse indigenous organizations. Methods of Settlement Find an alternative route of trade of silk and others. Explore far away, because of the thought of an spherical earth. Improve navy and ways of exploring. Use new instruments as the compass, astrolabe, and use of cartography. Intentions Mexico, some states in U.S.A. (California, New México, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Utah, part of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma), Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Equator, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, part of Bolivia. Geographical Settlements Convert of African and indigenous people into Christianity, in its Catholic Roman vertex. Religion