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Colonial history1


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Colonial history1

  1. 1. Colonization-is when one group of people goesto another land and takes over, often,oppressing, enslaving, and killing theindgenous people
  2. 2. Historically, Europeans and Americans are thebiggest colonizers, oppresing, enslaving, andkilling countless indigenous peoples
  3. 3. However, other non- European countries havebeen the colonizers of the other peoples
  4. 4. China colonized Tibet
  5. 5. Indonesia colonized west papua
  6. 6. Russia tried to colonize Afghanistan but failed
  7. 7. The colonized always come to speak thelanguage and convert to the religion of thecolonizer
  8. 8. Globalization grew from colonization
  9. 9. As the world globalizes, it becomes moreAmerican and European.
  10. 10. Soon traditional cultures will be gone foreverfrom the earth