Knights Youth Centre annual report 2008/09


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The Knights Youth Centre annual report 2008/09. Twelve months of change and growth for the centre, including an update on how Knights fits into regeneration plans for the local area and a visit to Westminster.

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Knights Youth Centre annual report 2008/09

  1. 1. Change and growth t ghni Knights Youth Centre Annual Report 2009
  2. 2. Knights Youth Centre has been working withyoung people for over 70 years.In 2009 it is still growing: providingopportunities, role models and an opendoor for young people in south London.From Streatham to the river Wye, fromRwanda to Romania, Knights is making amuch-needed difference in the lives ofcountless young people day in, day out.
  3. 3. 04 a note from the 10 knights in numbers CHAIRMAN stats06 a year of and & CHAN GE & G ROWT H facts 11 friend in the frame08 our SUCCESSES James Parker 12 school years 4-7 JUN IORS 12 school years 8-10 INTERS
  4. 4. 13 school years 11+ 19 knights at the13 SENIORS the team summit 20 talking about my FOOTBALL re generation14 ask the accountant money 22 passing on our16 from raising Rwanda to Thanks raising ROMANIA18 five years in training TYLAP
  5. 5. note from thechairman “IT’S BEEN A YEAR OF CHANGE, HARD WORK AND ACHIEVEMENT” for the team who have worked hard to make TYLAP the effective programme it has become. Due to TYLAP’s continued success, the Walcot Foundation has made a substantialWelcome to the Knights Youth Centre grant to the Knights Youth Centre to08/09 Annual Report. As Chair, I am broaden its influence beyond the localdelighted to introduce a report that estates and across the whole of Lambeth.summarises a year of change, hard work This programme will focus its efforts onand achievement. particularly vulnerable young people, including those on the edge of offendingWe are operating in a changing behaviour. For us, the Walcot Foundationcommunity. Just as it has done many times grant is a clear sign of the growing faithsince it was established over 70 years ago, funding organisations have in Knights toKnights has needed to adapt to meet the establish meaningful contact with ourneeds of that community. Over the past 12 most vulnerable young people and delivermonths we have responded to an tangible, positive outcomes.extensive consultation process,reorganising our age groups and focusing I would like to pay personal tribute to theon new priority areas such as estate work of the Knights team, staff andoutreach work. volunteers. Even beyond the over 500 sessions and activities we have run forOur Trainee Youth Leader Apprenticeship young people over the past year, there isProgramme (TYLAP), which works to so much to be proud of. Thank you for yourdeliver accredited qualifications in youth ongoing interest and support in our work –work to young people in the community, is enjoy the in its fifth year. Our local MP, KeithHill, has been so impressed with its results Chris Saunders began working with Knights inthat he intends to table a question in 1973 and has been Chairman for the past 21Parliament on why the model can’t be years. In addition to his voluntary work, he is a senior manager in Children’s Social Services forimplemented nationwide: praise indeed an inner London borough. 04
  6. 6. TYLAP trainees enjoy themselves during a training weekend in late 2008 05
  7. 7. a year ofchange and growthyouth work that makes a difference …positive …tangible …life-changingOnce more it has been a busy year,characterised by new developments, fresh opportunititesideas and challenges overcome. new dimension to TYLAP by extending our targeting to young people who are not inA complete restructure of the service at education, employment or training.Knights came following an extensiveconsultation process. Responding to The team also expanded in 2009 withdemand, Juniors (school years 4-7) and recruitment of some key personnel,Inters (years 8-10) now open twice a week, including Angela Robinson (YoungSeniors (years 11+) now have a longer Women’s Development), Rob Englishsession and we have started a street dance (Senior Outreach Project Worker), Simoneclass. Gooden (TYLAP Assistant Coordinator) and Suzanne Davis (Walcot Apprentice SupportThe year also saw the last session for ‘Early Manager).Knights’, which had served young peopleaged 6-9 since 1990. With increasing It has certainly been a year of change andgovernment funding for extended school growth. But, at its core, Knights is just theprogrammes, we were duplicating services same: challenging itself to provide positive,and felt that our energies would be best tangible and life-changing opportunitiesplaced offering more than one evening for for all young people we come into contactthe older age groups. with.We have further increased the depth of Stu Thomson has been the Senior Youthour service through the development of Worker at Knights Youth Centre since Januaryour Senior Outreach Project, Reachin’ Out; 2000.the rebirth of Girls@Knights; and adding a 06
  8. 8. 07
  9. 9. our successes scrooge! reachin’ outJuniors put on an ambitious Christmas In the wake of increasing concerns about theproduction of Scrooge! in the winter term. growth of anti-social behaviour and crime amongst young men, Knights have launchedFrom acting and rapping to singing and dancing, the Reachin’ Out (or RIO) project. The projectthe young people enjoyed showcasing their aims to tackle the problem by providingtalents to parents and the local community. positive opportunities and alternatives.Staff and young people alike worked long andhard, and not just the actors – those who didn’t Devised by Knights Youth Centre in partnershipwant to perform helped to create a magnificent with the Clapham Park Project, RIO has had aset and backdrop. remarkable impact on the lives of the young men who have been involved in the initiative.It was a wonderful experience for the leaders to Based around engaging each young person withwitness the creation of something so unique - sessions tailored specifically for them, our aimthe raw talent of our members really stole the is to enable these young men to envisage ashow. different – but positive – future. Already the RIO project has helped many of these young men start to turn their lives around. Two youth workers are spending hours, sometimes days, each week with the young men doing a range of activities including day trips to the country, meals with other community groups, learning employment skills, going to the gym and working on basic numeracy and literacy. 08
  10. 10. girls@knights w alco tGirls@Knights, which opened in November The Walcot Apprenticeship Scheme is an2008, runs on Wednesday evenings and has a exciting and new aspect of our service.core group of 12 girls in school years 6 -11. The Walcot Apprenticeship Scheme, targetingWith a general theme of ‘healthy lifestyles’, the young people not currently in education,girls have taken part in a variety of activities employment or training, will provide a threeincluding sport, artwork, manicures, cooking year apprenticeship for 10 young people. Eachand jewellery-making. There have also been apprentice will be provided with secureoffsite activities including swimming, night employment, training and qualifications in theirwalks and going to the theatre. Visits from chosen career.Judith Sherlock, a sexual-health nurse fromLambeth Primary Care Trust, have given the Knights has been granted the contract togirls an opportunity to discuss issues around sex employ Suzanne Davis as the Walcotand relationships. Apprenticeship Scheme Support Manager. Suzanne will be responsible for supporting,The first six months of Girls@Knights has been a developing and guiding the young apprenticesgreat success. The work of the group will over the three years.become ever more important over the next 12months, as many of the girls make thetransition to secondary school. 09
  11. 11. stats and factsthe number of evening sessions delivered: 407132 meals cooked for young peopledelivered 80 excursions80% - the proportion of staff under 22number of targeted RIO sessions: 42an average of 27 members per sessionhanded 8 awards to young people1 centre refurbishment 10
  12. 12. James Parkerfriend in the frameJames Parker bumped into a group ofKnights members on a club night in CentralLondon. Intrigued, he went over to find outwhat was going on... My introduction to Knights was I was invited down to Knights to meet the entirely by coincidence. I was in team and was immediately impressed by a Leicester Square because of a place that offers young people who aren’twork function one evening last year when I normally given a chance a safe, positivenoticed a group of young people enjoying and enjoyable environment.themselves. It was clear though that thiswasn’t just an ordinary friends’ night out. It is the sheer potential of the members that is most overwhelming. I didn’t want toI went over to see what was going on and, just sponsor a charity - I wanted to make aof course, it was Stu with the Inters. I was well-utilised investment and have theso impressed by the vibrancy of the group chance to get personally involved. To bethat I had a chat with Stu there and then. part of a club that is so adept at helping young people realise their skills and talentsI live in London and, while it is certainly a is something very special indeed.great city, people sometimes have a roughtime. Knife crime is on the rise, and the I’m on hand for the management shouldcurrent economic climate is putting even there be anything my professionalmore pressure on the socially experience can enable me to assist withdisadvantaged. and I’m helping fund the new website. But my main contribution is to offer rewards-From my perspective, this all means that based support for the young people whenplaces like Knights - places that offer an they go for job interviews or on to furtherinvaluable start in life for young people - study. Whether it be providing advice,provide an even more invaluable business attire or laptops to help withcommunity service. In turn, offering coursework, I’m excited aboutsupport to these places, in whatever form, working with Knights over thebecomes all the more important too. coming months and years. 11
  13. 13. JUN IOR S INTERSJuniors is as exhilarating and vibrant as it has Inters continues to offer a wide and variedever been with an extra weekly session put on service for young people aged 12-15 and isfor young people aged 8-12. finding new ways of engaging local youth to help maintain attendance.With a team of young volunteers at the helm,Juniors has had a buzzing atmosphere over the At times over the past 12 months attendancepast year: no two sessions have been the same. has been sporadic and the team has had to work hard to find new proactive ways toWith a strong focus on ‘self’ we continue to strengthen its engagement both with existingprovide a range of stimulating and challenging members and prospective new members fromactivities. Weekly attendance at Juniors has the local community.ranged from 17-27 young people and,encouragingly, the involvement of young girls is As a result we have recently started to see signson the increase. of real success in engaging a new group of young people who might not normally haveWe expect Juniors to grow again next year as come into contact with the club.we broaden our work to encompass homeworksupport, ESOL (English for speakers of otherlanguages) referral for parents and youngpeople and a strong emphasis on buildingconfidence and self-esteem. 12
  14. 14. SENIORS FOOTBALLZechiah has been coming to Knights for three It has been a year of change for the young menor four years and has been one of the regulars who have regularly committed to footballat Seniors for just over a year. sessions.Zechiah, like so many other young men who Daniel Morris has taken on the responsibilitycome to Knights, could have easily found for the sessions, supported by Shem and CJhimself seduced by behaviour which could have (two of our teenage workers). The team haveled to criminal activity. had fun focusing on developing ball skills and footballing knowledge to help build aThankfully, things have panned out differently. competitive team.Now a longstanding member, Zechiah isbecoming a positive role model for other senior The team have entered a variety ofmembers. It is really encouraging that Zechiah tournaments and have brought home somehas matured to appreciate his natural talents positive results. Rumours that the coach isand skills, and this was recognised last year about to receive the dreaded vote ofwhen he was presented with a Jack Petchey confidence are wide of the mark.Achievement Award for his significantimprovement in behaviour. 13
  15. 15. money “OUR SERVICE CONTINUES TO GROW - QUITE A CHANGE ON 1999” The organisations that have supported our work over the last year include: Clapham Park Project; Jack Petchey Foundation; Elizabeth & Prince Zaiger Trust; Walcot Foundation; Goldsmiths; YOF/ H4L; Lambeth Childrens and Young PeoplesThe ink is not yet dry on the account book Services; Tudor Trust; Lloyds TSB; and BBCand the auditor is still to cast his expert Children in Need. Without their supporteye over the numbers, but the details we could not have delivered such ancontained within this report accurately ambitious and successful range of services.represent our financial position. Thedetails that follow relate to the 12 months At the time of writing, we are awaiting theending 31st March 2009. results of various bids we have submitted for further funding. We hope that we willOverall we spent £231,483 and received continue to receive the support of the£249,539. Although this shows a healthy various organisations that have supportedpositive variance, our funding is always Knights for many years now.arriving at different times of the year andsome of the money already received I would like to take this opportunity onrelates to next years expenditure. behalf of Knights to thank the many individuals who made donations over theNext year we expect our expenditure to year. In addition to the ‘cheque in the post’break the £250,000 barrier for the first it is always encouraging to receive thetime as our service continues to grow - words of support from so many peoplequite a change from just £35,000 in 1999. that have passed through the doors of Knights over the past decades.As this year’s Annual Report demonstrates,the Knights service continues to grow and If you would like a copy of our audited‘bear fruit’. Such sustained growth would accounts please do get in touch with us.not be possible without the help andfinancial support from our friends, John Saunders, Treasurer, began working withpartners and benefactors. Knights in 1976 as a Voluntary Youth Worker. 14
  16. 16. IncomeExpenditure 15
  17. 17. Raising RomaniaRaisin’ Romania - a new project for 2009 - will see a committed,passionate and skilled Knights team support a Romanian charity in twodistinct stages. Stage 1 A team of members, TYLAP trainees and leaders will participate in the 100 Mile River Wye Canoe Challenge a the end of May. The scale of the challenge - which will see all 100 miles covered inside of just three days - will make grit, determination and blisters the order of the day. Each member of the team will be responsible for collecting sponsorship as part of a collective effort to raise awareness and support for Integro Ministries, a charity providing aid to Lunca Bradului, an isolated Romanian village of 1,500 people with an unemployment rate of 99%. Deprivation doesn’t begin to sum it up. 16
  18. 18. Stage 2 The second part of the project will see the Knights team travel to Romania for two weeks in September to work with Integro in Lunca Bradului. In that time the team will undertake various tasks, including painting, construction and building community vegetable gardens to help the village build for a sustainable future. It will also spend time getting to know the local young people through sports, arts and games.Raisin’ RwandaRaisin’ Romania is not the first project ofits kind for Knights - back in 2007 wetook a team to Rwanda. For moreinformation on either project, or to findout how you can support the Raisin’Romania project, please visit us 17
  19. 19. TYLAP TYLAP has recruited 100 young people in 4 years. In that time 8 have enrolled on university coursesOur unique training scheme, the TraineeYouth Leader Apprentice Programme(TYLAP), is four years old. 40 have gained an ONC level 2 inTYLAP is an apprenticeship programme set Information & Community Educationup to develop young people into andexperienced, qualified youth workers. Thehighly supportive programme prioritisesworking with those young people who are 8 received a Foundation Diploma in Youthless engaged by traditional learning or Work & Informal Education.struggling with their personaldevelopment.And TYLAP has taken on much more - from 70 have been First Aid qualified andoffering young people housing advice andsupporting them in court to writinghundreds of references and feeding peoplein real need. 20 have gone into employment.Advocates and mentors to many, TYLAP Most significantly,has now worked with over 100 recruits,producing not just a new, dynamic hundreds of young people from the localgeneration of youth workers for the future community have benefited from TYLAPbut also positive community role models trained youth workers on placementswe can all be proud of. 18
  20. 20. KNIGHTS AT THE SUMMITOn March 13th, local MP Keith Hill hosted “A new website to help youththe first ever ‘Streatham Youth Summit’ organisations in Streatham will be set upat the House of Commons for local as a result of the inaugural Streathamvoluntary community groups working Youth Summit held at Parliament.with young people - including Knights. Representatives from 10 differentKeith Hill MP organised the summit to give community groups were given the chancelocal groups the chance to air their to air their concerns with Lambethconcerns and to get a detailed view of the politicians, council officers, and policestate of youth provision in Streatham. It telling them the difficulties they face inalso provided an important networking running their organisations.opportunity to kick-start greaterinformation sharing and potential new The event was set up by Streatham MPpartnerships. Keith Hill, and Labour’s candidate for Streatham, Chuka Umunna, to find outThe event allowed Knights to cultivate a what more can be done to improve therelationship with Labour’s parliamentarycandidate for Streatham, Chuka Umunna. area - demographically one of theWe hope Mr. Umunna will remain a friend youngest parliamentary constituencies inof Knights in coming years. the country.That Knights was one of the few As a result Mr Hill and Mr Umunnacommunity groups invited to the Summit announced they would be setting up a newis testament to the growing strength of the online “Streatham Youth Network” fororganisation and, in particular, the impact those working with young people in thethe TYLAP programme has had both in the area to communicate and share ideas.”local community and in political debate. Streatham Guardian, 20 May 2009 19
  21. 21. TalkingAboutOurRegenerationLocal and central government are clearlyconcerned about anti-social behaviour,youth crime and young people notengaging with education, employmentand training. There is also the very realissue of the huge and disproportionateimpact of a tiny minority of young peoplewho find themselves drifting into what isknown as ‘gang culture’.The challenge for the Knights Youth Centre- and the objective at the core of what we impact on the Knights Youth Centre as wedo - is to provide such a fantastic mix of fully expect funding organisations to bechallenge, care and sense of ‘belonging’ overwhelmed as public expenditurethat all young people can join in and enjoy becomes ever tighter. We will need tothemselves without looking over their watch every penny and carefully look at allshoulder or worrying about their ‘image’. our fund-raising opportunities (if anyoneOne of the major changes we made over has a few hours a week spare to help usthe last year was to focus on the older age with funding applications please do get ingroups as part of our strategy to have even touch).greater impact on the local estates. The environment in which we areWhilst there may be a pressure to develop operating is unquestionably changing. Butnew initiatives to freshen our offer and some of the change is undeniably positiveattract external funding, there comes a and set to reshape the face of the localtime when we have to focus on delivering community.consistency and quality, which is whatmakes the difference in the long run. Anyone who has driven past the Youth Centre recently would have been amazedThe economic downturn will also have an to see that the area next door has been 20
  22. 22. cleared – Arkwright House has completely launching our new website. As well asdisappeared. Clapham Park Homes, who providing a site for young people to accessare now administering both of the local Centre news and information on ourestates following transfer from Lambeth programmes, the site will also containHousing, are now embarking on a huge information and updates for parents andmodernisation and rebuild programme potential funding organisations. It will alsowhich will transform the area over the contain sections for Knights ‘alumni’ -coming five years. It is an ambitious members and leaders past and present - torebuilding programme that has enormous post their Knights memories and keep inpotential for the area - we really have to touch with the Centre.hope that the current economic downturndoes not damage its progress. Perhaps most significantly, the website represents yet another step forward weThe next stage of the programme is to have taken to broaden the ways in whichreplace Arkwright House with a horseshoe- we engage with young people positivelyshape, seven storey modern structure. The and on their terms. As participationbuilding, which will have associationtenants living alongside owners, has been activity can always be strengthened, thedesigned to include the the most modern website will offer a facility for youngfacilities and fantastic communal areas. people to provide feedback and post ideasThis new structure will eventually stand to help shape the service we provide them.literally a few yards from the Knights Youth Hopefully the launch of the webiste willCentre. Having a full scale building site give young people a way to engage moreimmediately next door will be quite a readily than through our existing set piecechallenge in the short-term as we look at ‘participation meetings’.countering the disruption, noise, loss oflight and any party wall issues. Keep an eye out for the new website at can now confirm that we will soon be Looking to the future Este van der Walt joined Knights in 2008 as Staff Training and Development Officer through the REACH programme. Este briefly talks through her new role and initial impressons of Knights. coordinate the completion of an induction pack to help new staff. Knights “I’m absolutely delighted to be working is a fantastic organisation that makes with Knights at what is a particularly great use of resources to expose young exciting and challenging time for the people in the area to a wide variety of Centre. My first responsibility will be to new life experiences.” 21
  23. 23. Passing on our thanks Knights works with a BBC Children in Need number of community Clapham Park Project organisations, agencies and funding partners. The Elite Dance and Drama support of these Elizabeth & Prince Zaiger Trust organisations - some of Goldsmiths which are listed on this page - is absolutely Jack Petchey Foundation invaluable. Lambeth Arts Community Exchange We would like to thank each Lambeth Childrens and Young Peoples Services of our partners for their support over the last year - Lambeth Primary Care Trust we look forward to Lloyds TSB continuing to work with you in 2009/10. Streatham Hill and Thornton Ward Safer Neighbourhood Teams Tudor Trust Walcot Foundation YOF/ H4LKnights is also indebted to our network of ‘friends’. Our friends are adiverse mix of ex-members and leaders, community acquaintances andcorporate partners. A list of our friends will be published on our website.If you would like to become a friend of the youth centre and be kept up-to-date with the latest developments or have any feedback on theAnnual Report, please email 22
  24. 24. We would love to hear from you. general enquiries TYLAP telephone 020 8674 4055 address27 Streatham Place, London SW2 4QQ website
  25. 25. hen t tr ouY registered charity number 303282