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ARENA - Accessibility

Presentations from Marie van Driessche (VPRO Broadcasting) & Ben Carpenter (Government Digital Service) during the "ARENA - Accessibility" event hosted by Knight Moves.

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ARENA - Accessibility

  2. 2. Welcome to
  4. 4. Most products and services nowadays are unfortunately not designed for all users.
  5. 5. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  6. 6. Accessibility Hackathon
  7. 7. Who here is actively taking measures to ensure that their services are accessible? 👋
  8. 8. Source: Nielsen Norman Group Is the readability on your website good enough for people with visual impairments?
  9. 9. Is your office easily reachable for someone with a broken leg?
  10. 10. Is your door wide enough for someone with a baby stroller?
  11. 11. Is your experience enjoyable for color blind people?
  12. 12. Do your safety measures take everyone into account?
  13. 13. All these problems can easily be solved if we tackle them from the start and not handle them as an afterthought.
  14. 14. Our Marketplace S E R V I C E D E S I G N
  15. 15. Welcome Marketplace, food & drinks 18:00 Marie van Driessche VPRO Broadcasting Ben Carpenter Government Digital Service (GOV.UK) Round Table Session Debate The Final Act Networking 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00
  17. 17. @marievandries Inclusive Design, more than you hear
  18. 18. Dutch Railways Nederlandse Spoorwegen General Data Protection Regulation GDPR🔑 GDPR🔑 🤙 GDPR🔑 🗣 @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  19. 19. deaf Deaf is used by Deaf people to identify themselves as culturally Deaf and have a strong deaf identity is used to describe or identify anyone who has a severe hearing problem @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  20. 20. Sign language is four-dimensionalSPACE TIME @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  21. 21. yes ja oui Sign language is not universal @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  22. 22. Would you like to have lunch with me? You - me lunch go? The yellow ball is in the cupboard. Cupboard ball yellow inside. @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  23. 23. Bilingual Spoken language as a second language Additional disabilities @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  24. 24. Designing for the Deaf (for everyone actually) @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  25. 25. Writing for the Web (writing in general actually) @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  26. 26. 1 in 7 Belgian adults have difficulty in reading, writing and / or calculating @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  27. 27. Use headings and subheadings Make one point per paragraph Use short sentences: seven to ten words per line Use bulleted lists @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  28. 28. Use easy accessible language whenever possible Write in a journalistic style: make your point and then explain it Write in an active form Avoid unnecessary jargon and slang, which can increase the user’s cognitive load @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  29. 29. Use images, diagrams or multimedia for a visual translation of the content Chunk your content Use white space Include a glossary for specialized vocabulary and provide definitions in simpler language @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  30. 30. reading = effort @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  31. 31. Subtitles / CC* *closed captions @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  32. 32. 80% of people who watch videos with closed captions on are not deaf or hard of hearing. @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  33. 33. The advantages of closed captioning; @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  34. 34. Captions makes videos accessible to a wider audience @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  35. 35. Captions let viewers watch videos in more places @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  36. 36. Closed captions boost video SEO @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  37. 37. @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  38. 38. That’s very interesting. And now one of things you are specializing in I mean you do so much stuff it is incredible. I guess we can go on for two days probably talking about what you are doing but one of the things that you do and what you talk about a lot. I saw a talk from you on CSS Day a while ago. It is about localization and culture research. So I am also curious about the outsider look who live in the Netherlands so are there some […] so what would make a thing […] or are there things are specifically good for the Netherlands that make an user experience specifically good for the Netherlands. Are there such things? Something that makes the experience good in the Netherlands. If we are talking about good means meeting expectations and being in line with what people actually do then the good things for the Netherlands is the systems or processes ways that are suitable for how people use it. For example so I live here for three years now and when I go to restaurants or like friends, people and we need to split the bill and it is really common to use this app called tikkie and of course there is many other variations of it where you can just like send payment request ‘cause you need to split the bill. And having lived in multiple countries I would say Netherlands is the one where this one is really popular and very commonly used because in Canada or you know in Singapore it is not as so common to split the bill and precisely to the cent. So I find that interesting. Yeah I owe you four euros and 53 cents send me a tikkie. So perhaps this app the existence of it and how it is meeting the user’s need is good in this country but then if you […] if I tell my friend V: J: Transcripts? @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  39. 39. Multimedia solutions @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  40. 40. Museum tours @marievandries ARENA!live 2019rijksmuseum & Wat Telt
  41. 41. Name* Email* Telephone number* * obligatory @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  42. 42. Preferred contact options Telephone Email Text Other (please specify) Comments @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  43. 43. (and with a telephone number only) @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  44. 44. databases digital forms submit @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  45. 45. Do not rely on sound cues only (use visual alerts as well) @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  46. 46. @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  47. 47. Disability Personal Health Condition Disability Mismatched Human Interactions @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  48. 48. “I don’t have a disability; society imposes a disability upon me” Eva Westerhoff @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  49. 49. Design Thinking @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  50. 50. Empathize - Define- Ideate - Prototype - Test @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  51. 51. Interact with us @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  52. 52. Don’t ask us Ask with us @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  53. 53. Design with us @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  54. 54. Designing for the Deaf (and everyone actually) @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  55. 55. Designing for the Deaf (and everyone actually) with 🤝 @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  56. 56. It’s just a human right to be heard @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  57. 57. It’s just a human right to be heard @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  58. 58. It’s just a human right to be heardincluded @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  59. 59.
  60. 60. @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  61. 61. “Nothing about us, without us.” James Charlton @marievandries ARENA!live 2019
  62. 62. Marie van Driessche @marievandries
  64. 64. Ben Carpenter Inclusive Services Lead
 Government Digital Service
  65. 65. GDS
  66. 66. GDS Some things Ben cares about: ❏ Leo (4) and Dylan (7) ❏ Thinking about climate change ❏ Trying not to think about climate change ❏ Social justice and equality ❏ Whether his chickens are laying any eggs ❏ Government design ❏ Manchester City FC ❏ Tennis ❏ Running ❏ Running a campsite ❏ Climate change
  67. 67. I’m from the UK Government 

  68. 68. I’m from the UK Government 
 Digital Service
  69. 69. GDS is part of the Cabinet Office
  70. 70. GDS Before GDS: 1,884 government websites
  71. 71. GDS
  72. 72. GDS
  73. 73. GDS It was hard
  74. 74. GDS 426,679 pieces of content: guidance, transactions, forms & publications 
 4.4m visits per day
  75. 75. GDS “transform the relationship between citizens and the state”
  76. 76. We have sticks
  77. 77. GDSGDS 👛 📋 🔑
  78. 78. GDS
  79. 79. GDS
  80. 80. We have carrots 🥕
  81. 81. GDSGDS
  82. 82. Digital services
  83. 83. GDSGDSGDS
  84. 84. GDS Services should make the most of the internet-era technology, processes and ways of working GDS
  85. 85. GDSGDS digital ≠ online
  86. 86. GDS Beware the shiny internet!
  87. 87. GDS 1 in 5 UK adults lack full basic digital skills Of them, two thirds are over 65 and more than half have a disability GDS
  88. 88. This is a digital service
  89. 89. Service design
  90. 90. GDS Services should be designed
  91. 91. User-centred service design
  92. 92. GDS Services should be designed around their users’ needs
  93. 93. Inclusive user- centred service design
  94. 94. GDS Services should be designed around all their users and all their needs
  95. 95. “Inclusion is about vulnerable people”
  96. 96. GDS ‘People’ ● Young, old ● Available, busy ● Healthy, unwell ● PhD, no GCSEs ● Happy, stressed ● Rich, poor ● Online, offline ● Tough, vulnerable ● Confident, unsure ● Experienced, new GDS
  97. 97. GDSGDS Siloes form around stereotypes of who is and isn’t vulnerable to exclusion
  98. 98. GDS We’re all vulnerable! Hooray!
  99. 99. GDS
  100. 100. GDSGDS We researched with people building services across government, from digital and non-digital professions, delivering services online and offline
  101. 101. Policy, language, standards and guidance are limited to online delivery and certain types of inclusion
  102. 102. GDS
  103. 103. GDS
  104. 104. GDS
  105. 105. User-centred design is rarely applied to phone, paper or face to face interactions
  106. 106. There are 2 key requirements for building inclusive services
  107. 107. The 1st requirement of inclusivity: availability
  108. 108. GDSGDS
  109. 109. Service scale must match that of users’ lives
  110. 110. GDS
  111. 111. GDS Inclusive services are 3D
  112. 112. isolated transaction
  113. 113. end to end service
  114. 114. cross-channel end to end service Online Face to face Phone Paper
  115. 115. GDS
  116. 116. cross-channel, cross-org, end-to-end service Central govt dept A Central govt dept B Non-govt orgLocal govt web phone paper face to face Start End
  117. 117. GDS
  118. 118. GDS
  119. 119. GDS
  120. 120. The 2nd requirement of inclusivity: effectiveness
  121. 121. GDS All pain-points, barriers and service failure are caused by exceeding user capacity GDS
  122. 122. Understanding users’ capacity
  123. 123. GDS Barriers are inevitable, but should be minimal
  124. 124. GDSGDS No barrier should be too big to overcome
  125. 125. GDS 11 universal areas of capacity GDS
  126. 126. GDS 1. awareness 2. time 3. finance 4. access 5. evidence 6. interface capability 7. comprehension 8. self confidence 9. emotional state 11.enthusiasm
  127. 127. GDSGDS Awareness eg knowing there’s a phone line to call for help, knowing the service exists at all
  128. 128. GDSCross-government service design community Time eg to gather information, fill out forms, travel, spend time on the phone, wait for a response
  129. 129. GDSGDS Finance eg to risk a fine, to pay a fee, to get the bus, to use the phone, to be away from work, to risk other benefits
  130. 130. GDSCross-government service design community Access eg to an office, a printer, a computer, a Citizens Advice bureau or a photo booth
  131. 131. GDS Evidence eg to provide bank statements, photo identification or character witness statements
  132. 132. GDSGDS Interface and interaction skills eg ability to talk face to face, computer skills, verbal ability, handwriting
  133. 133. GDS Comprehension skills eg ability to full understand spoken advice, signage at a venue, or written content
  134. 134. GDSGDS Self confidence eg belief in ability to understand a process, complete complex tasks or deal with uncertainty
  135. 135. GDS Emotional state eg feeling psychologically strong enough to take on a task
  136. 136. GDS Trust eg confident that the technology and people involved will be secure and reliable
  137. 137. GDS Enthusiasm eg to try an online version of a paper form, to apply for help, to agree to a request
  138. 138. GDS 1. awareness 2. time 3. finance 4. access 5. evidence 6. interface capability 7. comprehension 8. self confidence 9. emotional state 11.enthusiasm
  139. 139. GDS
  140. 140. GDS This framework helps us de-silo our view of users and our approaches to service design GDS
  141. 141. GDS Fast services Services that users have enough time to complete GDS
  142. 142. GDS Cheap services Services that users can afford GDS
  143. 143. GDS Straightforward services Services that users understand how to use GDS
  144. 144. GDS Reliable services Services that users trust enough to complete GDS
  145. 145. GDS Accessible services Channels that users can reach and use GDS
  146. 146. In summary...
  147. 147. GDS 1.Put services where users can reach them 2.Design for all types of exclusion
  148. 148. Thank you!